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Wow Hidden Forest Escape Walkthrough

Wow Hidden Forest Escape

WowEscape - Wow Hidden Forest Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this escape game you trapped in a hidden forest. But you forgot how to come easily. There is only way you have to choose hard path to escape. You have to finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Like those games but somehow it's not often I catch them live.

Icicle-looking thingy behind one of those sneaky rocks in scene going one up from start (between trees).

And don't miss the arrow there lying in creek.

Don't know if anyone is here, but am stuck with brush, crane, hook, sword, hammer, and bowl...Used one bowl already. Help?

Hi meritneith : ) Going in ...

Use the ice looking thing in the scene with the fox.

Hi guys!

Hi Ginner : )

Hey I just made fox 'lay' a leaf. Weirdsville ....

Cut bale of straw gives colour clue for start scene.

A live Wow, nice

I don't think laying is the right word - use something with sh.... ;-)

use brush on glowing tree...right of start.

4x4 arrow-circles. Turn red ones to face in 'missing' direction.

Dang, I got the stork sticking to my cursor. Now let's hope the saving option works.

found arrow...where is the bow?

Haha meritneith - maybe : )

use the arrow in the pipe thing at the right of the start scene

It didn't though I saved. It happened when I found out that you can use at least one arrow at that hydrant in scene right of start.

Any one know what the green circles with arrows are for?

Ginner, I think we have to put some things to top or bottom later.

By the way, I found a hammer in one of the upper scenes playing the second time.

Where to use second bowl of water?

use hammer in scene with hay.

Wondering where to use hook?

Took me some time to understand where to use the clue from brush (scene far left...)

Now I think we are all stuck at the same point? Needing two leaf bunches for start, two balls for house, having stork and hook.

sneaky green button in a rock at scene up far right. Also use sword in tree in the same scene

I still have some problems with the fact that I have to bows I should need to get berries but I had to waste the only arrow I got on that hydrant.

Anyone placed stork yet?

Seba, thanks, got the last blue button but need another green one. I think I got the first already from the rock you mentioned.

Another fine enough game from Wow. However, yet another game with an irritating 20/30 clip of music. Immediate mute. Clicking on random spots and solving number, color, and symbol puzzles does not a whole game make. Get the music right and these could easily be 5-star games. Otherwise, a 3 is all I'll ever give.

meritneth...are the bows those things that look like bridges? If so..I can't pick them up.

Zuleika, I placed it on my cursor the first time I played, but now nada.

I'm now trying to swap green and red squares in house scene. Something like those frog hopping puzzle but you can go forth and back.

Use 2nd bowl of water in scene with 3 coloured sea shells. Pour on plant leaves right-side

Forth leaf bunch from there.

Good find, thanks, Zuleika!

Still need one last leaf. Have stork, hammer (used) and remains of pod (green circle) in inventory.

Cut the thing you get with sword, gives last green ball.

Stork goes in new scene

New scenes! Solve coloured balls by joining them (very easy), gives last leaf and then you get a seaflower which goes in shell scene.

In new scenes you get rid of Mr Stork!

Ah - last leaf comes from the green and red squares puzzle.

Placing lotus ( in scene where you use 2nd water bowl) opens new scenes.

Haha merit and Ginner - was just about to say same thing about stork : )

Hardcore maths! :-/

sneaky arrow north-west above green door

I'll leave maths for later (hoping there will be a clue, haha). Colour circles one scene to right are dead easy, just click the centre until outer rings match inner ones.

In that scene don't miss a pebble and an arrow on the branch above door, a little bit to the left.

Feed the Venus Flytrap for a direction clue

you need to pick up stork again

Finally shot down some fruit but can't take it

Crocodile eye goes in hole of the grave stone (new scenes, one to the left)

Another arrow in scene one up from Venus FT

Oh no, another bug! Don't zoom out of the gravestone, if you zoom in again there's the hole but no eye left. Dang!

Don't forget to reclaim stork...used further on.

sneaky arrow below big nest

Yet another arrow hiding below 'nest' in tree (furthest scene)

I'll try another time to get the saving option...

anyone with math problem just start with 9-0=

need 4 arrows to shoot down fruit for color clue...only have 3

Billions of blistering barnacles!!! §$%&§$%&§$%&!

I won't go in for a third time... bummer, wish you best of luck here and see you another time!

Re fruit: you count the berries that lie aside

Leaf 'diamonds' - simply match with corresponding pattern.

for triangle math, just sum both numbers and take the difference from the other triangle

Stuck again...need rock, what to do with cyan #'s (adding didn't work) and still have hook. Need one more green leaf. and 3x3 color grid?

My last arrow was above stone where you place crocodile eye

Ginner, add the two cyan numbers in one triangle and substract the sum of the other one, for example (8+2)-(4+1)=5

Number clue from coolured fruits is used in scene with triangle maths puzzle

dont forget to feed the plant with the beans from the stork, all three of them

OUT! Thanks for the help

Ty for that reminder SebaS : )

I suppose arrows in circles are clue for this but not getting it.

It suddenly worked - don't know what I did. Door opens to new scene - and place to use hook.

2nd pebbel high on red door

Use rope with hook in tree 'nest.

Hammer on postbox for last set of green leaves. Gives insect - place on red door and out.

Really liked this game. Ty v much WOW : )

merit, the gravestone was my problem too. Couldn't get back in to do that diamond puzzle. I also chose the save option, went out of the game and tried to resume but couldn't get back into the gravestone. I believe that's what I needed to get the 4th leaf for the door.

WOW, please fix your bug. Otherwise, could have been a decent game.

dont forget to feed the plant with the beans from the stork, all three of them

Ok, walked straight into the gravestone trap and had to start over- then cook dinner in between, lol- but finally made it out :)

Still had that stork and half of the green pod with me as I left, hope no one missses it ;)

The grave stone puzzle is easy ( just don´t zoom back ou) click the diamond shape at the bottom ( it will be framed in red) and then the matching diamond out of the top row- repeat until leaf comes up

Where do the green leaves go? (The last collection of items.)

next to the door where u put the 4 green leaves on the left on a treestump or something like that

Thank you, Anna Lala! I really had trouble seeing that site!!!

math 52021

how to make 10-1=9?


now that was a great one - thx WOW ☺
(didn't encounter any bugs)

& thx ppl for your hints

Exc. me, I cant find the place for last leaves, even, if Anna wrote the place, cant find it. tnx.

To the lower left of the leaf door, in a diagonal. It's extremely faint.

I thought these games auto-saved now. It didn't for me. I had to start again from scratch.

Last 4 leaf outline too faint.

2 stars, thx for the comment help guys & gals!

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