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Princess Tiara Escape Walkthrough

Princess Tiara Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG Princess Tiara Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. King Charles and Queen Mary have two daughters Tiara and Jessy. They both look very pretty and enjoy playing with their friends. One day Tiara went out with her friends and suddenly some guys has taken the Princess Tiara crown. She came back to the castle and she told her father about the crown. Help the king to get back the crown. Find out the related objects and solve the puzzles to rescue the Princess Tiara crown from them as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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(RE)HI all ☺

don't miss (like me ;-Þ) the arrow to the right

thx BEG for this game ☺

mirror pieces go in frame

I missed the same (obvious) arrow AO!

Hi guys, I'm busy but can't resist to play a few minutes in memory of the ole morning gang. Let's see how far we'll get.

tune is a real princess movie one ☻

slider shapes go on far wall in other open room
between chest & big vase

Hi Merit.
Word behind curtain.

open buttons on dress

book hint for drawers

You missed THAT arrow? o_O

4# clue behind the other curtain.

Yep. But in my defence, only for a little while!

Necklace on bed in right scene gives gem for stairs in back room. Another mirror piece from there.

My last mirror piece at base of column in scene where they are placed.

my last mirror piece was bottom of right pillar with the red dots with arrows

Hint from mirror pieces: Click the 4 cross-shaped buttons in right scene (left of clock) in arrow order as many times as the dots show.

btw, never encountered that robot thingy anymore for quite a long time...!

LOL meth, great minds ☻

Don't say it too loud, Alpha - I had it always while playing right these BEG games...

5#s combine arrow dots and 8 numbers from hallway.

I don't get this drawer with circle, square, and triangle. I have seen the two clues but can't bring them together.

again a puzzle that d/w properly with my laptop (the one with the mirror pieces hint)... :-/

Where are the arrow dots, meth? I seem to have missed them as the 5# are not active yet.

aaw, then I am lucky merit - maybe my dynamic IP it is that I don't have the robot thingy anymore...

Did you click the left button twice, the right one 4x, top one 3x, and bottom one once?

Arrows on a column Merit, near the mirror.
6#s from scroll used in right room, Doh.

Doh, those rascals were hiding themselves, thanks!

That's how I clicked them Merit, but it was a bit laggy. Had to do it twice.
I keep thinking this gold puzzle will activate, but not yet. I have two empty slots, guess I need one more button.

scroll hint is for number circle

I hardly dare to ask where you got that scroll from...

I'm stuck now with a piggy bank which misses the last coin. I think the next step should be the triangle-circle-square thing I asked before. Still no success with that.

yep of course merit, but always troubles on my laptop with those pushing buttons, also in other games...

Scroll came from what look like 3 slots in middle of back wall of left room. Click on them.

Oh no, I thought I'd need some buttons for that! :-o

And merit, did you do the drawers. 12345 order.

I'm at a complete standstill needing 2 feathers, 1 gold button (I think) and 1 or 2 silver square buttons.

Thanks, got that yellow thing now. But then I don't know what to do.

Oh, and 1 red ball.

I did that hours ago! One of the first things.

watched the VWT - they had troubles too with those buttons (re clicking amount) but finally it opened for them... not for me yet... will resume, maybe that will help...

Red balls go to the lions in back room. Need another one.

And there's still that drawer in hallway.

Great game, up to the puzzle with the yellow sun shapes ad the 4 boklts.
I can do it, but there are better ways to acquire RSI...

I'd missed 6# clue on left column in hallway.

I get this as slider puzzle, looks good, but it doesn't open:


Oh,I see you meant a different drawer.
I have a key at last!

In-between check:

I have piggy with three coins, no more items.

I need:

- Drawer with 3 shapes on stand with two flower vases in hallway
- Sliders on left stand, musical notation, not active
- 2 squares with green line for the right wall

- 6# in back room,
- anything with the multi-keyholes puzzle
- got 4 slots left without yellow buttons,
- one lion ball

- in right room one red shape for right wall
- key for cupboard

nope, square button puzzle won't open - oh, alas, bummer - CU in another game ppl ☺

Meth, I'm glad I didn't write that I thought I'd had checked all pillars.

Got key from 6# now and a feather (missing one last, forgot to mention them) and a yellow button.

Pity, Alpha. CU

I think red shape for right room should have come earlier for you Merit. Check all vases etc.

BBB you got further with that puzzle than me. I can't do anything with it.

Did the same shape on the slider puzzle and now it works. No idea why.

Doh. I was clicking wrong part of the tiles. Click near corners.

@Methanwy, it's a rotating slider, click the center of 4 squares to rotate them.

I'm stuck where you were before now BBB. I guess it's the middle 4 tiles that are out of order. I'll try once more.

Ha, had some progress by doing the shapes for drawer in hallway the 100th time - hint is from pillar in right room, for the square it's more 11 o'clock than 10 o'clock as shown in clue. Fussed around and it gave me a coin and yellow button

End puzzle is about getting rid of all the locks.
Agreeing with @Kozepa, that yellow suns/buttons puzzle was just a whole lot of stupid clicking.

Meth, thanks, piggy gave me the last of those magenta sun-shaped things for a yellow button

This is now active... Expecting the worst...

I managed to swap the middle tiles on the rotator and it opened.

Got it and my finger hurts.

It's luck whether that puzzle comes right Merit.

Oh, spinning puzzle... got no time for that, consider myself out. Thank you all for helping and see you next time!

Ah, you meant the gold puzzle. Wait for the silver one!

An I'm bowing out on the keys I think. Down to 2 square and it's taking too long.
Thanks for the company everyone and for the game BEG.

BTW. On the keys the button on middle far right doesn't obey the rules of what it switches on and off.

I came back because the last puzzle was bugging me. You can do it in 12 clicks. One on each corner of the 5x5 central square and one on two buttons adjacent to each of those buttons.

Awful puzzle the gold one. Gave up after wasting 15 mins of my life to try and align them. It seems impossible because you always get one of them trapped in between. I am not clever enough to see the solution.

got as far as the picture puzzle considering myself out

This comment has been removed by the author.

did it spoiler

bL m tr br m tL 6 moves

keys puzzle a pain got down to 3 in corners click one & they go now out should have a skip button a choice to do it or not otherwise interesting game

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