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Modern Library Escape Walkthrough

Modern Library Escape

EightGames - Modern Library Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside modern library. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Morning all.

Hi methanwy - joining you

Hi! Hope it's no killer game like yesterday.

Those tetris-shaped green pieces go to the puzzle in far left scene

A visitor. Be back later.

hi (again) merit, meth & Ruediger & all others ☺

8G is later than usual - this time a small map

thx 8G for this game ☺

I think I will stay here and find a good book! :)

In scene right of end there's a symbol clue on the picture above the ship.

Hi all you smart people!

The symbol clue is used in scene above end for a pin.

In start scene zoom into the fireplace and throw the flower pot at the mantle. You can collect a pot piece, don't know by now what to do with it.

meritneith use it on the pic.

Be careful, there are images and image pieces in the inventory. The pieces go to the puzzle in scene left of start but you need the correct place.

Hi, piece of pot is used on picture for a letter clue, 1 scene up from 'end'

Thanks bandy.

The images go to the frame in scene two left of start.

all keys are used in 1 scene: 1 scene right of 'end'

top right room on painting, there's arrow hint for puzzle in forelast room to the left, gives hint for arrows in start scene

Use the pink water bottle on floor in leftmost scene, then use mop for a word clue, use the word in start scene.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Alpha, just wanted to tell that arrow thing, glad you did it. ;-)

Is the arrow clue amount of clicks ?

Collect four coins, turn them around and use magnifier on them.

'TEXT'clue gives clue for 4#code left of picture puzzle

pic tiles with frame for room 2 left of start are pinned - missing 1 pin though...

Bandy, yes, mark the arrow first and turn them according to the clue. Mind clockwise and anti-clockwise.

duh, razor blade is used on grey shapes in inventory...

All collected books in end scene give two more picture pieces.

meritneith thank you :)



amount of strokes

I was missing a book and came back to place last one but it was open?

Good find, Hotz, thanks!

key from text puzzle is used 1 room right of end on keyhole in front (there's another in the background)

nice find re razor blade on shapes, Hotz, thx ☺

Hm. The maths on the coins doesn't make sense. I tried to use the hint from the pillar in scene right of end but it only works for the first two coins. Or I'm too dumb. ;-)

my last picture piece was in bookshelf, where you place colored books in 'end' scene

click the 4 collected coins & use magnifier for 4#code

How does coins clue work? 5x7 35 ??

Alpha, do you mean the keyhole on the pillar underneath the blackboard? My key doesn't work there, neither on the puzzle in same room (missing one key there).

meritneith, just do multiplication and follow the clue on pillar.
the number under the line gives the order 1-4

number under the lines are for order



Haha Hotz, I was stuck and realized that I hadn't been to that library since my first collecting walk.

there is a third place for a key: in same scene at right side of screen

yep, beneath blackboard, it's the key from text puzzle, the other small silver 4 go at flower of life in same room, missing 1 though...

Alpha, DOH!

Thanks had to see pillar hint first!

place statue in room right of start

Alpha, I hope it's not a bug! :-o

Another DOH: in the scene I missed (the one down at the left part of the map) don't overthink the shape/colour clue. Just take the colours and ignore the shapes

statue gives key for background keyhole in room right of end

if so re bug, then you may refresh & resume, that helps sometimes...

Thanks Hotz for key hint!

In scene with black board the is 4 keys used and 2 single keys used

got all pins now from using the coins

Anyone use the book that has NOTE on it ?

Thanks Alpha, did that with no success. I had missed the keyhole Hotz mentioned!

pic of book, missing 1 tile


EH - I just realized I have used the MORGAN hint but not the TEXT. Where is that puzzle?

Bandy, no use of that book by now.

not yet bandy...

AO, my comment @ 4:12 AM

In scene right of start I put the blue squares into the puzzle on the left, clicked all squares and it opened? Hm.

meritneith thanks that is all I have left. I need one more piece for book puzzle and need hint for 4 color balls ?

it's the number puzzle in scene left of start


Thanks Alpha, not that they had used this kind of stroke-counting a hundred times incl. yesterday!

thx Hotz
right of place books it was

doh, I made a snaggy for nothing - you don't need to do the pic puzzle, it opens right away

Okay, I'm missing one picture piece (I think I've got that from the bookshelf Hotz mentioned, can't find any there), the clue for the coloured balls, and any use of the open book.

I think the green tetris thingy in far left is final puzzle.

Was the deal with Tetris puzzle? have all the keys but?

Double doh! I searched in the shelves in the background! Got piece now. Thanks°

AAHH I missed a key!!

pen from tetris puzzle for book for ball hint

Still working on that tetris puzzle, bandy, just started and I'm normally not good at those.

use the keys on the tetris keyholes

also place back all the tiles after using all keys for that pen

Now I can write in book!

I am so stuck at last rotating puzzle after placing 4 keys. is there a clue or how should I arrange the colored lines?

Thanks AO I missed a key LOL

last key for flower of life from ball puzzle

Man, I got all keys several times but could not get the puzzle back again to put the keys in the holes. Took me ages.

I think like the 4 coloured buttons in the corners

oop, sorry Hotz, not Hitz ☻

I am stuck with Hotz now ?

You don't believe honestly I could be the one to help you at this point?

nope, not the corners...

in the centre, corresponding colour button will light up

AO, what to you mean 'in the centre'??

Thanks AO !!!

the 6 petals in the centre Hotz

And out Thanks for a ll the help!!

got it, thank you!!! make the middle 'ring' just red, so the red button will light up...

Came back after my visitor left and tried to catch up. No hope. Then when I placed the 4 pins nothing happened. Reloaded and resumed. Got an extra pin which just stuck to the screen. Can't continue :(

You don't need all the colors just make the center one color till the corners light up.

did red & green so far, but blue doesn't want to work...

Ah, thanks for helping!

Meth, that could be a fatal bug. I had that earlier with some games, and even beginning a new game from the start didn't help them. Maybe if you clear the cache?

nope, had blue already solved - doh, but didn't see the blue button highlight(ed)...

thx for the nice teamwork & your company ppl, always fun to play with you together ☺

Out now too. Thanks for helping, did well at some points but had my blond moments too (even though I changed my hair colour to dark brown this week).

Always a pleasure to play these games in company, the more the merry!

The last puzzle was odd. Sometimes I'd have the centre all blue and blue didn't light up, had the same on replay with green. Had yellow, didn't light, twisted it a bit, broke the center apart, and then it lit up. I got the exit key both times though!

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