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Avm Adventure Cave Lab Escape Walkthrough

Avm Adventure Cave Lab Escape

AvmGames - Avm Adventure Cave Lab Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Just Imagine, you are a chemical engineer, you are working in your Cave lab, today you have so many works to do so you are doing your work till night after finishing your work you are going to your home but when you try to open the door of your labs it's not opening. You are locked inside the lab. It's too late and no one is there only you are in lab. This big lab is looking scary. You want to escape from there to using hints and some useful objects. Solve the puzzles for opening the doors and escape from there. Good Luck and have fun!

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going in

YR hint is used in scene 6.

Doll from puzzle in s10, clue in s1

Music paper hint is used in scene 3.

Hard to see handle in S8. Use it in S2 with YRBG clue.

YRBG also used in S4

have a bowl and a star. do not understand the hint in scene one

It is scene 6 where you use the paper hint with the hint from the handle use in scene 2.

what is the clue for pink numbers in S10?

Help please for music puzzle in s3, I don't read music. Thanks.

seems like the pink numbers should be 7 and 11 but you cannot enter 11

Hint from scene 5 is used on the 8 numbers in scene 4.

Pink numers is just the amount of numbers above and the amount below.

No need to know music, it's the sliders hint.

Hotz, the numbers are equal but you need to subtract from 9 to get them that way. I put a 4 in each spot on either side of the 9 and it worked.

thanks BBB, but what is the logic???

Thanks @Burgers

As always lately in AVM games check carefully after completing puzzles. It's easy to miss "prizes" that you have won.

thanks sugarcrush, but I can't understand. "9=-" should be the clue, but how do you know, what to do??

Stuck with 3 stars and a crab

Only 2 stars and no crab. Is the hint in scene 5 used a second time (the colors) ?

S2 has hidden crab and star. Not sure about S5 colors. Tried everything

Spacing between Y and R in S9 makes me think it's for that four letter word.

don't miss sneaky panels in S4 and S2...

Dont have a scene 5 yet. have three different color stars and no more hints. plus a locker that opens in scene 3 but does nothing.

Strange. The N and O buttons are out of position in the letter puzzle in S8.

The colors in scene 5 can be pushed, but don't know what order and how many times.

did not notice the open door to scene five. Did me no good though, do not know how to solve the puzzle there.

@Burgers, I counted each of the YRBG balls in s2 and entered the numbers in order of YRBG in s6 but nothing happened. Y-4, R=3, B=2, G=3 in that order. Is there another logic I'm missing?

I just clicked them in NEWS order and that gave a fruit.

BBB I did those buttons by chance. 1 for each colour starting with red. Don't remember the rest.

Should work @Sugarcrush.

Not only a fruit but also an owl from that scene 5 puzzle.

NVM @Burgers, tried the same thing again and it worked this time, opened up s5.

4 owls gives the heart for scene 2 and that gives hint paper and fruit.

I had a paper MZN which disappeared when I followed up your NEWS hint BBB. Must have been something to do with that.

thanks BBB, NEWS-order is used in S7 too...

The what's wrong clue is for the 2 numbers in s3

The paper from placing the 3 jars is the 4 letter clue for scene 8.

Just placed a yellow star at top of circle. Does that mean we have to trial and error them all :-o

7 stars placed gives the keycard to exit in scene 5.

I had a paper for the stars. I think from placing the 3 eyes.

MZN-clue was for arrows in S7. follow numbers 1-2 is up, 5-6 is right, 8-10 is left, 15-17 is down or NEWS.

Frog had a eyeball..

Thanks BBB. I've probably overlooked an eye from one of the puzzles.

Just found that froggy eye Trackline!

Thanks Hotz. You've saved me from replaying to figure out that MZN paper clue.

methanwy, so could you explain me how to read "9=-" clue to get pink numbers at the beginning? I still can't see how to get this.

I think that the numbers had to add to 9 including the 1 at the left of the puzzle. Could check by restarting and trying e.g. 35.

Frog from 3 potion bottles. Left that scene, came back and also found a clue paper for word puzzle. Good idea to come back to scenes and look for new clues and items showing up later!

Sugarcrush. Often one puzzle gives two prizes in two different parts of a scene. It's easy to miss one when you pick up the other.

Just tried out my 35 idea on the two pink buttons. Didn't work.

Star puzzle gives access card to escape via s5. Thanks for the game, AVM!

Meth, it's 44

On those 2 pink buttons. The 1 at the left of the puzzle doesn't appear until after you have entered 44. Perhaps it should have been there at first?

Yes Sugarcrush, but I still don't understand why its 44.

I can't play AVM games anymore. If I leave the screen to check Chat or for any other reason my cursor disappears when I go back to the game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

What's with the number circle in scene 4???

Came back to replay to satisfy my curiosity. The MZN paper which is a hint for NEWS can't be for the 4 coloured buttons (red grey orange blue) because you can't get the paper until after doing that puzzle. Something else must have been a clue for that, but I can't think what.

AVM, again the mouse pointer disappears on the game window (it is present everywhere else). The same thing appears on my home computer and in my office computer.
I can't play your games.

The 9=- clue: so in the picture there are two rows of four, separated by a 9 (or by a -).
so for each pair of numbers subtract the bottom row # from the top row # and you will get. Each pair on the left/right side should give them same number, and it is a poor puzzle as the numbers on each side are the same too. Really the answer should be 4444.

Thanks Anita. I understand now. As you say, not a good puzzle.

Nothing in inventory...need owl, heart, frog?, circle # clue...many things and no more hotspots.

I have the same problem that the arrow is not displayed on the game

@xhpas1, lotjemar,
Will look and let you know.

Once I found the handle top right in S8, things went better.
I never used a clue for the arrows in S5, just did NEWS.

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