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Avm Escape from Pleasant Castle Walkthrough

Avm Escape from Pleasant Castle

AvmGames - Avm Escape From Pleasant Castle is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are in a pleasant castle and you’re in a situation to escape from pleasant castle using the secret passage in the pleasant castle. As the pleasant castle has many doors and you have to find the right door that leads to the secret passage to escape from the pleasant castle. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the castle to find the secret door to escape from the pleasant castle. Good luck and have fun!

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Paper with 3 numbers is used in scene 1 (do the math).

3 colors in scene 2 is hint for scene 6 puzzle.

In scene 7 the same thing with doing the math for the sliders.

have two eggs and a crown and a shield

Crown(s) is used in scene 2.

have pink flower and yellow ball, thought the Y is for buttons but seems I'm wrong

Whats up with all this math! LOL

I am like you Dazz I tried the Y on dots but??

stuck matching the shields with the puzzle on the ladder in scene 4. seems like it should be 0 1/4 1/2 3/4 but no. tried it with the other colors as well. have to yellow balls and a pink star

okay star goes on door puzzle in scene four but guess we need a bunch of them

Robin we need to get to S4 to help LOL

okay its backwards. the shield with no yellow is 1

beachball goes in stump

you need all the eggs for scene 4. some of them are solid colored and look like balls

how to get in sc4 first? the Y doesn't work in any way

have three buttons on the floor but don't know the order to press them. have three yellow balls a crowbar and a paper clue that has been used already. also looking for a clue for the sliders.

I thought Birds were for the 4 #'s on desk but ??

It Is! Raise the birds to see the #'s.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I tried that in the beginnig bandy, but nothing i got

Need a spoiler? You have to raise them up first though.

thanks bandy, didn't see the numbers

Use screwdriver on wall S4

Now to find a place to use the S/D ?

Ok then need one more egg to use S/D LOL That Y still does not work?

Smiley goes above door S2

yep, that didn't make any progress,perhaps somebody can give us a hand on how to get to s4?

I'd missed a pink egg behind the birds.

One egg behind those birds, Bandy.

Methanwy you are my hero LOL TY

4 shields give yellow ball and ....chocolate cake?

the clue paper that stays in your inventory is used again on the dots puzzle. the crowbar gets used right of the desk on the overhang

Brown cakes - or whatever they are - go in S6.

thanks methanwy, you came to the rescue

@Dazz: click on each of birds in S1 to get numbers for puzzle in S3. Also collect egg from behind purple bird. You should now have all eggs for door in S6 - that will take you through to S4.

Where is the crowbar?

I had to BF the hint from Platte as It looked like a orange more than red to me.

thinking the four yellow balls go in the contraption on the desk but they don't. hope its not a bug after getting this far lol. have a paper clue for the sliders but need something else to go with it.

Still missing loads of stuff, most particularly my third cake.

How to use the CLUE clue in the dots?

spell out the letters of CLUE in the dots. but its not in order more like backwards so E first. they will reset and change color when you get them right

Stuck in the same place, Robin.

Thank you, Robin

Ah, I hadn't read the post above about the fractions or checked the buttons in S4.

thinking the yellow balls are supposed to go on the desk and give the slider numbers. hope i'm wrong because they wont work.

my third cake came from word code in sc4 methany

Those dots don't work ??

tha ball are for the thing on desk

Managed to get one yellow ball in. Keep trying !

One cake came from 4 shields placed

yellow balls go on this machine on desk, try every ball on every funnel...

one yellow ball went on the machine on the desk but the second one wouldn't?

Gives indeed the sliders order and with the sliders the last two stars.

I place the Yellow balls just above the top. But need those dots to work?

Stars puzzle is last puzzle.
Thanks for the hints, Robin.

You need a paper hint as well, Bandy.

Ok you start the dots with U

good lord! thank you! was about two seconds from red xing! good game other than that silly ball madness at the end!

Thanks Burger Bob I just did not have the order right.

bandy, click starting with the letter C starting from top left, the dots will change color each time you do each letter

213 not working?

Dazz Mine did not work till I did U first. I think it was UELC

Dazz do it forwards and then backwards

Dazz 213 312

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks everyone for the hints, especially to persevere with the balls. I don't know how I'd missed getting them earlier since I tried zillions of times using different balls.

rats! I thought it once,thanks Bandy

where to use 4#clue from placing yellow balls on desk?

I make it 123 then 312. Gives clue paper for sliders.

Hotz it is for sliders but you need another paper hint to use it.

You have to ombine it with a paper clue, Hotzenplotz.

I think paper came from 213 on the 3 cake things.

finally out of this nightmare, thanks Bandy and methany:)

Where to use crowbar?

ok, what paper and how???

hotzy see the positions of the circles and lines

POP - crowbar used on 'hood' above desk in S3

Zuleika, use it on hood in S3

crowbar used in ventilation thing over right desk Zu.

4839, see the positions of lines and circles in each number, paper as bandy said came from the 3 buttons

but where is the clue for 3 buttons???

this came from those stupid dots in sc6, start by spelling UELC

And at the end of the day a quick easy exit. Good game. Took ages to notice those numbers under birds though : )

Ty AVM xx

I just don't see why it should be UELC

Hotz should be on the back of paper from dots?

doh, stupid me, it was in my inventory all the time.
thank you Dazz

Dazz AVM logic ? LOL

AVM logic are always making no sense to me bandy:)

It is UELC, because that's the color order.
Color hint was Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan and the dots was in order, Yellow, Cyan, Blue, Green.

finally out, thanks so much for your patience.

Thanks Burgers Bob that makes sense!

i dont understand the paper with the 3 numbers where is it suppose to go S1.?

Olivey if it is 213 use it on brown cakes

no its the 19,25,and 31 paper clue..

Ok use math to add up to the #'s Then place then in order top one will be left second one will be middle and third will be right

I will give part of a spoiler to help 25- 11 and 14 middle, 31- 18 13 right.

glad you're out Hotzy, and thanks Bebop for your explanation, this was confusing

ok thanks bandytrc!


Backwards and inverted
clues again = 1-star!

Very good game) game late one) Degrees had to pick two colors can not be 1.Tut logic I do not understand and just pick the right option.

I LOVE how these comments tell you how to use items, but no clues how to get the items. One moment there's one yellow ball, next you're placing your 3 yellow balls somewhere!

I LOVE how these comments tell you how to use items, but no clues how to get the items. One moment there's one yellow ball, next you're placing your 3 yellow balls somewhere!

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