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Escape From Phantasm House Walkthrough

Escape From Phantasm House

BestEscapeGames - BEG Escape From Phantasm House is another point and click escape game developed by Best Escape Games. Try to escape Gary and his friends from phantasm house. Gary is a young man living with his four friends in London. Gary and his friends love adventures and goes on trekking every week. Gary got bored of trekking and wish to go to some haunted place for fun. His friends also agreed to go with him and they sought for a haunted place near the town. They heard about a phantasm house in a few mile distance through one of his old friends. Next day, they started their journey to the village and reached before dawn. The village people refused them to stay in that phantasm house for their safety. But, they did not listen to them and stayed the night in that haunted house. After some time, they hear a sound all over the house and the doors are locked on its own. Now Gary has compelled to search the way out to escape from phantasm house before anything happens to them by using the clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, just went in.

Went around for a first round. There are some puzzle I'm not looking forward to.

(RE)HI merit & all others ☺

had a massive computer crash, so had to restart...

thx for the game, BEG ☺

Clouds in upmost room are clue for the ladders in forelast room.

didn't see a hint for left puzzle in 3rd room (round symbols to connect), so fiddled around till it opened

oh, 3#code in first room is now active, but which one was the hint...

I even missed that puzzle. Got it the same way, thanks. That writing on wall in 7th scene is clue for 3# in start scene. Don't overthink.

ah, thx merit
thought the 5 is a S


I clicked on a bookmark, have to start over!

13% loaded. This will take hours. Dang!


Don't wait for me.

have troubles with my graphics card atm - my game is very laggy... :-/

Okay, finally. Deactivated the bookmarks now.

Seems I have normal speed again. Strange.

At least I could check some odd spots I wasn't sure if I had picked up something: In scene 3 and 4 there are three areas we can zoom in but nothing to pick up there. We should keep that in mind.

Aha! Assembled clue paper with 3x3 diamonds is for 4# in 2nd scene. Think of a keypad (top row 123) and use the purple diamonds as you would read.


can't continue to play just right now, my laptop is acting up, have to solve that prob first...! :-(

That gave me the 2nd arm for bear thingy in start scene (the other was in plain sight somewhere) for a key. This opens box in 2nd scene.

Got all green symbol buttons now. Puzzle seems to be not hard but tedious.

Done. Gives a cutter knife. Btw, wire from box is broken.

Thx for the 4#, Meritneith. The green puzzle was not very hard, thankfully.

Bummer, Alpha. Fix it quickly and come back, you will catch up at first real killer puzzle!

Hi guys. I was so late today that I hadn't expected to find you here, but it seems everyone's being having problems, so I'm trying to catch up.

I wrote wrong about the scenes with odd hotspots, scene 3 was sofa and back door, and the third is not in scene 4 but in 5, the big box.

Cutter is used on broken part of wire for symbol code used in 2nd scene. Gives cross for start scene.

Hi meth! Good to see you. Got no problems right now (don't tell too loud). But you know about my puzzle skills. ;-)

Phew, owl puzzle (rings in 2nd scene) is easy, circles move separately. You have to be accurate though.

Magnifier from there for book. Word clue.

Hm. Magnifier is still active, should be used a second time.

Magnifier used twice. Big box upstairs for another 4#

On that big box, 4# clue.

Shovel/fork for dirty spot on floor in scene with four windows.

I'm almost with you now Merit. Still scampering around.

Slider puzzle with brown squares now. Meth, this is your chance!

Hmm, new puzzle! This one seems much harder...

At the brown square puzzle now, but nothing will shift ...

OK caught out by trying to click rather than drag, once again.

joining you again - had to restart my computer & changed the graphics card optionfor my browser, so hope it will work now

fortunately game has autosaved, so not behind

strange way to move the tiles! Doesn't move on every click.

Click and drag...

Hey, got it ON MY OWN!

Hi Byassen, btw! :-)

Key from that puzzle goes to scene with stairs (4th). On back wall there's a keyhole which might be missed easily.

Bizarre puzzle behind keyhole. I made some patterns, and now symbols are highlighted. Let's see.

Ah, it's a clue for the symbols in 6th scene.

Phew. That square's puzzle was TEDIOUS.

Gave me a camera and I could finally use the battery. Now let's look for sth to take a picture from

Hey, got a run at the moment... Camera is used on that back door hotspot in 4th scene (sorry, I messed up all scenes by counting!). You need to push the button at top right to take the photo. Triangle hint!

Handle for box in same room as triangles. 2nd paper clue part for those hands.

Whoa, that smiley scared me almost to death then as I had my nose just an inch in front of the screen! :-o

I even solved a slider (the gears) in a jiffy! This is my day.

Ink into pot, dip pearls into ink for a colour clue.

With your puzzle solving exceellence today, I'm never going to quite catch up Merit!

Knife you got together with ink is used on the hotspot on sofa. Got now the buttons for the colour grid in forelast thing. This will bring me back to earth, I'm sure.

Starting with colorgrid-puzzle. Good luck meritneith

You only need to press 12 buttons on the colour buttons puzzle.

That grid was easier than I thought - just another move-the-buttons-in-colour-order puzzle. You have to go to that slot in top right and don't need all buttons.

I only had to make a decision once to choose a purple ball. Go down then.

And the colour buttons give you the exit key. Thanks, especially Merit, for all the hints.

That was easy... follow the 4 colors again and again, until you are up right.

And out! Ha!

And I hope you can sort out your computer woes AO.

thx for your hints & your nice company, ppl ☺

Couldn't made this one without the keypad-hint from you, meritneith. Thx alot. Well played.

It's good to have someone else join the morning gang Byassen.

To be honest: there were not a single killer puzzle today - IIRC it's the 2nd BEG/8G at all ever did without any cheating.

But for me it was a perfect game, challenging but not too hard. Thanks BEG, gimme more!

And thank you guys for being here, hoping Alpha is back on the road soon.

thx meth
after restarting the whole system, it works now properly again

& thx merit

Byassen, I had been running through the scenes before I got the paper to see which puzzles were active. I assembled it and ran again, and that was the only active puzzle then. So it had to be sth like a keypad.

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