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Conjuring House Escape Walkthrough

Conjuring House Escape

Games4King - G4K Conjuring House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a conjuring house. You need to get escape from the conjuring house by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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2 items to take from puzzle

hi (again) ev1 ☺

pic is fortunately only a turning one, not a swapping one...!

thx G4K for the game ☺

Hi, if anyone needs a spoiler for 'ANTRAT'-code...

Lisa, follow the line, start with green letter and ignore the line between T and green A...

nope...too early to figure it out...
thanks tho Hotzenplotz

ok, here is a spoiler, click on letters 1-6

ANT 125
RAT 364

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ANT RAT is the clue for 2 3-letter codes too

Do we need a clue first for pic? I got right but dose not open?

bandy, no clue is needed, check again all tiles. there must be a mistake

nope bandy
you may check the tiles again...

Thanks Let me check again

Hummm I got it just like AO screen shot May have to restart and see if it works

I stuck with a shovel. any idea?

Ok restart and it worked Thanks

Hi Hotz :) shovel used in front of letter puzzle (not the 3 letter one's)

where do all the brown symbol tiles go?

AO, there is a color memory game in scene with rescue ring. put symbol tiles in 4x4 grid inside this house...
thanks Yvonne, I got that spot, but shovl is still in inventory.

I am missing 1 train wagon, 2 bulb symbols, 3 symbol tiles, a clue for 4 green buttons, for yellow slider and for 7#code...
all I have in inventory is a shovel (used once)
any idea?

I'm where you are Hotz.

thx Hotz for symbol tile location

ditto here...

there is a crowbar in scene with rescue ring...

there's a pry bar in scene with rescue ring, left of the dog. use it on the right side door where slider puzzle is

Thanks for the crowbar Hotz!

thx & welcome Unknown/wifey1228 to the posting party ☺

Watering two plants gives two red flowers for brown house.

water the 2 vines for flowers for right house (where u used shovel)

I forgot about the crowbar, had it sitting lower down in inv.

thx AO. wish I could help more but alas, I'm stuck again :-P

Missing 3 tiles and stuck with shovel(used once)

Thanks for crowbar! Can't find spot to use flowers where I used shovel??

Jenny, above the windows on house

Thanks wifey1228!

I am so stuck, I tried to use wine next to rescue ring as a clue for yellow sliders, but of course NO!!

placed all the trains and no idea what to do with that clue.

Visitor here. Hope there will be good clues when I get back. Good luck.

thank you Hotzenplotz!

Can anyone tell me what to do with the airport clue?

Is anyone still here???

I missed a train
@ Jenny, You resolve the 4 green buttons or the numbers 2 2 3

Sisli, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Do you mean the #'s beside the trains with the airport clue? I have tried the #'s from the trains there and no idea how they could work with the 4 green circles.
I am still missing one square symbol and 1 lightbulb symbol too

Jenny, I have no idea for the airport clue. I think, everybody is stuck at same point..

1 sneaky train wagon was on armchair with blanket in scene, where you can put symbol tiles...

yes, Hotz, I found it

Thanks for the info Hotz! Guess I will go on to something else and come back later to check here.

Sisli, where is the clue for 4 green buttons? and what's about the numbers 223?

Where did you get 223 from Sisli? That could be for yellow sliders.

I can't get the ant/rat clue and spoiler above does not work?

I think she means the #'s by the airport clue. not zoomed.
and she was asking if we had done the green buttons.

Well spotted Jenny. You are probably right.

I do not have those clues, I just asked

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Ant rat *

can someone please help me... this whole Antrat thing is driving me crazy... its numbered one to 1-6 which A do you start with because I've tried everything and nothing is working.

Oliveya, I gave a hint @ 6:37 AM and a spoiler @ 6:42AM

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Hi Hotzen are you still playing?

Stuck with the shovel...the Airport and numbers, just don't fit into the 7 digit to the right of it. And the 3 yellow slider and the 4 green buttons. Any idea?

where else the shovel go? and does anyone know where the train cars go?

Olivey train cars go in the scene to the right of the life preserver


Well I can see no has progressed! We just have more stuck with us. Giving up on this one altogether.

Good luck.

ANTrat clue...

Hi Sharon, I wouldn't call it 'playing'. I am cooking and waiting for someone, who can give a hint, so I can finish this game...

We are working on it....tried a bazillion times on the numbers from the little pinnk cars! Hi Joe!!

The fact that the numbers are 1 to 7 makes me think that we will land up finding a 7 letter puzzle with answer RORATIP or PRATIRO and that the 7#s are not to be entered from this clue.

Just did the anagram of Airport...only a few to work on LOL

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I didn't understande how to use the crowbar. Help pls?

The crowbar is used to pry open the door (no hotspot) to the right of the slider.

did anyone solve airport? Sharon do you have solution

hi Inge no...we just ate dinner, now back at it.

