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May 24, 2017

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Going Up Escape Walkthrough

Going Up Escape

YoEscape - Going Up Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yo Escape. The object of this game is to climb to the top of the building where treasure awaits you! So much treasure, that you really want to get to the top and get it before someone else does. To get there, you will have to unlock 30 doors! Good luck and have fun!

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I watched the walkthru for the evel, still have absolutely no idea why the solution for the shapes-puzzle on level #4 is what it is... Unfortunately the website provides a video, but no explanation - and here I think one would be welcome...

Click the shapes from least amount of sides to most. It's not the first time I have done this in my games.

For level #20 study the green and pink chairs extra carefully.

stuck on level 8

Slefdefiant, thanks for the info.
It may be not the first time you're doing this in your games, but it may be the first time someone is playing any of your games - and for them there is no indication whatsoever about the logic - and frankly, I think there should be some, even if the logic is this simple. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to find a correlation between the shapes and card suit symbols from level 1, as those also contain round and pointed parts - but nothing resembling a star shape. 10 minutes is not a huge amount of time of course - but still...
So, i think it would be a welcome addition to include some hint on the logic of that shape-puzzle, especially for those who are not familiar with your games.
My two cents :)

as for level #8: you should have a screwdriver in your backpack. Go back to an earlier level to use it on something that's said to be "screwed to the wall" (or something to that effect).

I understand what you are saying.

       Anonymous  5/24/17, 8:21 AM  

I got a porno page when your game broke into a commercial. had to do a hard reboot, because it wouldn't let me shut down CHrome

thanks bio. That worked the third time I tried it!

Sorry but there are no ads in this game. Your computer must have problems.

Haha level 19, Is that turtle "Becky with the good hair?".

(RE)HI all ☺

just starting - oh, I just ♥ the warning...! ☻

thx SD/Yo for this game ☺

LOLOL the shade in the warning...hilarious!

oh, it's a door game - I ♥ door games

& a cool tune!


that button left of lift/elevator has its purpose


that ominous button isn't in plain sight this time


ditto D2

How can I go back to an earlier level??


& now it's even locked :-o
but there's only 1 conspicuous place to find the key

at backpack, there's an I-nfo button, click it & choose option select level

Thanks Alpha.
I am stuck on level 8. I have a screwdriver and that is all.


pic in D4 gives you another key
hint personally from SD above ☻

Thanks, I just reread and found it.

I have to go. keep leaving good hints. I will be back.

but there's also a hidden key...!

now I'm confused a bit, 'cause 2nd key from D4 already opened the door... :-o


from heaviest to lightest

I don't get level 9. Assistance anyone?


hint is in D1


again back to D1


D5 may help you, from small to big, each colour only once

OMG. That was dumb. Thanks Alpha


ah, a Sudoku

HINT first line


or whole solution

I too was redirected to a porn page from the walkthru page. It locked up my pc with a virus warning. Bad form.

Need help on 25


yay, a pic puzzle

watch out the top right tile


colourful brand, have never seen this like that


ah, the obvious missing room number

I also was directed to a porn page and I'm at work


again sth to unscrew, thankfully still have my SD

& useful instrument as lock pick for D2

the grey bars are the ones to choose

also check knob

This is amusing! Everyone being directed to so called porn pages are new posting here. Seems suspicious to me! And by the way, you only see porn ads if you go to porn sites. Bad form for sure!

Don't quite understand how the pipeline on level #26 is completed... the solution that got me the door open certainly doesn't seem to be a good one:


cute ghosts

the 2nd eye is down

I haven't been redirected from the walkthru page to a porn site. So, it's either a hoax indeed, or I got lucky :)

Just because I don't post doesn't mean I haven't been playing for years...which I have been

this is longer than expected - have to go now, will finish later - CU ☺

D25 help please

If bad ads are reported to us, we will take care of it. Simply stating you are seeing porn doesn't help us.

That's all you had to say. Calling us liars is not good form either.

I don't get D19

I didn't call anyone a liar, I said it sounded suspicious. :O Feeling guilty are we?

I have nothing to feel guilty about. I don't think we need to go back and forth anymore though. Have a good one!

Felipe, the answer was written on the piano

I don't appreciate being called a liar. I do post on many games when I catch them live. Alphaomega and a few others can vouch for that. I WAS redirected to a porno page and if you don't believe me, that's okay. I just won't play your games anymore.

