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The Secret of the Necromancer Walkthrough

The Secret of the Necromancer

MiniPlay - The Secret Of The Necromancer Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Mini Play. Set in the eighties and with the style of the classic adventure games, in this point-and-click game you'll have to find your way to rescue your friends from the Necromancer and to come back to the real world. Interact with mysterious characters, use your inventory items and solve the puzzles to defeat the Necromancer and win these special and exclusive Halloween trophies. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in

Kinda reminds me of jomanji movie

Hello again Dazz

Pathway are confusing, got fishing net, bait,paddle,shovel,portrait

Hi Mel!

Use shovel to pull out the second paddle beside Murray

Worms for murray

Fishing net to catch fish

hi (again) ev1 ☺

great, an adventure game, just right for a rainy weekend

thx Mini for this game ☺

I choose Amy, dunno if there's a difference in playing...

got crowbar at lighthouse in water scene

at forest entrance walk to the left & enter cave for spanner & umbrella

OMG, what is caught in the cabinet...?! :-o

get also a coin under a rock

For the code, look how many times the hexagon in the lighthouse is glowing

& a board/plank

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where have you found the worms? and after finding Murray I can't see the triangle dreamcatcher. I think it gives me a clue for lighthouse door...

continue the path next to cave/mine & catch a fish

there's also another wooden plank there

My triangle clue was in house behind portrait, worms in bloody spot beside the birds

at entrance to forest, you also can go right

Use your umbrella for the birds

Finally found something to cut with

umbrella for birds

I just bought a candy with my coin

ah, you also can enter thru trapdoor in cabin in bottom cave, where creature in cabinet is & where you found umbrella

Cut root in beginning scene

Eye, chocolate, root for murray

AO, yes but the triangle dreamcatcher is in the forest...

pop. triangle clue is in the house (behind picture)

Missing one more plank

I told you hotz!

oh, I missed your comment Dazz. thank you!

my path to Murray

once gone you don't need to go it another time, but you just reach Murray directly



garden shears to cut root in ship scene after birds/doves

bulb for lighthouse is in waggon in mine. after switch on the light in lighthouse, you can use the boat...

chocolate buyed with coin also an ingredient for Murray (the last one)

use picture and shovel on island

use wrench to get on big boat, dip rope in barrel to make a long fuse...

where's pentagon number?



I'm having trouble with the pathways, I can't reach the new ones where bones are

Gotta go,see you guys

it's a morse number at rock in start scene

pentagon number is in starting scene, the rock on the right...

my last 2 planks were in house (nailed) and on big boat

I had another code for lighthouse, so it changes each new game

my code for lighthouse


diamond - circles in dream catcher at forest entrance


thx for plank on ship, Hotz

I arrived the cemetery and got inside the crypt, now how to loosen the chains?? and what to do with anchor-key?

I'm missing one more plank

where did you find the key Hotz
there's no doormat at the crypt...

anchor-key was after blowing up the mine...

doormat is buried... (read the tombstones)

sorry MelB, I wrote about my last 2 planks above, but I can't remember the other planks

ah, the kitty one LOL

the anchor key doesn't fit the tomb on the island

Do you take a plank off the dock where the boat is?

the green fluid in barrel destroyed my 3 cups...

key for engine to light mine from cut & fallen bag
you find bulb for lighthouse in mine

♫♪ «row, row, row your boat...» ♪♫ at island & place pic from cabin on altar

I am so stuck with shovel, net, wrench, fish, crowbar, scissors, lighter and anchor key..

metoo. How can i get the corrosive liquid? Will that loosen the chain?

I think, I need something to get some green liquid and maybe something to get some green fire from mine...

I played as Sam but it looks like some of you have a different gameplay.

digging at island I found a doork, but don't have the key yet...

the creature in basement closet is not angry, it is hungry... it will give you a key for some food

ah, thx Hotz, was too afraid to make there sth ;-Þ

ok, what to do after unlocking the trapdoor on island? now I have an anchor key and a pirate key...

Im playing for the second time now as another character and things are a bit different yes

doh, on table in crypt there are 3 cups and 1 GLASS!!!!

there's a glass between books in sorcerer scene

great, to be continued...

brill game! when it's different when you choose another character (as Lau said), I'll play with the other 2 also...

excellent game...and ty you all for the great clues....totally missed the glass for the acid

I played three times but i never had an anchor key, a lighter, and i never sailed to an island where i could put the picture on an altar. Never had a key to activate the engine for the mine and the creature never gave me a clue for food. Strange :-)

Great game btw

I'm playing as a nerd and i think I'm missing a net to catch fish to give it to guy in the forrest.In inventory I have: 5 planks, coin, chocolate, lighter, scissors (used), shovel(used), wrench (used) and picture...