I have been sitting here trying to "Conjure" up the answer to airport and I haven't gotten anything yet. lol

nope us either....threw that shovel everywhere!! Even handed it off to the guy in the basement. The 4 green squares are bugging me. But what's the deal with the arrows in the boat scene? Anyone?

Sorry to keep pushing, but what door next to the slider? I can't seem to find it.

First on right hand side Jen, there is no cursor on it

house with 2 red flowers and antrat puzzle- third room on the right

no worries JenSer keep asking there will always be someone to help you. And you will help someone else. :-)

Got it! Thank you very much K Stevens!!

need to give my brain a rest....Good luck to anyone who can make it through.

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I hear ya Sharon. I am gonna sit here and keep refreshing this page until some super genius Mensa member figures it out for us. lol

does anyone know where else the shovel goes to? and has anyone figured out the kid running puzzle?

what am I trying to do with walking guy?

batesbunch5, you have to pass all squares, first go left side

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@batebunch5: you have to make each guy 'walk' without missing anyone and without going back over your tracks. You can only go vertically or horizontally (not diagonally). Start at the green square, end at the orange.

It's easy if you work it out from the end going back to the start - then just click the reverse sequence.

Tried to brute force the sliders. No go.

Thank you for that! finally got it!

does anyone know where last train car is? can't seem to find and still dont know where else the shovel is needed.

Sure AIRPORT isn't something to do with parrot?

I guess it's worth checking that we are all missing the SAME brown symbol. Mine is bottom left.

I've tried some things based on parrot Jason. No luck.

Missing top left. Didn't log where collected the other tiles.

I think we could place them where we wanted in the correct column, so we would be missing the same tile then. I'm giving up for now. Good luck.

two flowers @ top of ANTRAT house
gives last train and bulb tile

So I take it no one has been able to finish the game at all or they would have posted how to for all of us that are frustrated. Time to help us G4K, that would be wonderful!

what is this airport thing everyone keeps taking about?

where did you find flowers at?

When u open the door to side of sliders with crowbar u get a watering can
water the vines
Gives 2 flowers then refer to above
then get AIRPORT + numbers
Where we are all stuck

When you get water can, water the two green stalks that are in different rooms to get flowers

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Now u can be stuck with the rest of us or in a burst of brilliance bail us out!

Same place as y'all.
Missing the last "hamburger" tile and the last bulb symbol.
No idea for the 3 green dots or the yellow slider.
Tried all sorts of ways to convert the "airport" letters into number combos, 4617235, 4627135, 4627315, 1234563, 3214563 and still no joy with the 7 numbers on the door puzzle.

hey you still have shovel or did u find a place to use it?

its too bad it couldn't be numbered from 1-7... that would make things a lot easier... or click of the number that it saids... which I've tired and doesn't work.

continue button didn't work for me, so have to start from scratch (but only if someone will figure out the airport puzzle...)

@ Joe M - yep, shovel still in inventory all alone by it's sad self...

I was hoping you had used it
Oh well
Will see
Something will hit someone soon then we will all kick ourselves

Ok, calling quits on this game on account of an email I just got from Logitech informing me of "clicking abuse" claim registered by my mouse.
Good luck y'all...

has anyone found where else the shovels goes to at least?

haven't found that either


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Code for door (don't know why):


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

shovel is used in room behind seven #s door, you get a star

put star in hole in starting Scene (sorry,can't speak english well)

in new room is also the missing "burger"-tile. after placing this tile you get the last bulb-symbol

bulb-symbols bring you hint for sliders

slider-riddle brings hint for arrow-riddle in new room

\green boxes spoiler

2345235 - press each once

Thanks so much nomelted for the numbers that finally unlocked that door. Like you, I have no idea why ... but GREAT find

arrow-riddle brings hint for 4-bottom-riddle

SPOILERstart with #2 and follow the lineSPOILER

after placing the second star qou get the last key

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Just turned on my computer to see if a solution had been found.
The number given above (3561764)is v close to 1 solution I had tried, so here is a possible (though v convoluted) way of getting there.

by starting with 4th position, then 6th you get
now recode using the word AIRPORT again. A is in 3rd position, I in 5th etc.
I tried this method last night, but opted for the wrong position for one of the Rs.

Whoa!!! convoluted but well done

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nikoko, YW)

still stuck on the airport thing and a shovel..... also wheres the last basket piece?

Solution to airport is above
Nomelted 11:35
You use the shovel behind that door

finally out! Thanks G4k thats was tough.

can someone write the whole walkthrough please?

and out, hurray :-D

methanwy, thank you very much for the code. But somehow I pereklinilo not understand logiki.Tuda and convert back ... .. does not work ..

The only good thing about the game was the cooperation between the players. The airport thing has no visible logic. Whats the point? Drive us crazy?

nikoko i have pressed the "airport keys" in the order of 2345235. It is not working...someone help me!!!I have solved arrow puzzle in the airport room and got the sheet with the 2345 and the line running through it.

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