Woohoo I am out! Nice one SD, I really enjoyed it!!

Did you see my post Terry? I didn't call anyone a liar, I said it sounded suspicious. I'm sorry you were directed to porn but really, I have nothing to do with that. Ads are based off of many things, one being your search data. :)

i didn't get any porn SD, I feel kind of jipped hahaha just kidding. I have noticed on this site you can't please everyone. Just yesterday I was playing a game where someone commented that they are sick of seeing spoilers instead of just hints and then I played another game where someone else said, "Anybody here, I m sick of trying this all by myself with no help and spoilers. So everybody smile and realize that SD has some of the most interesting games out there and most of us adore them.

Ab 19 is number of minutes slower Becky is. Kind of missing a variable, I think. We don't know how long it actually takes her.

Thanks K! :)

Stuck on level 16..

Thanks K !!!

nevermind! sooo dumb!
hint... 16- think color

       Anonymous  5/24/17, 9:53 AM  

hmmm... when did I last go to a porn site? never! why did I get redirected to one from a walkthrough page? cus there's something suspicious in the system! unfortunately, I won't be going back there to send you a screenshot, but you can certainly try it for yourself :)


stuck on level 15

Pretty sure Self-Defiant knows more about code than you. If porn did pop-up, close it, then double check your browser history. Quit slamming him, i guarantee it was not intentional.

can't get the sequence for level 15

I have never seen anything bad or I would have fixed it immediately. I only use well reputable ad companies. Realize that sometimes bad advertisers do get through. In those rare cases, I can get it taken care of if I know more about it.

I checked my history and the culprit was: I clicked the history link and yes, it took me to that browser hijacking page. I closed it, clicked again and it went to a normal ad page. SD, a concerned developer would not have reacted the way you did. He would have said something like, "I am sorry and I will look into it." I am more upset about your response than I am about the porn hijacking page. I know it isn't SD's fault but he could have sounded more concerned.

NEED HELP for level 15

Terry, do you know how much mail and reply's I get? Seriously, if you knew you would understand all of the junk. It seemed like just that. I always do my best to do what's right. :)

thanks for the game Selfdefiant, nice one

stuck on level 19

Any hints for the Pac-Man Level? I'm totally stuck. Thanks n Advance.



don't overthink the colour, bright orange as written in in-game comment isn't yellow...!

for the pac-man level look at the direction of the eyes. Click the up/done arrows in order then click B then click A (or A then B)


no need to click thru all hearts

one isn't like the others

any help for level 19?

Pac-Man? Well, in which directions do the eyes of the ghosts point? From left to right, then press buttons b and a


oh, another Sudoku

first row



whole solution

Great game. No porn redirection for me. Loved your intro SD.

Also kudos for the walk through where you could go to a specific level. Thoughtful.

Keep up the great work SD!

anyone still here & can explain L 19?
brain eclipse atm...

Hi AO I think there was something missing here. Add up total minutes in 3 hrs and 1 1/2 hrs

Waiting for help on 20

oh, took the average between the 1.5 hours =180 minutes & the 3 hours = 360 minutes & that was it
still don't get the logic though...



thought it would be colors from #14

AlphaOmega expect that the fastest turtle finished in zero minutes. Still here waiting for you to explain lvl 29 :-)

ah, thx nernst


nice stitches

pic at D14 will help for order

oh got it didn't count the buttons on the seats on to 21


not the brand, but pic will help you to play the keyboard


start top left


pic at D7 will help you

if not, here's a


nice pic, written with the phone


think alphabetically

only 3 directions are used in total, but some twice

i love this game!!!! thank you SD!!!

AO,i am follow you,up on 22 now :D

ah, thx Mette, only have seen your comment now

slowly approaching...

what do I need to know for D25?

Awesome game, SD! Thanks!

yep, great game indeed, Pete - I ♥ it!

look back at the piano

stuck on 27

piano is in 21

ah thx Mette, have forgotten the brand


pipes on buttons, then on elevator doors

28...fastest to slowest


fast clicking finger is required, but not for red buttons

D 28

see comment from Zoe ☻

OK Alpha...enlighten me for 29!


don't overthink, forget the colours, only sides/points of shapes


from less to more

how many clicks? sweet :D and out and thx everybody for hints


a fast clicking finger required again

not getting 29. 3456 doesn't work....

it should, did you click the E at the end?

