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Fantastic Beach Resort Escape Walkthrough

Fantastic Beach Resort Escape

EightGames - Fantastic Beach Resort Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside fantastic beach resort. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Morning all. It's early today.

Hi all! Come and join the party!

Top row, 2nd room: Don't miss a bamboo stick in the background pot!

hi merit, meth, Robert & all other players ☺

thx for the invitation, merit

LOL I collected a whole piano ☻

thx for this game 8G ☺

Top row, left room: Colour clue from same row, 3rd scene is used. Use key on the nightstand in same room.

I have the fear that the cross-shaped puzzle I picked up is a mean solitaire game. :-/

Oh-oh: In scene two right from start collect two brown switches for the puzzle on the door: a frog-hopping puzzle, I'm so bad at these!

In bottom row, left scene: Hint for the switches comes from exit scene.

Yellow buttons go bottom right. You can put other buttons into the fan/web while it is in the inventory.

forgot all about the puzzles in sc1!

Use razor on black bench two right of start.
The frog hopping seemed easier with more buttons. It sort of set up a rhythm which you miss with fewer frogs.

frog hopper gives you yellow hexagon

not enjoying the treble clef puzzle!

The treble clefs are defeating me. They are like a Bart Bonte game, but I've lost all my skills at that game it seems.

ha - did it! gives a key

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got that frog puzzle! Man.

use bamboo stick (unzoomed) in treble clef puzzle room

Robert meth

treble clef puzzle is actually easy - make 4 following patterns (X), starting with 2nd button in 2nd row from top


Key in plain sight???

where is bamboo stick from?

use paper to clean mirror

Don´t understand the burger and omelet puzzle. Anyone?

Alpha - top row second room from the left (middle screen by sofa)

key from treble clefs is used 2 rooms right of start for 3#code

Oh, I was trying to make half the buttons gold and half pink, but it should be all pink!

Almost got that treble clef puzzle...

got it, thx Robert

Got it somehow. Meth, thought that too but it was luck. I would still fiddle around if I had to do it the other way.

pan - egg - syringe thing (by mistake) - fire
bun - lettuce - cheese - oven

Thanks for stick hint!

oooh... the spiders web is going to be nasty!

I didn't solve it yet, but you need to adjust the correct ingredients for omelet & burger

actually - not that bad at all

Does that puzzle with the coloured disks in scene two right of start work for you? I've seen the hint but somehow nothing happens.

last game is a solitaire puzzle

bummer, it's only 1 solution for the food puzzle it seems - thx Robert

Of Course! ... Always use a syringe to make omelets!

POP?`Now it opened.

SD is used in end scene

Thanks, but it´s so vague!

Robert Palmer Williams, how did you get the burger and omelet order?

or where is the clue?

And thanks for the omelet solution.

I think it's a special egg whisk... ;-Þ

btw did you notice above that thumbnail is wrong...

This comment has been removed by the author.

and managed the solitaire - will stick around for a bit

Hotz - didn't find a clue, just pure luck and lots of clicking!

That web puzzle was bizarre. First three colours worked normally, fussing around with the last three finally went in.

where to use remote?

Alright. Only the solitaire in my inventory, missing two buttons. Let's see which puzzles I miss.

Alpha - tv next to start scene i think (in the background - tab is very useful!)

Doh, one from pattern above bed.

in scene right of start

What goes in 4 spots column in botton row rightest scene?

thanks Robert, I would never got this combinations without a clue...
why should I use a syringe for an omelet??

thx anyway Robert ☺

where's hint for colour dials?

Remote used 1 right of start.
My last button came from the 3 symbols Merit, look like purple diamonds.

Dang! Missing one brown button for puzzle in start scene! :-(

Roberto, use 4 gold/yellow coins

clue for color dials is in 'end' scene

Alpha - hint is in exit room
Merit - have you used the bamboo stick yet? (see comment at 1.44)

With these partially filled solitaires you can't even cheat by googling solutions :-/

Ok! My 4 yellow buttons were somewhere in my inventory! Thanks.

Yes, Robert, I did even thank you! ;-)

Hm. Can't find them in plain sight, used tab for all puzzles, pillows, and vases. Nothing.

Am pretty sure the other two brown pieces were in plain sight

missed that hotspot, thx guys ☺

Oh! On solitaire you can click on empty square to make changes.

missing 1 symbol button for cross puzzle...
(left one, 2nd row from bottom)

You can click on empty squares sometimes and some squares only. Haven't worked out why yet.

Ah - did you check behind the bottle in scene with frog puzzle?

Grrrr!!!! That can't be true!

Yes, I did. I've even zoomed into all solved puzzles in case I had missed to pick up one. Nada.

have that one already, Robert...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Alpha, sorry, which puzzle do you mean???

ah, missed to solve switches, it leads me to spider net puzzle & to my last solitaire button at the end

Merit Are you missing one of the buttons for the symbol wheel? If so, which one? I'll have a look in a new tab while I take a break from the solitaire.

According to the hint (above bed) it's the sign for Leo I'm missing.

IIRR merit,
one sneaky brown button in end scene
(but not sure anymore...)

Meth, that Leo sign. I do appreciate your help!

I'm not good at this style of solitaire games...! :-/

Nothing in exit scene.

Merit I've just found leo sign top right on floor under 3 numbers.

I give at this solitaire game! Is it the last puzzle? So I considere myself out! Thanks all!

Whoa! Thanks thanks thanks! Could you imagine it hadn't been there until now? How could I miss that? :-o

They're always easy to see once you know where they are Merit. :))

First part of solitaire (if it makes sense)
icon left of centre move down
icon far left bottom row move across to the right
repeat this for icon right of centre so it is symmetrical
bottom icons move both of these up so you only have one icon at the bottom (still symmetrical)

You are my special hero today.

I hope for the solitaire I'm as lucky as recently. I always try to keep the buttons central and work the outer ones first. No success for the first five attempts though.

thx Robert, that got me out

thx ppl for the nice teamwork & your fun company as always ☺

For those solitaires there's the same principle as for sliders, spinning things, frog puzzles, Rubik's magic cube, etc.: Once if you know to solve one you can solve all.

I'm not that wise unfortunately.

Ah, thanks Robert, that helped! Out now too.

Thanks for helping me (esp meth but all others too)! See you tomorrow.

Thanks robert for the start of solitaire. Finally done it my final move was moving a speaker icon left over a red arrow icon into the centre spot.

Thanks for company and hints everyone and for game 8G.

TAB key is your friend, you'll need it!

Omelet/hamburger makes no sense, just use the answer above:
Robert Palmer Williams 11/23/16, 1:50 AM

lol I found a piano spelled piyano :)

lol I found a piano spelled piyano :)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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