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Abandoned 2017 Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned 2017 Escape

MeltingMindz - Abandoned Escape 2017 is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. You and four of your friends went to explore the abandoned asylum. Once inside, things got weird. There were loud screams and everyone ran. Now you must find your friends and figure out how to escape the asylum. Good luck and have fun!

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Let's start!

       Anonymous  2/7/17, 7:05 AM  

all right!

sacred jar and a friend so far

found map,jar one friend

one red gem and sd

SD downstairs where you see y w b g loose wires. Will go up and open the panel now

Down and most east, up right on a wheel is a huge orb that is worth 50 orbs.

empty button slots at downstairs far right

Now need to find Alice to solve the puzzle :-(

I didnt find that huge orb

Red jam using sacred dagger on the green ghost far right

Ahh I needed SD

i need a glove to grab green key

@meli.b: ok, didn't realize that I was using the sd, but that may be...
@Dawn Bates: me too! Stuck.

looking for gloves but no luck

...or a lighter for those 4 candles in the hall where we started.

Bought out the storem, need gloves for the key, need lighter for candles and more friends. been everywhere I can so far and can't find anything else

stuck too! I bought everything you can buy too

Too many rooms with nothing in them

how did you buy all the stuff? have collected all the orbs from the bottom half of the map but only have nine left after sacred dagger.

box, where giant orb was found won't let me do anything

In the pipe and wheel room do you input no's? when you click the white button, says that wasn't right, I can't put no's in

Once there were loose tiles where you can use SD in SD games :-) nope!

Robin, look at my post from 7:10. There is a super orb that is worth 50 orbs in the right- and downmost room.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Same here. Can't find anything else. And couldn't find giant orb either. Guess that ones not for everybody?

Robin get giant 50 pt orb in room with all the wheels

nevermind, the big orb finally showed up

it was the far top right wheel that gave it to me. had no hot spot

I haven't found the wires BTA mentioned. Any other clues as to where the SD is?

nope I can't work on the buttons either

Well this stinks because something is broken in here...these are normally my favorite games to play!

Got it. Thx guys!

number box not working :(

Downstairs to the far left, @Lurker Smurf

NVM, didn't see the left arrow in barrel room.

Lurker go down from scene with staircase going down and then left

Lurker I was mentioning the wire in downstairs far right. Towards West

       Anonymous  2/7/17, 7:35 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

hopefully not too late to join the (stuck?) party...! ☻

thx SD for this game ☺

maybe need to do the box to move on, as everyone seems to be in the same position

well have tried cross and crystal ball on everything but getting nowhere fast. Hope someone has a POP moment soon. getting tired of going in circles

where is the number box?

Stuck with you all now. I'm also using SD's method of marking rooms for my own notes.

I need a better friend(alice) this guy is useless!

Robin, where you got the big orb

Number box might need some additional buttons on it?

Very stuck!

Well this stinks because something is broken in here...these are normally my favorite games to play!

well thats enough for me. good luck everyone

Anyone find a compass clue for the map?

I looked at the wt, you do need to put no's in

I am sure SD will fix the problem. So far everyone seems to be stuck at the same situation. Must be something wrong. Gonna check later. Good luck you all !

Well that's a bummer. I'll play again when SD fixes it. It's a nice concept, and he clearly put a lot of work into the game.

yep, come back later when problem fixed

Thanks yvonne. Looked at it too. You are right. Seems to be a bug with the numbers. And the map in the wt has letters.

Really sorry everyone, I am using a new computer and the fonts weren't installed so they didn't work. I had no idea. It is fixed now!

You rock, SD!

No need to restart, just reload the game and it should be the new version. Thanks for your patience!

Now the scenes are white...

       Anonymous  2/7/17, 8:22 AM  

thanks SElfdefiant, fixed!

Tracey, you probably started loading it while it was uploading and the game hasn't loaded all the way.
Try refreshing, it works. :)

The book was not working now it is. :)

Works for me now, still can't seem to find the clue for the number box but...

