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Avm Modern Yellow House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Modern Yellow House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Modern Yellow House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you were trapped in a modern yellow house. The modern yellow house is filled with full of clue papers and puzzles, which will help you to escape from the modern yellow house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the modern yellow house and solve the clues to escape from the modern yellow house. Good luck and have fun!

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A snaggy for the maze:

Hi meth :)

Check drawers in S7

Gold squares go in S6. Check cabinet.

Hi yvonne and methanwy - didn't see u there : )

Hi, took me so many tries to find a place for halberd/spear: at bedend in S4

Hi Yvonne and Zu. Wondering why I still have a matchbox.

POP matchbox goes when you light candles in s7

Hi Zu :) Hi Hotz :)

Thanks for the maze, methanwy : )

Use the flowers in scene 5.

BBB, what flowers in S5?

Missing the silver button and thinking I'm going to have to try solving those orange buttons in s5, though we probably need a clue for them.

Looking for place to use 7415.

Yep. Just matching buttons in 4 corners in s5 didn't work. Must need a clue.

@Hotzenplotz, the flowers you get from doing the ball puzzle in scene 4, or maybe it was from placing the 4 dolls in scene 2.

Zu scene 1 for no's

Only need 5 buttons for puzzle in s4.

pop, found the flowers. pixel hunt to place red stars...

Clicking all 25 dots in the grid in scene 1 in 0-24 order as hint paper doesn't work.

Ty yvonne - thought that was a symbols puzzle, should have checked.

Zu, that's what I thought at first too :)

Didn't work for me either Burger. Missing Z... maybe that's a clue?

I've just tried doing 0-24 as well, but I didn't realise there was a 0 till half way through, so had to start again!

it is NOT alphabetic order A-Y

I tried 0-24 and A-Y

and y-a

Does it match letters to numbers? Like the first two would be A=1 and T=20?

I mean B=2 not a

Can't be that y=25 and there isn't a 25

I tried lettering the grid from A to Y like you read then entering letters starting with BTIRF... Didn't work

and I am still missing 1 golden square/tile, the third tile in bottom row...

I'm missing that one too Hotz.

In same place as you Hotz. Need one more square and trying everything with 5x5 puzzle - no joy.

I thought maybe Z was 10 at the end... didn't work. The trial and error for this puzzle is too much!

Missing the same title. Just have the number scroll and that's it

Is it possible I=1, R= 11 and F = 21 etc?

I tried A-Y, and clicked 2x on 1 for 'R' but no luck

I quite like hard puzzles so we can all catch up with each other, but this is just toooo hard.

Think anyone from AVM will drop in to help...?

Hi guys, also stuck on 5x5 number/letter grid, been trying to figure it out with the paper clue and no luck.

I've also tried using the paper for the 5 letters in s7. No luck.

Has anyone yet found the clue for the buttons on the door in s5? I'm missing the last of the 16 squares, clue for the slider in s3, the 2nd bird in s3, and the 6 stars in s7. I have a feeling some of those might be past the s5 door, and the 5x5 grid we're all stuck on will probably give the word clue for s7.

Same boat. Did you get the last star in scene 4? I'm missing one.

Nope, I'm still missing that s4 star too.

Moving on to the new 5n game until I can find more help for this one.

I started the game over from the AVM site and now a red button flashes after pressing an incorrect sequence. So far I have 4, 14, 22, 18...

My game (on WOWescape's site) has a white dot on the cursor. I can't play on AVM's site, won't let me on even with my ad blocker turned off. I'll restart my game to see if anything changes...if I can't resume the game, I'm not replaying.

Thanks Trig. I'll try there.
Sugarcrush AVM added that white dot because some people were having problems with disappearing cursors.

I'd like to personally thank the a$$hole that put the right arrow in the ad right next to the right arrow in the game. It was fun starting over after 20 minutes of playing.

4 14 22 18 1 so far
Don't understand the logic.

4 14 22 18 1 2 so far
I hope we don't need 25 entries!

I got to 4, 14, 22, 18, 21, 5, 23, 2, 1, 18.
It repeats numbers like the last game. There must be another clue.

Oh. I've got to 4 14 22 18 1 2 17. mmm

       Anonymous  2/28/17, 11:00 AM  

Button says walkthrough, but no walkthrough to be found here. Disappointing. Also stuck on 5x5, clue makes no sence, and after reading the last comments about the missing red dots, I'm ceasing to care.

where did you fiund a number scroll?

I can click 6,2,18,19 at 5x5 puzzle but cannot found the next click

...I can get 11 consecutive numbers without light bottom disc...but not no 12 :(

Number scroll you pick up after placing the 4 orange bodies I think.

I give up. Don't understand the logic, even after knowing part of the sequence.

thx Trackline, I have only two of them

Under the game is a "report game" button. Everyone complain!

Thanks for the info about the white dot, meth. My cursor never had a disappearing problem. Looks like you guys are still trying to figure out that grid. I'd quit and moved on to 3 games since. :)

Came back to see if anyone had made any progress. Apparently not. :-(
The red dot appears on the game linked from this site now.
The sequence can start 4 12, 4 14 or 4 16 So it seems there's no hope of getting it right.

BTW the sequence 4 14 22 18 1 2 17 18 19 21 19 can go no further.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

this grey circle grid is driving me crazy.... avm is there anyone way you can give us a hint or some help.

My sequence so far was:
6 2 18 1 11 13 14 23 21 1

but since that takes me back to repeat a button I think I will redX and leave....if you have to do repeat buttons and have no idea how many clicks will get you there it could go on forever!

where you at AVM?

will go back to this one later an ad tool me out

Candle numbers - 7419.
Clue paper - 7(EQY), 4(AL), 1(IRF), 9(DH)

Alphabets - A(0)-Y(25)

Grid - Check the places and click (7419)..

AVM, the candles are 7415, but neither solution works. I have 4, 16, 24, 0, 11, 8, 17, 5, 21, and then 9 and 14 but I get the red light on 9. Using 9 instead of 5 doesn't work either. (A=1 and Z=26 is better).

AVM its not working

This comment has been removed by the author.

please help us avm! nothing is working... please put a skip button on it. please...

doesn't work... nothing is happening

4 16 24 0 11 8 17 5 21 22 14

I have posted full solution

thank you! @junjie Zheng!!!

does anyone know where the last square is ?

i have upload the walkthrough on youtube

thanks sandy, I will also put walkthrough in avmgames

Well no wonder we couldn't find the solution for the 5x5 grid.
1 The number clue was 7415 not 7419.
2 The last group of letters was VWO in the solution, not DH or VJO.
Even after that the sliders were more or less guesswork.
Nevermind. Your games are usually fun AVM and we may hope for better things next time.

The0-24 number grid puzzle sucked. Not fun.

finally out.

Incorrect and backwards clues!

Shame, shame, shame!!

Candle numbers - 7415.
Clue paper - 7(EQY), 4(AL), 1(IRF), 5(VJO)

Total 11 clicks.

Junjie Zheng posted the correct numbers (AVM's post is still incorrect. Thanks, Junjie!

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