I am an imbicile! I forgot to press "enter"

I feel silly :-)

Thanks everyone! You all deserved a longer game! I hope this one satisfies. :)

no need for that Zoe

we all have our blond moments...! ☻

But it is a GREAT game!

Thanks, SD. Excellent efforts on your part with this one!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm very satisfied, SD - thx again! ☺

Haha! Enter was the key! Thx!

99 licks

Maha-media is notorious for their ad network infiltration. They are based in India, and considering that EG24 games are largely sourced from India it is not surprising that ad networks used by EG24 developers (especially popular ones like SD) would become targets. (More EG24 users come from India than any other country except the US, btw.)

Whether it is a bit of malware located on your computer or an infiltrated ad network, SD has no control over it and can not be blamed for it. Nor can he be reasonably expected to care about the problems of the individual game player. He can't be bothered with such trivial things as users, he gets too much email. :P

AdBlock and No-Script. No exceptions, no whitelist. AdBlock to block the ads, No-Script to restore the functionality to the parts of the websites you want to see. Because ultimately ALL ads are offensive.

I'm not sure which level had the best puzzle, they were all tricky, thanks for the game selfdefiant

Also kudos for the walk through where you could go to a specific level. Thoughtful.

Great game. No porn redirection for me. Loved your intro SD.

Ab 19 is number of minutes slower Becky is. Kind of missing a variable, I think. We don't know how long it actually takes her.

Thanks, SD! One of my favorites!! I was pretty disappointed I didn't get any porn in my walk through! You should work on that, SD!

Wow, it's been ages since I was graced with a comment from Esmerelda. Most of which is true, other than I don't care about the user. If I didn't care, you wouldn't see me post anything, like a lot of other developers. I mentioned simply that I get a lot of crap from all over so seeing the porn ad takeover seemed a bit fishy at first. Mostly because the people posting have never posted on my games and seemed a bit off. :)

Can anyone help me with the "valves" in D2?? Feel silly :(

I understand the frustration of not being able to see the logic in a clue only too well. But part of the fun of these games is to find out what the logic is. If a puzzle has no logic, then a clue is helpful. One frustration I am not willing to work through is the endless pixel hunts some developers include. Thankfully, Selfdefiant, you are not one of those.

Mystery, the clue was on the piano.

Thank you aitch, but I'm only up to D14 - no piano yet

Nope, the word on 16 isn't ESCAPE. YoEscape would've been a great clue. Hope this game saves, trying to savor it. Excellent so far.

bug level 20

mystery, get the pipes once on the grey bars

Where to use screwdriver? I've been back to all levels under 8, but cannot seem to find the hot spot.

no bug in 20, see that there is a stitch on the sitting-part of the green chair

POP!! Literally seconds after posting the question LOL!

Loved this one, thanks SD!

SelfDefiant: I just wanted to thank you so very much for persevering creating great content. I've been playing your games for about a decade. You have been incredibly productive bringing quality entertainment several times a week (and sometimes several times a day) for free.

Despite the fact some users complain this game is illogical you even took the time to write the warning dialogue at the beginning of the game saying some puzzles have no explanations (and other disclaimers).

Some people complain about ads even though you are completely correct that search history and visited sites hugely influence what ads are displayed. People don't seem to understand that ads are where the income comes from on free games. Too many users using ad blockers and it becomes a waste of time to make quality games because there is simply no money in it.

I just wanted to say I appreciate your contribution to a gaming genre where quality developers are becoming scarce and has become saturated with lots of high-turnover garbage.

Keep up the great work!

A kofod, can you ever post anything other than: Bug, out by red X? Bug, means nothing! Come on and be helpful.

Thanks Lemon, I appreciate it! You are right in so many ways. :)

Thank you SD, a great logical game that has just the right degree of difficulty.

Level 7? I don't get it

go back to D1 for the card suit hint, get SD from backpack & use it on door

to go back to previous levels, look at the small i at inventory backpack

Nice game, best in ages SD.

I guess i should thank Yo Escape, too.

The solution to D19 makes no sense. If Becky took 4.5 hours, then that would mean Terry took 0 hours.