It's just above the number box, Tracey. It's a very simple equation.

Solve Equation on pipe above box @Tracey

doh! Thanks! moving on...

Any Ideas where to find Gabby or what's the code for the book to open?

You need Manny to read the red letters on a wall for the book code and Gabby is in one of the top-most rooms, I think.

working here finally found alice

If you're still around, SD, I'm unable to place more than two red gems and can't scroll down through my inventory to access the other gems.

I updated the map, it's working now

Just tried to refresh and it locked me out. I am going to try reloading.

Reloaded the game twice and the letters on the map still didn't work but I made it out anyway. Good game.

       Anonymous  2/7/17, 9:03 AM  

excellent game selfdefiant, thanks:)

anyone find blue key yet

I just played, everything should be working now.

It reloaded but I can't go back to my game. If I click begin I just get flashing white pages with arrows.

I will have to start over but no time now, I was almost done if only that book would have been active.
Good luck all. Leave me good hints!

3rd time did it. I have my game back.
Thanks SD!

Now I need to find the gold key to explore the upper left section of the map.

I also need some matches for those candles.

Map room letters never showed up, but I'm out with 4 friends. That Jackson guy is pretty useless - I don't know why I'm still friends with him! Awesome game, and I love that you follow up and fix any glitches, SD. Thanks!

Rubber glove is in room M in the top tub.

Unknown, where are the matches and the gold key??

Indeed an awesome game. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

Just reloaded and the map letters work. Thanks again SD! I like these long challenging ones every once in a while!

Thanks everyone, it was perfect until I moved it to a new computer. Now the next games should be fine! :)

Jenny, the lighter is in AN, in a box.

crush, you have to do the puzzle in ai, clue is paper aj

What room are the candles in? I can't find them?

Candles are in M

Linda, cansles in m, right wall on cupboard

It took me forever to find those candle, too. Now I can't find where the gems go.

Thanks yvonne!

Is your M the bathroom with the tubs?

nevermind. two Ms.

Need help with the levers, please. Tried coordinating with the wires, but can't get it to work.

Actually, I believe it was 2 A's = M

Just enter colors from left to right....

For the levers, it goes exactly in order, lining the lever up with the color. Don't combine with the 1-5 number clue, I tried that at first.

Does anyone know where we put the gems?

Thanks! I swear I tried that, but oh well.
Out now. GREAT game, SD! Thanks! Nice to escape with friends, instead of them abandoning me this time. LOL

Gems go to room AK - pentagram

Gail, gems go on the tips of the star ak

Gems go on the pentagon in AK

Only have 3 gems. Looking for where to put xpele from ouija (yes, I know it's an anagram)

Hey, discovered room AB. The real reason we need orbs is to find out if we've been to a room yet.

Lurker in ab

Thanks, Linda. I never noticed that pentagon!

Still one gem short. Is there one hidden without a puzzle?

Lurker, there is one in the book

Got that one. I know, is there a compass clue for the map?

not that I know of

Tried using the paragraph out of the book as swne and dulr. Didn't work on map.

did you move the drum (need 4 friends)

Thanks. I got so used to not trying to push the drum, I forgot.

Thanks for all the great help left here.
Made it out!

Clearly this game made by an expert! Thank you for a lovely game.

Wow. Really, really good game. Thanks SD!!!!

Excellent game!

can't find green or blue key...

I can't find blue key either - can't progress without it.

Exit door disappeared, or at least I couldn't find it. It isn't on the map.

Hmm... looks like you can easily miss what a friend is for if you already have them before trying the task they help with.

Manny translated the two sets of letters (wall and book).

Jackson gives you a boost to reach the sacred jar - you can't get it without him.

I found the girls early on, what do they do?

Was a hard time to get used to again to this better SD game.

