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Sneaky's Apprentice Walkthrough

Sneaky's Apprentice

MeltingMindz - Sneakys Apprentice Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Today begins your training to become the best spy in the world. Your training is coming from no other than Super Sneaky Spy Guy himself! What are you waiting for? Let's not keep Sneaky waiting! Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah! Gotta go printing business cards to throw at people in self defence.

I'm having a pink gem, need a screw driver and number code. (And a map, mayhaps).

Number code on garage.

go up and right to find a #clue next to lantern...

go back to starting scene for new instructions...

I am actually on the "find a screwdriver" task... has anyone located it yet?

Yes Hotzenplotz. Currently, I'm searching for the screw driver.

There is a seilver key in the map (bottom right).

(so, Sneakys first name is Rupert.)

Look closely at the map

thanks for silver key!

arrow clue on towel in kitchen (G). Gives orange gem.

Once you found the screwdriver and new instructions, the goggles are in O to get a blue key in L.

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Where is the screw
driver Bob?

ha, letter clue is on map!!!!

I thought you gave the hint for that @brett johnson; Look closely at the map

Oh nice! didn't see that one

blue gem in B

Oh man. And i wondered how creative SD was with the alphabet today. No, it is a clue. Thanks, Bob and Hotzenplotz!

green key in A

Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen, I had the same thoughts...

lighter in H

great game thank you Selfdefiant!!
but I was too slow and got a grade F :(

Where is green key, exactly? i can't find it.

Darker brick, left, use screwdriver.

green key is behind a tile on the left, use SD

Don't worry about the grade, it is for those who try to go fast. :) Thanks everyone!

Green gem in F, use lighter.
Where is pink gem?

I got an F too. Probably spent too much time looking for the TV remote control.

Nvm, pink gem in BBQ in J.

I got an F:(

pink gem is in barbecue (sorry I lost my map...)

I think you all deserve an A+ :)

oh, missed a Sneaky live...

missing blue gem & remote...

Where's the safe?

Safe is in P.

Missing red gem.

where is the map?

Alpha, blue gem is in B. In a drawer.

safe is in P after pushing red buttons

in C, G, H, B each

No goggles, no safe and no keys for blue, green or gold doors ...

Castlerock, you get map from Sneaky after a mission.

red gem is outside, where number is

nevermind, the guy at the door gave it to me after finding the 5 silver eggs

Thanks,ΑΩ, but I also don't have the lighter or access to B ... no blue key.

Forgat to refresh before posting, thanks Nomnivor :-)

now that was great with all those twists - thx SD & Happy Easter to you & your family ☺

Thanks, Alpha.

First in, last out. I deserve a super F.

only found 48 coins, 22 outside...

POP didn't work ... still can't find gold or blue keys.

go outside far right to find goggles, blue key in pool

Goggles in O

don't look for remote, it was a red herring

replayed, 'cause of browser crash & got grade B ☻
(but only 47 coins this time...)

Thank you for the lighter! Finding that took me longer than anything else.

I loved the layering of tasks.

SD, thank you :) enjoyed the change

1 star no game

Bob, if there's no game, you might have ad block or something similar installed. It worked for everyone else.

Great game SD! Thanks!
Looking for the remote got me a D. Its Ok though, I didnt FAIL! :)

Why is it saying "cannot load player config"? I don't know how to fix it

Good grief, WHERE is the map?

Sneaky gives you a map when you've completed a task.

I would have given up if it wasnt for the clue for the lighter. Far too difficult (for me). Glad I persevered.

I see from comments above I need to find 5 eggs to get the map, problem is there are only 4 eggs. Been through all the available rooms many times. I DO NOT LIKE this game at all.

my last egg was next to a sailing boat above a fireplace...

if I remember correct, there were 3 eggs outside and 2 in the house...

had to give up and try to reload. This time all the eggs were there. Not a fan of this format though.

5 eggs

- 1 up from start screen, bottom left (brown broken vase)
- 1 up, 2x right from start screen, about bottom left (border of pond)
- 1 up, left, down, bottom right (pillar)
- inside house (arrow box), go left, above fireplace (shelf)
- in kitchen at right side (shelf above sink)

egg slots box in scene with BBQ

Is anyone still here? I can't find the purple gem.

Got a D, probably because it took me forever to find the purple gem.
SD, LOVED this game! Please make more like this!! The layering of "missions" was wonderful!

if anyone also has troubles to find the purple gem:

it's sitting inside house in bathroom on green plant in pot (dunno room letter, already closed game), 1 room before you find lighter between such 2 plant pots

45 coins, did it pretty quick but got a big fat D lol, Loved the new style SD!!

i use to like these but now so tired of collecting coins. does not add to the game.

Thanks SD. That was an interesting twist and a good game. I was able to finish without needing to find the remote for the TV in Room C; was that red herring or was there supposed to be another puzzle?

Anybody able to get the picture puzzle?

Selfdefiant, I think you deserve an A+++ for going to the trouble of making these delightful games for us!!

Great game, with another twist! And for the record I love the coin collection (especially when I get all 50 like I did in this game :-D

And I got an 'A' :)
91, 93, 89, 238, and 42 seconds; 50 coins

Anybody able to get the picture puzzle?

50 coins, there was a sneaky gold coin on top of couch which took me ages to spot. Liked the levels SD

I am a fan of this format! I really enjoyed this game, even more than usual. It used the familiar components of the games in a way that added an additional challenge. I'm not suggesting that it should replace the usual Sneaky format, but I would look forward to playing more of these every once in a while. Thanks, SD!

Did not like the back and forth or the red herring. Will not play another Sneaky in this format.

I got graded.

I got a dumb D, which is probably how good I am. Though I must say it was sneaky to grade us without telling us we were being graded.

Next time we get a pop quiz, we should be told in advance we're being graded, so that I don't leave the game on for long hours while I go and do something else. The time is not really correct then, no?

And the lighter wasn't hotspotted again.

Is the picture puzzle in the bedroom needing solved or is it a red herring also? Can't find the gold key and was wondering if that is what is needing solved? Thank you

Please hotspot the lighter - I spent ages clicking all over the place for it!
Otherwise I loved the game and new idea!
It was also cool having different assignments and finding new items in old places!

Picture puzzle = gold key

picture puzzle gives gold key

I was late coming in----so I just benefited from all the clues of others. And I couldn't have done without them. This one was hard for me. Would never have found the lighter, for example, without a little help from my friends. :-) But I particularly enjoyed the change in the Sneaky process---just a bit different. Thanks, SD.

Tried several times but this game just will not load for me.

Very nice game SD. Thank you.

@Sam W. For Melting-Mindz games, I have to use Chrome, allowing all pop-ups, et cetera. You have to take the ads for this site.

D is the highest or what :)

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