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Fantasy Snake Pearl Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Fantasy Snake Pearl Rescue Escape

Games2Rule - G2R Fantasy Snake Pearl Rescue Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came to a fantasy place for some research. But you noticed that someone stolen the snake pearl from them. You need to help the snake to rescue her pearl and to escape from thereby finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Dip cane in water in scene right of start, gives green orb.

7 flowers in parrot scene for piano keys.

Hi Sugarcrush.
Sword is used on chest.

Spiky brown item used in slingshot, hits rock and gives jug.

Hi meth :)

Hi EV1 use sword on bee hive after you shoo away the bees with torch.

Wand is used on a couple holes.

Ladybug for holes in scene left of start, gives scroll.

Have a key that goes no were??

Set the nest alight.

Use jug on snake.

Thanks Bandy, I'd tried every other possible way of doing harm to that snake.

Talk about a cluttered inventory!

White ball goes into termite mound.

Yellow ball goes on big egg far right ???

Once I seemed to have the clue for the numbers on the stone, I did the top three numbers as per clue and just scrolled through the bottom one which didn't seem to make sense.

Thats why my solution did not work on #'s You need clue first !

Thanks Bandy. Talk about random!

No doubt! I have 2 purple things a berry and a watchmacallit LOL

Still need something to use on spider??

I think you're ahead of me Bandy. Does that mean you've got rid of your eggs?

No Meth I would love to get them out of inventory though! LOL

Or have you used the feather?

I have 7 colored eggs, a yellow key, a wand (used twice, I believe), a purple feathery thing, 2 orange 5-pointed gems, and a torch (used). Stuck. Help??

I went back to check the chest to see if I left something there, I clicked just a bit above instead and gave me a paper but it is blank???

Purple berries go in front of door in scene with weeping angel.

The purple things you mentioned are probably the ones that go in the far right scene. I only have one though.

Sugarcrush the pointed gems go in far left. I only have 3 though?

Well found with that paper Bandy! It goes onto the candle far left.

Also used wand on green wheel in parrot scene.

Thanks bandy. Where did you find the 3rd gem? Looks like we need at least 4.

Thanks Meth! I said I had 3 pointed gems. I only have 2 sorry.

This comment has been removed by the author.

That paper produced great progress! Into new scenes now, but I am fighting a fearsome lag here.

Finally use feather on rock new scene

At last somewhere to put the eggs and use the feather.

Into new scenes now too, used purple feather on rock for number clue.

And now place all those eggs!!!

Just finished. That was a crazy hard game. Not sure I can even remember where everything was, but I'll try to help.

4 colors hint is in right scene

Color order for eggs from placing butterfly on green pot in earlier scene.

When you get into room at the back of the far right scene, there are two hidden panels.

Coin goes into scene with 3 diamond staffs.

Still need something to use on spider, and what to do to that bowl of milk.

Moon disk goes just left of 3 colored mirrors

This is when its going to matter that I seemed to be missing a purple artichoke thing earlier.

Anyone use the green goo in bowl ?

Shells go into hole on sparkly stone. Another hole accounted for!

Green goo used on spider. Finally, lol!

Just used the goo Bandy. There was a bowl in the monster spider room.

Missing 1 of lots of things: purple artichoke, orange flower, yellow flash and crystal. Only have torch left.

I have the bowl and filled it in right new scene but can't use it ??

anyone find out where to place the second set of 4 round shells?

Ok use bowl on spider.

Use torch on smaller spiders for 4 beans. Beans go in milk bowl, but it's a picky hotspot. Just above bowl edge.

I've tried everything and they are the only things left in my inventory. Not the first pointy set but the ones that are round and either shells or seeds

Thanks Lurker!

Lurker THANK YOU !!! I tried that spot so many times I swear...

Thanks Lurker!!!

Bit tricky getting the beans to go into the milk, but got them in in the end.

You're welcome :)

Ah I wasn't missing a purple thing after all. Get the last one from under the monster spider.

Egg is used in front of big spider. Missing one big flower?

And at last that leads to using that shape in the far right room.

Bandy, anything left in inventory? Scroll through it a lot. So much stuff!

Have you got all the purple artichokes Bandy? I think that is where I got my last one.
Out now.
Thanks for the game G2R and for all the hints.

And I think one big flower came from a panel by the door in the exit room.

UUGGG I scrolled and there it was LOL Thanks Lurker Rookie mistake LOL

We've all done it Bandy!

And that's it. Great team work and a good game. enjoyed the company.

Thanks for the hints, guys.

Nice game, G2R, thank you.

Illogical rubbish!

What came from the big yellow flowers...put them all in and got nothing? don't understand the # clue for the rock.

should have known better as per title...!
didn't like this game, too random & illogical for me, hence thx ppl for your hints

thx anyway, G2R ☺

you need 7 flowers

if you mean the number circles, it's x

Could someone please do a spoiler for the numbers puzzle please. For some reason, I'm just not clicking with the solution. Thanks

Hicks if you're still around 6802

I couldn't play this game, every time I got to the strawbeeries, I could only pick up 3.

same here LNS, had to use cane on water first
too much this one is, didn't want to finish

I cannot pick the strawberry either.

Awful game!!! No logic in what to use where.

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