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 2:28 AM  

I ♥ the friends concept & I ♥ the tune - thx SD for a great game & ppl above for the hints ☺

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 2:49 AM  

green key is in J - use glove from AA

Excellent game - out with the help of the walkthrough video!

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 3:35 AM  

blue key from drawer puzzle in AI, hint is paper in AJ

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 3:51 AM  

2-3-1-4-5 for candles in M means, start with #1 (the third candle)

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 3:55 AM  

in ouija board room (W) is an navi arrow to the left for gold door

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 3:57 AM  

that left navi arrow is hard to miss with the friends at bottom - also one in AC

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 3:59 AM  

LOL I mean hard to see or easy to miss ☻

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 4:51 AM  

pentagon for gems in AK

       Anonymous  2/8/17, 4:54 AM  

LOL what's wrong today, I mean pentagram ☻

Blue key is in room AI(the arrow to this room is tough to see..do the puzzle to get it

Gabby is in room AP

Gold key after lighting candles

Really fun...Can't believe the thing that really got me stuck was not seeing an arrow to a room. Really great game like the old ones :)

Oh except for the friends which were a great addition. At first I thought I would have to select them like those CAT games

Super! Thanks so much SD :-) Keep'em coming!

Enjoyed working with the Friends I found along the way. Challenging game, very enjoyable. I also overlooked some of the arrows at the bottom left because of Friend pics. Thanks for another good game, SD.

SD, thanks for a great game. The short ones are nice. Longer ones are sometimes better. This is one of your better ones in a while. Thanks again.

Played today (work yesterday). This was fantastic! Thanks SD - you obviously put a lot of work and thought into this game and it shows. Loved it.

how do you get the clue for the book latch. Last gem is apparently in the book? Thanks SD for a classic, this was wonderful!!

NVM. I just had to revisit a room. BTW just like the old days, the crystal helps you revisit quicker ;)

That was a fantastic game...thanks, SD!

OK... Alice is needed to solve the puzzle in room S, and Gabby is needed for the Ouija board.

Need a map, need a friend, need a clue - typical SD game!

The store is in the lowest room(A)

Nice, very nice, like a old time, best regards from Brazil!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks again everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

got the crystals,placed them on the pentagram, no key

Opened the book, no gem. Is the OUJIA clue for the doc in room AB? I have 3 gems and am stuck.

Nevermind I'm an idiot. Great game.

where the heck is the lighter for the candles?


Go down,left,left,left,up
Go down,right,up
-acquire SACRED JAR
Go down,right,right,down,down,right,down
-collect orbs as you go
-buy MAP
(In F, click upper right most valve for big orb!)
In F, note CLUE on center wall
-note combination lock on bottom of wall
-use clue for combination
--1500 [=2160-660]
Go to A
In I, use SACRED DAGGER on spirit
-get RED GEM
In H, use SILVER KEY on locked door
In O, find ALICE
Note loose wires (CLUE) in B (note color order)
In S, use SCREWDRIVER on screwed shut panel
-solve puzzle (match colors)
Use PURPLE KEY on upper right door in R
Find RUBBER GLOVE in last tub in AA
Note the CLUE in AJ
Click on corresponding drawers in AI
-note the symbols revealed
-input symbols into combination drawer
-take BLUE KEY
Take OLD BOOK on table in AM
Use CROSS on evil spirit in AD
-get RED GEM
Use BLUE KEY on locked door in AL
Note CLUE in AO
In AN, use wire color clue on puzzle box
Find GABBY in AP
Go to W
-use ouija board
-note CLUE
Light candles in M using clue in AO
--23145 (or 31245 depending on how you look at it)
Use GOLD KEY on locked door in W
In AB, use ouija board clue on page
-get RED GEM
Find MANNY in AH
Go to N
-read word on wall
-type word in old book
-find RED GEM in book
In C, move barrel
-get RED GEM
Go to AK
-place RED GEMS at points of pentagram
-collect SKULL KEY
Go to L
-use SKULL KEY on locked door

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