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Avm Struggle Forest Escape Walkthrough

Avm Struggle Forest Escape

AvmGames - Avm Struggle Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you went to a forest alone to enjoy the adventures in the forest. While you were enjoying the forest, you lost your path. But surprisingly you spot few house at the centre of the forest. But unfortunately those houses were locked and there is none. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the forest to escape from this surprising forest. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, clock in S5 gives clues for 4#code in S3 and colors in S2

Hi Hotz! I see you're halfway out again. ;-)

but I am stuck now, so you can catch up. :)
or please catch up, I need your help.

I'll do my best.

Spiders... :-/

in S3 click on buttons 1-4, letters are used in S1.

any idea what to do with faces?

I just tried the faces on the arrows in S4, clicked the arrows as many times as the faces told - nope.

well know that the ad for poop spray is over can join you guys

Hi Robin, poop spray? You might be glad to have a walk in good forest air.

Tried both 4# puzzles with numbers from small to big and vice versa - nope.

Until now I haven't seen colour puzzles with the faces colours, green, blue, red, and a kind of petrol green.

Maybe the letter grid?

I can use face numbers in S5. arrows in S4 gave the order, but in opposite directions.
eg first arrow is right, so I used the face, which points left (5)...

Oh, that was mean as you could click the arrows! :-o

or maybe the logic is: in which direction the numbers point. the top of 5 points on right side of face...

seem to have the clue for the puzzle in scene 7 but cant move the colors

Yes Robin, same for me. Hotz, you could also say where the mouths are. ;-)

Stuck again. What about that N in S6? Could that go with the grid?

this logic works for arrows in S4 too. ascending order...

dont understand, hit the arrows bottom to top the number of times thats on the face?

We should have known that. Now I wonder if the colours on the faces will play any role in the game...

No Robin. Just mind the arrows from top to bottom and use the according numbers in that order.

Robin, click every arrow button 1x in order 3579...

Oh dear, there's more confusion than help... sorry!

My answer was for the 4# in S5, Hotz for the arrows in S4.

have hit those arrow buttons everywhich way but the right way. spoiler please?

uh oh. had one bird placed and now it is gone.

spoiler for arrows in S4:

the order is 3579 = URDL

boy I way overthought that arrow clue. sorry not much help on this one

"N" is the clue for owl grid in S5!!

We had explained the solution a few times so I thought it wasn't necessary to hide the clear clue. Hope that's okay.

I had tried that logics on the colours in S7 and fussed around with all kinds of greenish colours to bruteforce it but no success. But I saw that there are a red and an orange which are almost the same. We might keep that in mind.

Robin, where have you found a bird/parrot?
I have 2 from arrows and owl grid...

Holy moly, Hotz, are your really human??? :-o

dont remember. have those birds too. maybe form placing the deer?

I need the 2nd deer.

I have 1 deer, can you remember where you have found the deers?

But even then I'd be short another parrot. Man, this game is tough.

1 parrot for me from owl grid, didn't get one from arrows

have only one deer as well but know I had a bird before the last two. was one of those pop up later prizes they have been doing lately

Hi yvonne, I often realize some time later that I haven't picked all items I got from a puzzle.

well am at the forty minute mark and going nowhere. Think thats enough for me. good luck guys!

It really irks me when they have two shades of every color. WHy do that?

Stranges forces here?

On the auto clue click the buttons 1-4 that gives last spider that will give you a parrot.

Call me lazy but I'm just having some hot toast with nutella while waiting for you to make some progress.

Hi merit :) I have checked scenes, I got a parrot from mrtelcom's comment

scene 7 is kicking my butt. Colors I assume are from masks, and tried numbers from N applied to end points of the grid. No luck.

merit, ha ha cream cake and tea for me :)

That's nice too. *yummy*

But I've got only two parrots, and I think one came in fact from AUTO. So I should have three???

I'm about to quit. Have tried the weirdest things, can't imagine of anything else to do.

If you cross the grid and think Escape you get the nnumbers 763 but... that does nothing.

Mrtelcom, I could have told you THAT 20 minutes ago. :-(

I also only have one bird. I need a deer, gorillas, no idea what to do with the colors for birds in 5 ,I have a hint for the colors but scene 7 thing, does not allow movement.

Don't understand how the N works with the owl grid? Can someone explain?

Jenny, the easiest way is to draw a N on that grid. Then change the colours in every row according to the owls at the left.

Thanks Meritneith!

Okay guys, red X for me now. Wish you best of luck!

Missed a live AVM. Let's see how far I get before I'm tempted to look at your hints.

Not too far, meth. I came late to this game too, got stuck pretty early and wouldn't have gotten further without help from these comments. (Thanks guys!)

This game is aptly named, it's definitely a STRUGGLE, lol! Getting hung up on s7...I think the number/letter grid clue has something to do with the numbers but I can't figure out what.

Hi Sugarcrush, pleased with getting the faces, arrows and owls before I cracked. But well stuck now!

Missing 2 birds, 2 monkeys, a deer and 1 green plant. Cannot move buttons in s7 although I have clue...maybe we need a button for the middle? Also no idea of number or color puzzles in s7. May have to red X out of this one, WT not yet available on youtube and I can't get to anything on AVM's website (playing game on WOW's site).

I've been trying every permutation of that grid for S7, but with no success. Even tried using N again on the grid somehow.

Do your colour balls move in S7 after you've apparently got the paper clue?

LOL Meri!!!!! That 'toast w/Nutella' comment made me spray my coffee!!!!!! Too funny!

Meth - no, the s7 balls won't move after getting the paper clue. There's a spot in the middle of that puzzle, I wonder if a button needs to go there before we can move the balls.

I'm X'ing out of this one...moving to WOW's new game on their site.

See you Sugarcrush. I'll try a little longer.

arrow puzzle DOES NOT WORK!!!

More AVM rubbish!
Clues are inside-out,
upside-down and

Pass the joint over AVM, I'd
like to see what you're smoking!

stupid game by AVM.No logic and order

Hi, a video WT is available. there was a bug at ball slider in S7!!!
after a restart it is working now...

Paper from doing the s7 slider used in s4, but still have it in inventory.

All easy after that. Read paper from s7 left to right for colours.

Can't pick up the green ball after placing second deer. I just get the mask. So I'm giving up now.

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