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Investigator House Escape Walkthrough

Investigator House Escape

Games4King - G4K Investigator House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side the investigator house. You need to get escape from the investigator house by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi, don't miss the stick on sign in far left scene

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stumped with avm, gonna give this a try

I haven't seen a clue for tongues on right tree (in scene with colored ladybugs), but it is try and error. just click 4 tongues..

have a key, star, two logs, a knife and clue paper but stuck

thought the clue paper would be for square buttons but does not work

I stuck with 4 sticks, burning match stick and a clue paper (green arrows). I need 2 stars, 2 gems, 1 garlic and some clues...

doh, I missed 1 scene in far right...

have three gems now. tried the clue on the squares four different ways no go. where did you get the match?

Robin, have you used the key?
I solved the tongues code and colored ladybugs...

geez, completely missed the far right scenes. no wonder it seemed hard

4 sticks and matchstick are used in far right scene to lit a blue fire. I have found 1 more gem and stuck again..

that move the squares puzzle is a pain

Stuck with 5 gems (look like little mirrors), a lit match after making blue fire, a dagger and 2 yellow stars

oh and clue paper

still missing a stick and the match. need one garlic and one gem. think that squares puzzle might be a deal breaker though

Robin, my first comment?

have the sign one. anyone finish the squares puzzle?

anyone have a clue for the rooster puzzle?

or the puzzle above the fireplace?

have the sign one. anyone finish the squares puzzle?

still missing a stick and the match. need one garlic and one gem. think that squares puzzle might be a deal breaker though

Robin, do you have all the stars? I am still missing 2

I stuck at same place. I tried to brute force 4 flowers in far right scene, but no luck...

has anyone figured out the arrows order? and which end to start at?

I tried to bruteforce the 4 colored pots with no luck

Hi everyone game loading!

I finished the squares puzzle, but it took me several tries. Get the pink and blue ones in the middle squares close to where you place them, then it's easier to jockey the yellow and green ones around. The WT hasn't been released yet, so we're on our own for a while if we get stuck. :)

@Sugarcrush what do you mean the pink and blue ones?

4th stick for fire found in new room behind the door where you do squares puzzle.

Jo-Ann, move those square pieces that go around the little round ones in that puzzle. Match the colors.

ahhh you are talking about the squares on the door puzzle. I am stuck with the 6 squares in the lantern scene puzzle.

I think the green arrow clue is for the green heart in the far left(the points where the needle passed can be clicked) but i have NO IDEA of how to solve it.

Hotz, how does the tongue on the tree puzzle work? The only tongue that shows up is top row, 2nd circle. The tongue is red. I tried clicking all of them, then going back and clicking 4, but nothing happened.

@Susanna, I tried that too

@Sugarcrush, click the top row, 2nd circle, then the top row 4th circle (I think) and the first one will stay out. Then I think it was bottom row 1st circle and bottom row 3rd circle

Jo-Ann, I haven't gotten that 6-square puzzle done in the lantern scene. Not yet seen a clue.

Thanks Jo-Ann for the tongue puzzle help! Got a knife and a 5-color clue.

The completed tongues puzzle is the clue for the green dots on the stitched heart in the far left scene.

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good find Bear, thanks

Thank you Bear!

and again a symbol code with a swastika. :(

Sneaky mirror gem on jacket in room where you place 4 stars.

I need one gem, one garlic bulb, and some clarity on this vague arrows clue.

can you imaginate the fragrance of a garlic candle ;)

The swastika predates the Nazi party, and a "correct" swastika is as shown in the game. The Nazi swastika is rotated 45 degrees, resembling a diamond rather than a square. Just food for thought.

baer, have you found the gem above rooster slider?

It took me awhile to place the squares with the right colors!

stuck again. Now need a height clue for the pencils.

Bear, I will play again and find the gems and the garlics.

Yes, Hotz.

I really wish game developers wouldn't use swastikas as symbol options.

I found it, my last gem was between the ferns on the right, in the ladybugs scene.

anyone figure out the arrow clue at all? and wheres the last thing of garlic?

as smokehalo mentioned earlier...this swastika is not the swastika that you are thinking of.

it is tibetan, and portends good luck...the buddha heart...it is also in the hindu religion.

it's only in the west where people mistake it for the nazi symbol, which, as smokehalo mentioned, is actually not the symbol you are seeing...the nazi symbol is sits on its "point".

SugarCrush may I ask you why shouldn't they use a Swastikas??

Are all the gems in plain sight? I have 7 out of the 8.

