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July 11, 2017

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Monthly Escape 1-6 Walkthrough

Monthly Escape 1-6

DetarameFactory - Monthly Escape 1-6 is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Detarame Factory. In this game, you try to escape the rooms by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Good game. No language problem. The black ink, needed in the end, you have to make yourself.

01 was kinda tough headed to 02 LOL

Hi, to start the second level: take a closer look on mace...

Well gotta a pan and water, still have sugar and a empty bowl. Humm not many clues so far ?

Thanks Hotz!!

Oh, missed that, it's more games in one link.

Don't forget to take the wrapper off chocolate LOL

Need to find something for the bird?

Look at the steam coming from pot on stove.

You have to put everything in bowl in order of book.

Butter bowl has a surprise in it.

Where to use the key (from butter)?

Nvm, fridge.

BBB, where have you found the butter...

I think butter was in the fridge.

Put rose in green vase and then you can use eggshell.

Chicky needs a helmet LOL

I don't get what the phone is trying to tell me ?

Phone is a two-way remote.

Hotz butter was brown box in fridge

When heated in microwave check the mirror.

yep, this should be a hint: use the butter key, where you have found the butter... :P

Hotz look at steam from pot that gives clue for Ice Box

thanks bandy, I am already in level 3 :)

for ring drawer: what kind of ring is on drawer and on poster...

I think the microwave hint is the 3 double digits hint, but I don;t see how.

OHH Sorry Hotz I am still in 2 my bad.

I have a empty box and the bird is gone now ?

Ah ok, think clock.

BBB, think at positions on clock (minutes)...

Got end 1 on game 2. Can't find end 2.

End 2 give girls in window the empty box.

Ok Figured out the phone LOL

03 is tough!!

Looks like every next game is harder.

bandy, you can do it. if you need a hint, just ask...

nah, level 4 is not so hard ;)

I am not getting the rings Hotz hinted but I don't get it ?

Put (cookies) ? On plate don't know yet how to get the one out of little door?

Did you get the extra paper hint @bandytrc?
It's fractions, fractions of 5.

Come back to little door and that one is gone and left a key LOL

I've got 7 mice, 3 diamonds and half a green coin. Don;t know where to use pink hammer.

OOHH TY BBB I get it now.

bandy, what kind of ring is on drawer? can you find this ring on poster too? on what positions and what are the numbers? so you have to fill the circle 0,2 or 0,4 or 0,6 or 0,8 or 1,0...

BBB, there is more than 1 outside scene...

Stuck with hammer also? Can't read what is on hammer maybe don't need it though?

Ok, thank you @Hotzenplotz, forgot about the navigation hands in this game and I did indeed think only one scene outside.

Don;t forget to extend the net to catch the butterfly one.
Got all the mice and now what?

This comment has been removed by the author.

BBB, put them on stairs...

Nvm, far right scene of course.

Starting game 4 now.

I am still running around with a hammer can't find anything ?

bandy, hammer is used in right garden scene. click on sign to get a clue and take a look on cups...

Thanks Hotz but I have to get outside first. Guess I need a key?

@bandytrc, did you do the wobly pic to get the key to get outside? Hint is march and the 4 books.
The hammer is used to hit the hamsters (hint on sign pole).

Thanks BBB I forgot about book.

Now on to 04 ( Stupid book ) LOL

please hurry up guys, I need your help in level 5 :).
I am missing 1 coin, a clue for 2 direction codes and what to do to plant, bamboo or windmill?

duh, symbols next to scissor penguin are the clue for yellow penguin sign: 4 times the same...

Really? planting seeds on a tree stump!

Lots of friends over and got a pizza, 2 bags and a cloth, but how to end game 4?

Well I am stuck in 4 but need to get some work started so have fun And thank you for all the help!

BBB, make a picknick in the garden...

Just found out, but thank you. Two endings is eating day or night time.
Have to go too, but very good and funny games.

anyone else is playing level 6? I am stuck with a watering can and a fishy stick...

ok looking again at mace but don't see anything important there that i can use. can only look at it. help!

POP, letter picture is the clue for drawer....

so stuck on 2! have pot filled with water on stove with stove on....nothing happening. can look at mace but don't see anything thing of use. have sugar but can't do anything with it..... i think i clicked on everything but obviously i haven't.... so frustrated.... :(

brin3m, note spikes on mace from top to bottom...

