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Cube Escape: The Cave Walkthrough

Cube Escape: The Cave

RustyLake - Cube Escape: The Cave Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Rusty Lake. An old man is about to enter a mysterious cave. A familiar guest needs your help before you descend deeper and deeper into Rusty Lake. Click on the arrows to navigate inside the cube. Interact with objects by clicking. Select found items in your inventory and click somewhere on screen to use them. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Roberto]

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Oh won - these are great games!


(RE)HI all ☺

YAY!!! Rusty Lake - that will take some time I suppose 'cause of challenging stuff...

thx RL for this brill game for sure, Escapist for publishing & Roberto for sending ☺

you can drag the thing above scuba-diver man

My sound keeps going off by itself...

Haven't seen one of these for ages.


most right is for deleting

Get an eagle when you do the stalactites correctly

free the bugs in arrow CB, they will sit on the walls & give you the shapes for puzzle beneath microscope

whew, finally got the bugs free and book...

put book on stand next to dog

family tree in book

Match pictures with silhouettes in book...not too hard

put wood in basked beside scuba man, light it and hang the pot

placed big photo after adjusting family tree gives pattern for grid

then look at wall in dog scene

wall puzzle

give last shape (green jar) to right guy, then to the left guy

moth from wall puzzle for bat for 2nd big photo for book

Alpha - how do I draw the line on the grid? Nothing happens when I click on squares...

use pickaxe from symbol puzzle on assembled stalactite eagle for water bottle

drag between the squares

diver maze puzzle on wall

move guy from lift to the right, eliminate force of the shadows by moving diver to the corresponding end square

OH..put cursor between the squares and draw the line with cursor.....

use pickaxe several times on crack after solving diver maze puzzle for a whole arm

gross - cut the arm..! :-o

even more gross!!! :-o

make dog food with grinder & take poo

put poo in petri bowl under microscope for a tricky line puzzle

I can't move the diver fast enough to deactivate the shadows. Is there a trick to clicking on the squares faster?

finally got the line puzzle

place water bottle right of microscope & add stuff from petri dish

no rush needed - click the square of the first shadow, diver will move at square, then move guy between 1st & 2nd shadow

Work up from the 1st bottom man and move the diver to the gray square that goes with that man. Then you can pass by him. Do the same with the rest

figured out the diver maze: click the correct square to move diver, then click between the shadows to move the man. He stops so you can move the diver to the next square...just click on the square and the diver moves to it

give yourself (mirror) the drink & click several times

in general loads of dragging & clicking more than once

3rd big photo for book from broken mirror after raven cry

Where's the pickaxe? Got a crack in the wall after the diver what?

pickaxe from symbol puzzle beneath microscope, follow coloured bug shapes on wall

what to do at fish puzzle top left in dog scene?

Oh, bugs on the walls, thanks it.

orange fish show which item to take

Glad there wasn't another horror behind the fish puzzle.

BTW for third line on grid start bottom left although the animation showed it being drawn differently.

Melt ore and make a key.

my browser crashed, have to restart from scratch...! :-( (autosave d/w...!)

Oh hard luck AO. There seems to be lots more to do under the lake.

Alpha? Can't you just hit "continue" instead of "start"?

On the map under the lake the start point is shown by the red dot on the pic next to the map (building). Then go 3 left and two down. Gives co-ordinates for the machine on same wall. (I put buttons on the spots. Don't know if that was necessary)

Definitely need auto save, because this is going to take too long for me.

This is an huge (read: very long) game!

Just checked. Game does autosave if you don't have a crash. I'm going to continue this tomorrow.

Love these! They also have a really great game at the Apple app store for iPad.

good evening! the cobweb is driving me crazy as the spider doesn´t go the way like it does in the video walkthrough. any ideas? thanks. great game so far.

Wahhh, finally!

one of the worst game ever

I got lost underwater, but realized I had to make the arrow on the graph go to the blinking dot and then I could get the third cube. Got to the end after a lot of head scratching and watching the WT.

Very challenging game, but worth it.

Have to admit, I had to use the walkthrough a couple of times, but wow, what a game. Spent all afternoon doing this. lol. Well worth it.

Amazing game! One of the best out there, for sure!

Notice the picture on the depth=40 clue. Don't be distracted by movable dots or X:07,Y10.

Move sub by setting compass point, then setting 1-5 to move that many spaces. Head to dot. That took a lot of trial and error to figure out.

On the window with the two pipes, those two dots can be dragged.

Need to catch 6 fish. Hang in lit smoker, shut door. Then open door to get 3 letter hint. Whew.

When you get to the octopus, just keep pressing left and right tentacles until they line up on each side. Took multiple tries for next step, back out and try again.

Wow, 2 hours of play. Good music and graphics. A bit laggy at times, but no crashes. Only hint needed was to notice the picture on the first Depth=40 hint. Never used the movable three dots on the map. Good mini-puzzles, though the morse code was a chore. Not really an escape game. 5 stars.

Well, @Tiquer, I needed a LOT more hints than you did. In fact, I had to refer to the WT more and more once I got to the last room.
Anyway, another supercalifragilisticexpiallodocious game from my favorite game maker!

Play this after Free Room Escape and you automatically try to catch the glowing lights.

Does this game have a save feature?

EPIC length and outstanding game. Thank god for hints or I never would have gotten through it - got stuck a couple of times. Weird and creepy as usual. Loved it! 5/5 Thanks Rusty Lake.

WOW 5*

That was a marathon. I rarely give 5 stars, so that I can save them for games as good as this.


OK, I'm bizarrely stuck. I'm on the ship, I got the white cube, trying to look for the next cube but I have no power and can't move or change depth.

PS Where's the walkthrough?

q put the cube in one of the square slots on the machine

Thanks Dre. Got it eventually. I had to look at the walkthrough. It wasn't the cube, I had misinterpreted the triangle coordinate, the shape doesn't quite match the picture.

I don't get the fisherman in the boat clue. Help please

ccm Three letters.

i made it without hints! love it, looking forward to the next epistle. thank you for the great game.

6 hours

ccm thats KIT

ccm thats KIT

* * * * * SOLID

A-ma-zing! My favorite of the series so far. Bizarre for sure, but unique puzzles gave my brain a workout. Really enjoyable. Loved the idea of moving through the lake 3D style.

Loved every minute of it. Rusty Lake produces some of the best games I have ever played. I give this one 6 stars, because I really like the new hint system they used. Only had to consult the walkthrough once.

Solid five star game. Took some time to figure out some of the puzzles.

Wow..... One of the best games I've ever played. Super weird... I have soo many questions... not the least of which is about that dog food!

Another example that it pays to be patient with developing escape games... The product will be something well worth the wait.

5/5 Brilliant as usual. Thank you!

Thanks for having made this wonderful game ! What a treat ! Has been a long time since we had a game this good.


my poo won't place under microscope

Great game but my work suffered badly

Awesome... the same league like Skutnik's Submachine.
Chapeaus bas !

I cant seem to fugure out how to finifh the family tree. HELP ME!

@unknown, look closely at the places where the pictures are supposed to be put, they resemble the picture you actually have to put there

WOW. I am so glad it has auto save. awesome game.

i enjoyed this very much. needed a bit help, but everything was logical. 2 hours of nice entertainment! best one in 2 years

Can't get the lantern to move with Morse code. I put in code for u then return then p then return. Is this wrong?

Get an eagle when you do the stalactites correctly appnaz

The octopus is about to make me quit! So frustrating!

Stuck on Morris code part

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