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Dream Cave House Escape Walkthrough

Dream Cave House Escape

Games2Rule - G2R Dream Cave House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this escape game you came to celebrate your holidays in a dream cave house but someone trapped you inside this house. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in

Me too Dazz ... and stuck as usual :)

Hiya Dazz, joining you. Hope I don't have too much lag, as I sometimes do on these ones.

Got sword, pear, hammer, skull and bag. Need one more jewel.

hi duddettes, here's what I stole from cool........ahem ahem..........I mean found:

4 gems
yellow bag
some brown thing
potatoes or something

Hang on, I'll load and catch up!

Careful Dazz ... you're being watched. :)
I am really stuck. Hammered about all places I could find.
Can't put anything anywhere.

Sword used on floor tile by bed. I'm way behind on jewels though.

Going in now, will catch up.

did the same thing methany, still looking what to hammer

cool, did you hammer some spot beside the green 3?

(RE)HI all ☺


thx G2R for this game ☺

can't we use the phone by the bed and call for someone?

Bottom right corner of that scene Dazz.
I still need the cyan jewel. Think that will get me to more scenes.

I'm getting a weird glitch that keeps dropping the game down from center and I have to scroll every time I move the scene. Anyone else?

Nothing like that here Lurker Smurf.

I'm with you then, thought you'd have a nice long nap on the bed and I'll steal it..........just kidding)))

Yes I'm getting that too Lurker, and difficult to pick things up from inventory.

the picture slider next to 4 bulbs is some kin of a heart. the dot is in bottom right corner...

ahh! there's a clue beside the bed for the jigsaw cool, that gave me my jewel

picture spoiler:

Thank you Hotz. That's where the cyan jewel is.

Thanks Hotz!

And yes, that brings you to new scenes.

Forget it, I'm going to try reloading. Wish G2R would do auto save like Wow.

missing bottom gem...

I think I'm wrong, another clue with G

make that red gem

This comment has been removed by the author.

I am missing yellow gem. any hint?

The circle dots puzzle opened for me before I'd seen all the clues. I just did the pattern in the G clue.

I think yellow gem was toward the right in green 3 room. Use hammer.

Doh the circle puzzle gives more than 1 prize.

thanks methanwy, there was 1 tiny pixel I missed...

First scene after you open the jewel puzzle has a sneaky door at the right.

still missing red gem... where is it? anyone?

Don't miss spear by chair in room to left of pears.

I think red gem came from the 4#, and 4# from the anchors

water for fire

Wasn't red gem from poking a tile in the bedroom floor?
I am on the hunt for a fourth skull

missed to use sword on floor tile

Sorry AO. Can't remember.

Hunting for the 4th skull too. Only have sword left, so gonna go cut some stuff. :)

spear is used on hot bath

spear for tub

Got it and out.

Where is it cool?

sword is used again on picture in background after orange door (the scene with 3 coin-box)

What Hotz said Panda. :)

my third coin was behind a brick to the right of exit door

Nice playing with you all :)

missing last pear now...

Thanks Hotzenplotz

my third coin was behind a pillow on far left bed, no time for sleep

Thanks Hotzenplotz. I have now emerged from my orange-tinted cave to the greenest scene imaginable.

yvonne you bad girl!!!! this is no time for taking naps)))

extinguish fire

where's the exit, how do I get out of here?

Hi, lovely Dazz Ley, we all played together, so I didn't comment, as it would only duplicate would everyone else put :)

I think it a hotspot on right of room with 3 coins dazz to reach exit door.

Dazz behind the chair in the 3-coin box room

thx ppl for your hints & your nice company ☺

well, at least I would love to hear your snore... just kidding..))

You must admit that together we are pretty smart AO :D

ahhh missed that room, thanks duddettes

Dazz Ley LOL :)

Dazz seems to be in a flirting mood today. :)

I am missing a lot of things. Have only 1 skull and can't find red hint to get another hour glass.

R hint is in hallway, opposite locked door. Missing one pear. Got spear in bath and putting out fire. Still have bag in inventory.

The pear had disappeared. This must have been at least the sixth time I started the game. Finally done.

Thanks for the game, G2R.

Don't miss the scroll in the bathroom where you put the three wheels, give light lengths

Repeatedly tried to play this game but each time the game drops down so I can't access the inventory bar and when I click inside the game, a new ad tab opens up. Don't have this problem with other EG24 games. There are way too many ads flashing around the screen too. Enough. One star and hope it gets better next time around.