Lau, to find the key for engine: cut bloody bag, it will fall down to the place with birds. open this bag to find the key. now you can go in mine (see my comments above)

so far only the codes changed incl. the maze, but all other stuff is the same...

net is beside boat as usual :)

I played 3 times with all characters and the only difference i could find is: the girl can climb through the chained trapdoor in house.

net is when you go right at entrance of forest, left of the boat in water

Yes but i am already at the end of the game (three times) without doing all these things .

thanks @ao, it was invisible for me until i saw a hand icon to pick it up...

Lau, so you just made the half of the game.
you can play again, save the other characters and get some achievements :) I think it is worth

argh, now missing a plank...! :-/

5 planks from

- cabin (use crowbar)
- basement of cave (creature in cabinet)
- fish pond up the path
- ship (leaning on pillar)
- Murray (cauldron)

i do not understand how to get the number code for the lighthouse.. any help please, i'm truly stuck

chain from chandelier above necromancer is behind curtain

lighthouse code

note triangle, hexagon, pentagon, diamond on top of number pad

- triangle inside cabin behind pic
- hexagon - count flashing red light on lighthouse
- pentagon on right rock in start scene (it's a number in morse, you may google it)
- diamond - circles in dream catcher at entrance of forest

code changes each new game

replayed with the other characters & still have the same opinion: awesome game, great graphics, great storyline! ♥

Wow! Loved this game so much I replayed with all characters to unlock all achievements!

Fantastic game with options to finish different ways, one of the best games in a while!

Thank you!

Gotta give credit where credit is due, devs did a GREAT job on this game. Very solid, excellent replayability, nice puzzles, no bugs (that I found at least). This is how its done.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Woo Hoo, i saved them the second time through..!

Awesome game! Nice that you can replay to get different achievements. And of course I had to play as Sam. There was even a Winchester on a grave marker. :)
Thanks MiniPlay!

restarted 3 times and the code for the lighthouse (which changes with every game) never worked. Very frustrating!
I would liked to have played this one.

How to break mine and where keys for house at the cemetery

Best game in awhile. Great clues given too, thank you Mini for the game and friend above for the help

Thoroughly enjoyed this game, excited for next installment!

Each character uses their abilities to do something differently than the others during the game:

Sam: hacks into candy machine without coin

Amy: squeezes through floor hatch in cabin and out cave without crowbar

Leo: can force ship's walkway down without wrench

For those who remembered Jumanji, there's a fair bit of Blair Witch and Pirates here too. Probably some others too. The cabin, for instance, and mine and lighthouse, and birds and Murray.

If only this game had an auto-save feature... or a save option :(

It does have auto-save, bio. look at homepage

yep @bio it does! And I'm so grateful for that because I accidently closed the game ;-) Loved this game and the story, 10 stars!

the best game in months!!

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Tried everything for lighthouse code, still does not work. Very frustrating :(

MoonLitCrystal. Count the number of sides for the sequence.

All of my cups dissolved in the corrosive liquid. I'm thinking I have to restart.
And I think that you have to actually click on each symbol before the lighthouse code works.

This comment has been removed by the author.

You don't have to restart, there is a glass cup that you're supposed to find with all the others cups.
All of them will dissolve except the glass one, and you'll be able to fill it with the liquid.

Okay for the code here's what you do.
The pattern on the rock you see in the valley is MORSE CODE. Put in the dashes and dots in a translator to get the number for the PENTAGON symbol.
The code for the TRIANGLE is in the cabin, on the wall next to the door in roman numerals.
The dreamcatcher at the entrance to the forest has rings. Count the rings for the DIAMOND symbol.
And for the HEXAGON, count how many times the light above the lighthouse door flashes.

Then input the numbers in the same order as the symbols etched at the top of the panel and you'll get in.

How can I find the coin or coccoa playing with Leo?

I've found the coin! What about coccoa?

found it!

found it!

Does nothing happen with the ghost in the cafe?

Where can I find the other cable that I will need to use a fuse?

Where can i find d lighter pls help.am stucked.

how do i get past the birds

how do i get past the birds

How do i find the cypt key? I read the tombstones already but i still dont understand ? Helpppp

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