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Super Natural Book Escape Walkthrough

Super Natural Book Escape

BestEscapeGames - BEG Super Natural Book Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Ajeesh is a very poor boy. He is very fond of God. Everyday he uses to worship God before he goes into work. God is very impressed and decided to give one precious gift to him. He just give him the hint. He said that it is a book, whatever you want just ask in front it and you will get it. Now, he need our help to find out the objects and solve the interesting puzzles to get that super natural book. Good luck and have fun!

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Here we are, let's see. Didn't like the first game from yesterday but the second was really nice.

For those who have issues with loading: Game only loads with turned-off adblocker but there's no hint for that. You can turn it on again once game is loading.

(RE)HI merit & all other players ☺

loading (with no probs with .swf-file ;-Þ)...

thx BEG for this game ☺

4# upstairs is order to click shapes in left bookcase.

Hi Alpha!

3rd scene (upstairs right): Put roses into mortar. Doesn't do anything yet. Don't miss matches in same bookshelf drawer.

LOL a xmas tune in spring (muting) ☻

still in collecting mode...

Still collecting too but I use obvious things to keep my inventory as clean as possible. ;-)

Three crystals in top of third rooms give parrot food. We'll have to open the cage though.

Making the board gold and silver is easy because the rule (no 3 in a row) doesn't apply for diagonal.

Ah! Numbers scale in staircase is 4# for same scene, mind the dots and read them as a book (first top row, then bottom), not from left to right. Lens hand and paper piece there.

Completed paper piece is 3 colour clue. I had seen by chance the three buttons weren't active before putting the paper together but active right after.

Hi Bob, you passed us... not that far now.

Use magnifier on book for colour clue.

Fed parrot but he's just staring at me... demanding dude?

POP, can take key back.

I'm never sure what time these games are going to be posted these days, so I keep missing the morning gang live. Let's see if I can catch up a little.

Hi meth, same for me!

Put the candle on holder in 2nd room, lit it and held blank paper into the flame for the 4x4 grid downstairs.

Forget "downstairs", the grid is on green book. Sorry.

Parrot key works on chest in 2nd room.

The scroll with shapes hint is used in second room upstairs. Do in order outside shape inside shape, outside shape etc.

had to go afk for a bit, so you left me behind...

Once you got the book with Roman numbers manual you can open chest in 3rd scene by translating the numbers. Two are needed.

1. SPdOcIcLlER
2. SPdOcIcLxEviiR

Roses are used on the mortar and then use the bottle on it to collect it and use that in left room upstairs.

Well, meth had just started, Bob is far ahead, I think I am at good mid-level. ;-)

there's a mistake in roman numeral addition!

1 C more

Confused. I fed the parrot with a "paper" and now I have parrot food which he's not interested in.

Alpha, in my spoiler? Should I delete it?

AFAIC the numbers were 750 and 717, and I wrote down the working Roman numbers.

Meth, I opened the cage with a key and poured food into the bowl. Then I could get either the same key back or he gave me another key. However, take key.

no merit,
in the book hint

Got the key back from the parrot. I'm just worried that I was meant to use that "paper" for something else!

Only the Roman numerals example in the book is wrong, solutions on chest are right.

Gonna quit, skill game is too hard

somehow my laptop seems to be to sensitive - can't do the shapes...

AFAIRC I meant.

Took me quite some time to understand what to do with golden and silver buttons. Puzzle is chained to desk downstairs.

For those who have the same problem: change all buttons until you have three silver and three buttons in each row and column but neither in rows nor in columns there are three buttons of the same metal allowed. As Bob told before, doing it is quite easy, and I think there are many solutions allowed.
For me this worked (only change the last button to silver):

Nvm. Tried one more time and did it.

Okay, didn't take care of the book as I had enough years of Latin in school to translate them on my own.

I did a checkerboard (or chess) solution, so yes, probably all solutions work.

had to click the bottom of the buttons to make them highlight...

For the shapes, Alpha: I just clicked outer shape and then inner shape. The fourth was kind of wrong, the others were easy. Dang, I have no screenshot of the grid... I took the outer shape which was most similar.

Just opened a second game, will write it down even you got it as others may have problems too there.

Here it is... for the 4th shape (bottom row left) on the scroll use the pentagon in 3rd row/left on the grid.

I had a paper with the order of the 5 books, but you don't really need it, books go in the right slots when you place them.
Good game, besides the skill puzzle, a bit more like eightgames.

I also did outer & the inner shape correctly, but it happened that a button didn't hightlighted...!

Now I have to understand the clock thing... ;-)

I'm also at the clock, there was the hint paper somewhere in inventory...

Ah, easier to do than to understand. Might take its time though.

Done that. You just have to arrange the clock numbers correctly, buttons left side turn the hands anti-clockwise, on right side clockwise. Highlight the hands you want to move and adjust them to the two numbers you want to swap.

You can do it by using only one little button on each side which move the hands one step further.

Don't know if this makes sense to read. ;-D

Restarted. Found I HAD committed a fatal error by feeding the parrot the paper. Not surprising really - what parrot would like to eat paper? I needed the paper for another clue (used with candle).

Oh meth, I thought you meant the food with the paper, got you wrong. Well, goats do eat paper according to a Button Escape game some years ago.

Doh! For the coloured wheels there's no clue - one is fixed, turn the other ones on same position.

Well yes goats will eat anything. One place I lived one would eat half the stuff the walls of my house were made of. Very damaging! But parrots, no.

Visitor. So far behind now it doesn't matter. See you later.

Now I know what Bob meant with the skill puzzle - it's in 2nd room where you have to move the ball through the electric obstacles.

Big help I think:

Just move the ball that you're not getting through two obstacles at one step (by holding the yellow button). Just make sure you hold on after every switch and go on. Doing that I went through in one turn.

S -> A puzzle is easy.

From skill puzzle you got a sun-looking shape (not that you need downstairs!) which goes into panel in 2nd room.

Just go from new moon left to full moon right and work the lunar phases. To make things easy: Don't touch the first circle, the 2nd press once, the 3rd twice, and so on.

Rest is obvious. Put all five books on stand in 3rd scene and you're out.

Another game I liked, thanks BEG! And thank you guys for company.

you seem to have loads of visitors, meth
are you at work? ;-Þ

thx ppl for your nice teamwork & company ☺

Back now. Let's see if I can finish this off. I work from home AO, and not so many visitors, but frequent ones.

Took me a while to see that I could highlight the shapes on the green grid. Very faint highlight round the edge when you have the right shape. Easy after that.

Pretty neat game,up to that "move the ball through the lasers" game.
That's an Arcade thing, not a puzzle, come on...
Doesn't belong in a game like this, and if creators want to include some monster like this, they could/should have the brains to add a "Skip" button.

"Something in it for every player, so it's added value" is a stupid argument, as it becomes "Something in it to put off any player".

I quit.

Used the magnifier on the parrot because, why not, it turned into food, now my magnifier is gone and i can't read the book, but I have parrot food in inventory. Can't go further

I had a similar problem Ericka. I think that parrot would accept anything!

This game should have rated much higher.

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