This comment has been removed by the author.

don't leave me! lol missing 2 barrels with apples and 1 pair...have hourglass, sword, 1 skull and bag of coins? help!!!

Tricky but fun. Got stumped a few times especially when trying to find the last place to use the sabre, that was a bit of a pixel hunt. Thanks G2R! Just some advice though, ads are fine, we get that you have to make money, but if they interfere with the enjoyment of the game, it's too much and I'll ad-block every time.

2 stars

G R B wheel gives 3 hour glasses for each colour. Barrel in room after gems must be smashed for pear.

Thanks G2R!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'll write down where to find objects for those who are stuck. Sorry for my English if anything sounds weird, it's not my mothertongue;;


- Kitchen/3-Vases Room (inside drawer)
- Chest Room (inside drawer)
- Lamps Room (using the Axe, click on the strange area at the left of the floor)

- Bed & Lamps Room

- BLUE: Tub & Pentagram Room (inside the Pentagram puzzle. You can resolve it with the guide on the wall of the Water Well & Hourglasses Room)
- GREEN: Lamps Room (Put on all the Lamps)
- PURPLE: Fire & Gems Wall Room (inside the wall over the fire, right side)
- RED: Kitchen/3-Vases Room (Resolve the Numbers Puzzle. The numbers are on the Tub & Pentagram Room, they will appear once you put on all the Anchors)
- TURQUOISE: Light bulb & Beds Room (solving the wall puzzle. How to resolve: Make a black heart, leaving the dot in the right-down corner)
- YELLOW: Kitchen/3-Vases Room (Using the Axe by the stairs, at the right)

- Rounded Door Room (on the wall at the right of the door)
- Petals Bed Room (click on the pillows)
- Chest Room (by putting on all the Potatoes. Omnomnom potatoes, yummy yummy)

- Cactuses & Pears Puzzle Room (By solving the Three Colours Squares Puzzle. Did you see those three circles on the walls with letters inside? They are the clues. They are on the Jacuzzi Room, Carpets Corridor and Lamps Room)

- Carpets Corridor

- CHEST KEY: Fire & Gems Wall Room (pour the Jar filled with water over the fire to extinguish it)
- CORRIDOR DOOR KEY: Cactuses & Pears Puzzle Room (by puttinng on all the Pears)
- ROUNDED DOOR: Skulls Room (by putting on all the Skulls)

- Water well & Hourglasses Room
- Tub & Pentagram Room
- Fire & Gems Wall Room (Using the rock, break the vases on the Kitchen/3-Vases Room; they will pour three different colours. Click on the three circles on the Fire & Gems Wall Room guiding yourself with these colours)

- Tub & Pentagram Room (on the desk by the tub)

- Light bulbs & Beds Room
- Wood Box & Couches Room
- Skulls Room
- Petals Bed Room

- Light bulbs & Beds Room (By solving the light bulbs puzzle. To do so, guide yourself with the Light Bulb Clue found on the Tub & Pentagram Room)
- Carpets Corridor (Using the Axe, break the barrel)
- Jacuzzi Room (use the Spear on the jacuzzi)
- Water Well & Hourglasses Room (Putting on all the hourglasses, by solving the Three Colours Squares Puzzle on the Cactuses & Pears Room)
- Fire & Gems Wall Room (By putting on all the pots)

- Jacuzzi Room (click on the barrel)
- Tub & Pentagram Room (Putting on all the rock wheels)
- Chest Room (inside the Chest)
- Colour Spheres & upside Down Room (By solving the Colour Spheres Puzzle. The colored numbers on the walls are the clues (4=grey/white, 2=blue, 3=green, 5=red))

- Bed & Lamps Room
- Colour Spheres & Upside Down Book Room
- Wood Box & Couches Room
- Money Bags Room (by putting on all the Money Bags)

- Light bulbs & Beds Room
- Carpet Corridor
- Cactuses & Pears Puzzle Room

- Colour Spheres & Upside Down Book Room (by the chair)

- Fire & Gems Wall Room

- Light bulb & Beds Room

- Chest Room
- Money Bags Room (by solving the Little Bottles Puzzle. Looks tricky but it's so simple: just put the bottles in the columns of the same colour (one column remains empty so you can move them without problems)
- Wood box & Couches Room (inside the Wood box)
- Wood box & Couches Room (use the sword/sable on the centre picture/drawing. tadaaaa! There it is!)

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