@sugarcrush, my last one was hidden in the green stitched heart.

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@gika, i think people are confusing it with the nazi symbol, as they are similar(but so not the same).

Found 8th gem from using knife on frame in gem room!

Yes Cate it is really similar!

Garlic - opening scene (lower right)
knife on painting (left door)
after placing 4 yellow stars

Gems- opening scene (leftside door of castle)
scene with lady bugs (under right lantern)
scene with 2 doors (right side face of scarecrow)
behind right door in house on left chair
scene with 4 pink flowers (right side)
knife on painting (left door)
Above rooster puzzle
from green heart

And thank you for the Explanation Cate I just saw your comment @11:16

Bear, 4-arrows clue is for the 4 flowers. Is that the one you mean? I'm still trying to find where to use the green 8-arrow clue.

No, Sugar. I mean the clue with the 8 green arrows.

so, anyone have the 4 pencil height clue?

Jo-Ann I am stuck there.

I am stuck there as well.

ok, thought everyone would have moved on while I replayed

Missing 2 stars and clue for slider in same room.

i got nothin'! stumped on green arrows, though i think they correlate with the 8 box thingy and i am stumped with pencils.

I think the green arrows are for buttons, but it is not working

@sugarcrush, did you put out the blue fire with the pot yet?

Got it

Spoiler for arrows start from top to bottom

and I am out

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Nice, thank you Gika!

It was just complicated because there was a button pointing to the same position. After a lot of tries it worked.

You are welcome Jo-Ann

thank you Gika

Jo-Ann, yes I put the fire out.

Gika, was working on arrow solution from the paper but numbered the orange squares 1 through 6.


Solution 61442335

Uh...hold on here. PENCILS?? What pencils? I have a clue paper with pencil heights (3124) but I thought they were for rooster slider. Didn't work. Where did you find pencils? Did I miss an entire scene? I've got 6 main scenes on first "level" and two open doors in the building scene. Left door has desk scene with another to the left, and right door has Xmas fireplace scene. Are there more?

OK, I think I found the spot where 4 pencils might go. In front of the bridge in lantern scene. Since all I have in inventory besides the pencil height clue is the lit match, I tried lighting that area and that didn't work. (when all else fails, use everything on everything.) I'm at a loss here...no pencils anywhere. Help please?? Been at this game over an hour and still no WT.

Light the three garlic with the match for the swastika clue

Moving on to the new SD/MC game until the WT for this one is released. Challenging one, G4K...you got me stumped for the first time. :)

After lighting up the 3 garlic it will give you the clue for symbols. Symbols gives clue for Roster slider
Roster slider gives pencils

Only have 2 of 3 garlics, Jason. I think I need to solve rooster slider for 3rd one. ?

My 3rd garlic came from placing all 4 stars

How do I find the clue for the pencils?

what does the the jug go to? and what else are we suppose to light with the match?

Unkown clue for pencils comes from using green Arrows paper clue on 6 buttons. read my comment @11:37

The jug is used on fire= star

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thank you @Gika! finally out!

I am missing one star? I got one beside tree and 2 others mentioned above anyone know were the last one was?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Placing gems
Using jug on fire
Low left on tree (scene with 6 buttons)
On top of castle (scene with green heart leaf)

That was it Thank you Gika !

Sugarcrush, four stars gives 3rd garlic

Got it Jason, thanks. Thanks Gika, missed the star on the tree!

SugarCrush You are welcome :)
See you on the next one

Nope, the squares puzzle is just ridiculous. Not bothering with this game anymore.
Please add a Skip button to there really hard puzzle G4K.

The thing about the swastikas is that yes, everyone already knows they are an ancient symbol that predates the Nazis; that is pretty common knowledge (esp. since there are always people eager to bring it up every single time someone talks about swastikas).

BUT, they have been co-opted completely by the Nazis and there is no getting around that. As a symbol, they evoke Nazis, no matter which way they are oriented. They just do. That is reality and they are painful to look at because of it.

There is NO reason why G4K needs to keep putting them in their games. It's not like these games are about history, Indian symbols, or anything like that at all. Putting ANY version of a swastika is going to make people think of Nazis, and that is painful and hurtful. And there's no reason for it!

Besides, any inclination I may have had to give G4K the benefit of the doubt about this went out the window when they put a portrait of Hitler in one of their games, just out of the blue! Anyone else remember that one?

couldn't get out of that stupid square puzzle which ruined the whole game and a waste of time, pooh!

I agree Beatnick
I have repeatedly brpought this up with G4K
I guess developers keep changing

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