Hi ! I need help in game 4, don't found color code for 3 "fruits"near bed

thanks Hotz! my brain is just not working this morning!

seb, you will get a color clue after planting flowers...

thanks Hotz but I put seeds on tree trunk, + water 2 times but no flowers (night or day)

I am stuck again in level 6: I have matches and a box with roman number code...

sorry seb, I think flowers will grow when you are sleeping (if I remember correct)

My flowers won't grow. I have slept for over a week now.

thanks Hotz (try again)

Stuck in same place as seb. No flowers growing and missing 1 coin to pay pizza guy. Only thing I see I need to do are the y/p/b fruits. I have slept, woke up, slept and each time traveled around looking in boxes and going outside. More help please?

ok, I replayed level4: put seeds on tree stump + water, sleep, water, sleep = flowers (at day)

I have no water can left because I watered twice at some other point. I don't really want to start this game again so I might move on to next level if I can.

Forgot my manners! Thank you, Hotzenplotz, for always helping out!

Thanks a lot Hotz (I put water on day ) it works know

you are welcome :)

I am still stuck in level 6. what to do after fighting pink demon? I have matches and a box with roman #code...

POP in level 6, close the curtain and switch off the light...

in level 6: tadpoles are the piano clue...

Level 3 I cannot figure out the ring/pie drawer...

mel, have you seen the comments BurgersBeBob @ 4:35 AM and my comment @4:39 AM??

I'm stuck in 1 with a key but no keyhole and red ink that I can't seem to use anywhere else. Can't find the blue or black ink. What am I missing?

Hotz,help again please
I am stuck in level 6 with a rose (nothing else in inventory)and on blue devil in sky but dont't founf a colored ball for him

seb, rose gives the clue for snails eyes/antenna...

EllenIsBlessed, I think, there was a keyhole in door...

Stuck in level two with cooled cake and empty box. Where to put the finished cake so the door will unlock?

Oh ! thanks again, forgot this snail :)

Sheesh, had to click cake to remove it from the pan. Moving on now.

Not so easy but great games thanks !

and thanks a lot for help in comments and specially Hotz :)

Stuck in 6. I need l/r code and pacman code. I have a branch.

Thanks Hotzen...but there is no door, except one leading outside, which is already open. Anyone else know where to find the keyhole in 1?

This comment has been removed by the author.

in level 1 key is for a book (behind pic)

Still stuck in 6. I need l/r code and pacman code. I have a branch. Anyone?

Laurien, are you inside the house? you have to open 4 letter drawer to get SD, switch of the light to get key and to get some kind of stamp...

Hotzenplotz, thank you. No I am not in the house. I have no key.

POP. Found the key!

stuck in 6 with chopsticks?

use chopsticks on a cloud (for mouse near tree)

In level one, use the tops on the pink thing outside. Gives book that needs key.

Stuck right after that. I have a little dish and red and blue ink.

Ohhh thanks wonder I was stuck. My tops disappeard when I opened the cabinet under the red guy. Must be a bug, so will restart!

POP Oh man. The panda needs paint. All this time I clicked on the front of him and not the back.

Level 5 what to do with scissors?

I am stuck on 02 with an eggshell. Help

Oh POP.. open the cupboard below the flower/vase

On level 03. where do you get the hammer?

Stuck on the ring drawer in level 3. I saw the hints and thought it was .2, .6, 1.0 but no.

Anyone around to help?

POP had the right numbers, wrong order. Work left to right not top down

Pop again. get hammer from drawer with the fraction circles. Thanks for the hint Hotzen

Enjoy looks like we are at the same spot. I am stuck again. I am missing mouse 2 and need a left/right clue for outside.

POP white flower outside. I never clicked on it before.

haven't seen the clue on how to wack the moles in 03

Level 1, solve all puzzle except piano. Nothing left in inventory. What to do?

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:28 AM  

Still do not understand pie drawer in level 3. All the hints are useless to me, because it is not getting through LOL. Please help! Thanks!

EnJoy, combine the clue on the cup in the house and the sign outside.

Pop again ... use clue on cups

thanks JoAnn

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:32 AM  

I think I need a full blown spoiler for the pie drawer. The fractions make no sense to me.

@Unknown the drawer has 3 shapes all the same. If you look on the chart, you will find 3 of the same shapes.

In the left column you find that shape at 0.6

Let me know if you get it, if not I can spoil it

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:33 AM  

Enjoy or Jo Ann, please help lol

@tautau what piano?

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:34 AM  

Please spoil it. my brain is not making the connection at all.

For level 3 ring drawer

.6 .2 1.0

Piano in house. Still need a match for firework. One drawer need a moon shape. Not sure I am playing the same game?

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:36 AM  

And what is that LOL. Seriously, do not understand how the pie shapes are related to the fractions.

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:38 AM  

Skipped that one and went to 4. Probably will get stuck again lol.

@tautau don't think you are playing the same game, unless it is a level I haven't played yet.

Oh, I think I click month 6. I should play month 1 first, right?