By the way, I am a longtime player and I know you've seen me post before, and I too got the redirect from the walkthru page which locked up Chrome on me. I enabled adblock and it hasn't happened again. But I just thought I should let you know that the people who reported it were not making it up, the problem actually exists.

For Level 29, I watched the walkthrough because my code didn't work. But it still wouldn't work. I tried brute-forcing because nothing was working. Didn't work. Finally hit "C" to clear my last entry (I'd just been backing out, but apparently that doesn't really clear it, although it appeared to to me). The it worked!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm only at 14, but so far I am LOVING this. It reminds me of some of the old school escape games where your really had to think each room through to get to the next one. Love it. Thank you Selfdefiant!

What an awesome game!!! 5 stars from me :) nicely challenging but not over the top. Thx so much SD!!

That was a very fun game. Thank SD!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I just read the warning HA !
I too accept the challenge.

<3 lovely game SD! :) i loved this challenge. I normally don't post because by the time i get to your games, they aren't live anymore and all of my questions are answered. I liked this game so much i felt the need to comment to let you know and ask you to post more like this!

9, each colour only once, ahaa. I took the warning too litterally (much clicking). thanks Alpha.

thanks mommyb for explaining 15, pac-man. Even with seeing the eyes I didn't know how that thingy worked.

lol, to my non-maths-brain lvl 19 made perfectly sense. benny takes a, terry takes b, so becky takes a+b. :) :)

This was great fun Selfdefiant, thank you for taking the time to create a game like this.
It's appreciated.

Great game SD. Something different, yet familiar. Sorry to see you copping grief from some players. Keep up the good work!

already counted buttons on seats d14 not working for me on d20

got it extra button on green

did puzzle in 22 & key disappeared whats up Sd

will need to start again later was really enjoying game

no porn no probs logic good, barely looked at hints although helpful what's the matter with people Sds always there to help

This comment has been removed by the author.

Stuck on level 9!

Ricky, For level 9, click on the baskets in order from lowest to highest number according to a hint found on a lower floor.

I got scared off by the porn-redirect problem, but I decided to try again on a different site (Newgrounds) and really enjoyed the game. Thanks for the extra work you put into the walkthrough too.

Absolutely outstanding, SD!!! Thank you!

Stuck On 25

I think that's the one that uses the clue from the piano in 21?

Д 16 - какие буквы? Подскажите кто-нибудь.

16 is the word?
Click around and get the message that it all looks really OR.....
And that's the word.

All the fights were really funny. Was also amused by the scolding Self Defiant gave in the intro to people who complain about clickfests and pixel hunts. I do not agree with him on the point of 'free games' though. There's no such thing as a free lunch. This is not charity. People pay for the internet, though they may not pay as much for a paid game.

Someone said that most users are American or Indian. Is that true? Wow. I see Indian influences here, but mainly in the games, not comments.

Oh, and SD does a commendable job.

Coming in a bit late, but thank you, SD, I enjoyed this. And I still have the screwdriver at the end! Can I keep it for the next SD game?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes, people pay for the internet, but I don't think anyone here pays for the internet just to play these games. I pay for the internet for many many reasons (news, mail, movies, webcams etc.) so for me this site and these games are an added bonus and therefore free.

Yes, these games are "FREE" for you to play. I don't charge you anything.

Thanks SD. Great fun. Sorry you have to put up with all the jerkiness sometimes. At least it only happens once in awhile.

plz help! stuck on D14 ... and the nobe thing dosent work

Frankly, I'm no economist or anything. But I do think that a developer who generates an income for himself through these games should not be constantly reminding people that they play for free. I understand Self Defiant's frustration with a lot of random criticism that is frankly out of line. SD is also a prolific developer, which is good for a lot of people. There is also imagination and humour in his work.

I guess I'm a little late to the party... I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I thought that the game was going to be much more difficult than it actually was based on all of the disclaimers at the beginning, but it ended up being just a solid game. Thanks SD!

I guess I'm a little late to the party... I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I thought that the game was going to be much more difficult than it actually was based on all of the disclaimers at the beginning, but it ended up being just a solid game. Thanks SD!

I'm always a month too late to post anything!! Great game, great walk through page...highly amusing claims and counter claims of unsolicited porn was a welcome reading break from the puzzle solving. Keep it up S.D.(And moaning Minnies!!)

Also late.. Mostly given up on interesting escape games so I forget to check.. But this was one and fun.

solved 04.03.18

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