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Wow Curse Stolen Treasure Escape Walkthrough

Wow Curse Stolen Treasure Escape

WowEscape - Wow Curse Stolen Treasure Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, some stolen your prestigious treasure from you. Now you came to know where it is. You have to find the way to get back your stolen treasure and escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Ouch!! Kinda hurts my fingers.... :)

The clippers are used

ba gur qenva pbire va gur svefg frg bs fprarf.

Most of the hidden panels are easy to spot. However:

1. Lryybj trz fprar - whfg nobir qbja neeb
2. Erq trz fprar - cnary ba qbbe sne evtug
3. Tengr fprar - whfg gb yrsg naq fyvtugyl qbja sebz tengr

Don't miss rock in:

ybjre yrsg pbeare, sne yrsg fprar, 2aq frg bs fprarf

Thanks for the game WOW.

Discover the sacred Jimmy Choo!

SLs lol, just found it!

Jimmy reigns, lol! Now to finish the game... :)

Good game, WOW, thank you.

Nice thank you!

What's with the unintelligible hints?

What idiot made this one? Do you hate players with eyesight problems?

hidden panels
1. Yellow gem scene - just above down arro
2. Red gem scene - panel on door far right
3. Grate scene - just to left and slightly down from grate


The hints are in ROT-13. It's a very simple code to decrypt - each letter is replaced with a letter 13 characters down the alphabet (Reversal Of Text - 13). Here's a sample ROT-13 decoder:


The rotating circles don't work for me. Any hints?

This Rot13 is so stupid.


You get the clue by solving the 4x4 box puzzle on the wall in the pink rem scene. The hint for this in turn is found by rubbing the 2 circles with the rock.

Once you get the clue, line up the circles on the top as follows:

1st - Star with a hole in it
2nd - Diamond shape
3rd - Star with no hole in it

This will give you the pliers.

Oops, I meant "gem" not "rem".

I have got the right shapes, but it is extremely fiddly getting the shapes in the right places.

Must be a bug - it now opened, but I can't take the pliers.

Luckily, I didn't have that bug. But you can't finish the game without the pliers, because you have to cut the gate open with them.

If nothing else works, I guess you'll have to restart - or declare yourself "out" since you're pretty close anyway!

why the need to use rot-13?

There have been some complaints (well, OK, one complaint) about too many spoilers. ROT-13 makes seeing the spoilers one simple step away rather than seeing them in the clear when you may not want to.

@Mac Carter
So the logic behind ROT13 is that you come here, go to a game maker's website to play a game, come back here for help, go to yet another site for a translation utility, come back here, translate the hint, and then go back to the game maker's site to play the game, repeat if you need more help, and then at the end come back here to rate your experience. Does that sound really screwed up to anyone else but me?

It sounds convoluted, but it’s really not. I usually try to leave subtle hints rather than spoilers, but if I think it is an unsolicited spoiler (as opposed to answering someone’s question), then lately I’ve chosen to encrypt it. It’s simply a matter of copying the spoiler, pasting it into ROT-13 for the encryption, and then copying the result and pasting it back into the Comments section. It takes me less than 10 seconds to do this.

I should mention that this is purely voluntary. EG24 does not prohibit spoilers, other than links to video walkthroughs.

I agree ROT-13 is cumbersome.
I've been escaping for over a decade and simply hiding the clue among the letters in "SPOILER" or leave out spaces and alternate caps, i.e.


No need to make it more complicated.

Thanks WOW!

I agree, the rot 13 is absurd, totally obstructs the reason for this hint page. no matter, as usual not one hint that helps me, so i am off to the video w/t. I keep looking here first, thinking someone might leave a clue or spoiler as to where to find the object I am stumped on, but no. Just where to use things I cannot find... This use to be a helpful place to come, but it is no help anymore and I truly think I will be going elsewhere. I end up needing a hint from the w/t so why not just go to a site that doesn't offer hints. since there is very seldomm anything helpful here. thanks for all the help, those who tried. Thanks for all the non help from those who could not bother.

The only extra steps that are needed for using a clue that is given in Rot13 are to load a Rot13 site at the beginning of a game then for each clue you want to read: highlight text, copy, change tab, paste. I find this easier than using spoiler text to hide hints.

Marleen - Hear hear! I hate when it's just a black screen with some dark blue areas strewn in. Dark or otherwise nighttime-set games are OK, it's just these are made so dark you can't see what you're doing! I have to shift my screen, turn brightness all the way up, edit screenshots, but it's still really difficult to play.

I feel bad saying that... I really love playing these and check back like 400 times a day for new ones, LOL, but keep in mind that they can be overly difficult for some of us.

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