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:39 AM  

Maybe we are not on the same puzzle in's the circle with the open part on the right and then pie shapes that are whole, half? and 3/4 full. I just don't get it. Feel stupid as heck.

@ Cyndee43 click the first button 3 times, second button 1 time, third button 5 times

@tautau don't think the order you play them in matters, but I am only on level 4

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 9:44 AM  

Quitting for now. Thanks for the hints, even if I couldn't make heads or tails of it LOL. Maybe if I come back later it will make more sense. Have a great day everyone!

so stuck in level 4

Opened the fridge puzzle and used a key to unlock a drawer. Have an ice cream treat, watering can, 1 stick and 1 coin

tautau, my comment @6:27 AM: tadpoles are the piano clue...

Jo Ann you can open big white door by clicking on the 3 bad answers

Jo-Ann, ice cream and watering can are used outside (more than 1 scene), april fools are not true...

Thank you Seb, I was trying to use the correct ones in combination. lol

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 10:13 AM  

That worked JoAnn! Thanks so much! I came back and am nearly finished but missing no. 6 mouse (June?). Seems like I've done all puzzles...

Where are the tadpoles in 6?

       Anonymous  7/11/17, 10:26 AM  

No. 6 mouse (for me) was on the back of the sign in the garden (moles). Whew! Little game kicked my butt lol.

Jennn, you have to solve water lily leaves/pacmans first...

stuck in level 4 again. Have coupon for pizza, phone and 5 coins. Thought I had to use the phone to read the code on the coupon?

POP had to push the button on the phone after opening the code reader

stuck in game 6 with fireworks (no matches), branch, fish head and church hint (used)

mariagrazia, you have to combine 2 of your items...

Thank you, Hotzenplotz. Out now.

so thank you to Jo for the answer to the ring drawer in level 3! none of the hints helped me either ..... that one is so hard!

i cannot start level 5
what to do ?

Can anyone tell me where is the clue for the chest in level 5? It has the 4 buttons in a cross design?

It's the chest by the tall green bamboo

tosca..start at the grids that have number patterns..the men in front of them give the clue. click each man. they say number to follow. it will give letters

oh..i had to open the penguin first..almost missed that clue entirely.. very tricky

Wow.. level 5 was trickier than the rest of them.

Hotzenplotz, I did. Now I'm stuck with some firecrackers and a stick with a fishhead.

Jenn, put stick near purple devil.

I don't have a purple devil... ;_;

Level 6 .. watering can, plant and fish head. Stuck.. lol

ah.. just guessed letter drawer

Didn't see the arrow up the beanstalk... -_-;

stuck again with a fish? drawn next artist

fish gets fed to alligator

i dont have scissors yet

Sorry tosca..wrong hint for that in level six too. lol

Back again and now stuck in level 5.

Got the 3 letter puzzle, the turtle puzzle, drew a whale

have the paper with the 4 animals. Trying to figure out the clock clues

alligator on level 6.

I thought adding the paper gives 6:15 so I tried the horse and bunny but not right

same place stuck for me

Pink box with buttons and no clue where clue is .

where is that clock?

makes 19:15

Jo-Ann adding gives 7:15.

This comment has been removed by the author.

so, you put lamb and rabbit.

@Tosca the clock clue is beside the bamboo

Thank you Tuba and renaferr, still don't know why 7:15 and not 6:15 but moving on

hotz i have roman box and matches in level 6, what can i do?

done the phone,turtle,orange box,clock,word code, stuck with the penguin directions, and the other direction puzzle

cause 4:30 plus 2:45 makes 7:15

Ahhh thanks Tuba I was using plain numbers and adding rather that times.

renaferr, did you find and use the trowel?

Stuck in the same place now Tuba

There is a clue beside the penguin with the scissors...don't know how to read or interpret them

POP use that clue as the arrows for the penguin sign

Jenn didnt find the trowel.

Level six. I put the rose ball in the desk drawer under piano. I have no other inventory left. What do I do next? It seems I need a moon, but have clicked everywhere and nothing works.

renaferr it's in one of the drawers.

Who can help me with the roman numeral box?

what do i do with the painter?

no picture

Oh well, maybe this helps:

how do i do that?

If you have the painter in your inventory, you should be far enough to finish it, if I remember correctly.

renaferr, see my comment @6:16 AM, this gave me some more clues...

the clue for roman numbers is next to church, but you have to find a map first...

Where can I find the map?

is anyone still here? stuck in 4. have phone and 5 coins..... someone mentions pizza coupon but i can't find one... tired of resting and wandering around.... help!

Nvm, POP. Forgot to click further again..-_-;

thanks Hotz, i walked a lot now.

I replayed, and the man can climb up too...

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