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Melodramatic Escape Walkthrough

Melodramatic Escape

DetarameFactory - Melodramatic Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Detarame Factory. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you, detarame, for this game!

dont touch any panda's LOL

So stuck. Have a lolly (unwrapped), ruler, book (open), ring (unboxed) and berries. No clue what to do from here.

I hope those are tears of joy....sheeeeesh

hmm I got no lolly yet..

I have a ruler a book, an unboxed ring and berries. I see the clue for the flower puzzle, but can't figure it out.

Look bearly over the brides head.....

Bring the ring to the bride and look at the wall under the window

Could use a light nudge for the use of the eraser....

and some other items...moving quick as molasses now....

is that a marked square lower left of girl?

Nvm another next to pot plant..

lollipop to mouse gets a clue paper using ruler..

unwrap eraser and use ruler on it gets another clue..

clue gives number for clock..

now what? I have a locket now..

hat from drawer now LOL

The clues in the game are very very thin...moving on....

corners dont work?

Combine corners with locket clue.

TY I thought it might be mirrored..

Can someone explain what the locket clue is? All I see is the word populus

how do you get clue from mouse after giving lollipop? can't get it

I'm stuck on the 3-letter puzzle, the flower puzzle and the wobbly picture.

brin3m I think I used the ruler to get it

Perhaps I need to remove screws from picture before clicking corners?

What is the clue for the 3 letter puzzle? Cat with wand? If so, I don't get it.

Ignore all but one of the corners to which cat points. Cat points to that corner 3x. Each time corresponds to letter position of locket word.

Flows pretty easy from there. Cute game.

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Thanks scritbg, I did wonder what the X and ball had to do with it. Just to make it clearer for anyone else, there are seven letters and the cat points seven times to either a X or the ball. Only use a letter that corresponds to when it points to the ball.

Excellent game with great puzzles. 5 stars from me.

love you detarame guys, finally you came
we needed you so bad ! new games are so boring

rose sliders already at pos. 1

book hint from bottom to top

then you get ruler

paper from cage for bride

at sunny wheather, grid hint is outside

ah, use ruler on unwrapped eraser

eraser numbers indicate letters to take from book for clock hint

after placing gator in slot, you get drawer order hint

ah, cat witch is missing her hat

witch hint for letters was tricky - thx scrltbg

leaf eaten by caterpillar from bird for flowers

ah, bride wants to change her dress

& the usual coin/SD trick

now that's what I call a brill escape game with some tricky puzzles that require some thinking

thx DF for this excellent creation, it was such a joy to play it! ☺

OMG, I have missed this developer so much :)

TSGDDAWT (This Superb Game Definitely Deserves A WalkThrough)

(backstory) AdmiRaL CroCodiLe of Crocovania has overrun the castle, and taken Princess Priscilla hostage. It's raining all over the world. He intends to marry her tomorrow at dawn, after he finishes subjugating the territory. Priscilla is filled with despair.

3 steps right, we find a drawer that can be opened with the capital letters in the admiral's name. We find his intended WEDDING RING. It's quite lovely, so we give it to Priscilla. This makes her even more unhappy; but don't worry, we know something she doesn't. We know we're going to get her out of here! Take the RING from its box; we'll pawn it later. Grab the ZIPPER PART from behind the princess.

Moving left, we take some berries from the dying houseplant. Left once more, we take a book from the shelf and unlock it with a simple picture puzzle. We see that a teddy bear needs a zipper-handle (is there a name for those things?). We attach it, and find a PERFUME BOTTLE inside. We can open a box on the shelf with that, acquiring a LOLLIPOP.

Thrice more left, there is a bookcase with a clue, which we can use on the flowers once back right. (Go up to down on the bookcase; the flowers are at the '4' position to start.) Get a RULER.

Go right, and give the LOLLIPOP to the poor imprisoned mouse (wonder what he did?). There was a piece of PAPER behind him, let's retrieve it with our RULER.

Though the message sounds dire, we give it to Priscilla to read; it brightens her up considerably, because she knows it is a coded missive from Prince Folderol, the leader of the Resistance. As her tears dry, so does the climate. Take a look outside, and see in the planted fields a clue for a 3x3 grid. (Also see the Prince fly by in his gyro-jalopy.)

Twice to the right, we open a drawer to find an ERASER. We unwrap it, then use the RULER on it, cutting in half to reveal a colorful code. We find the key to this code in our BOOK. It gives us 2 numbers, which we can use on the clock.

Twice left, and we open the clock for a BLACKLIGHT and a CROCODILE FETISH. We can use the LIGHT on a page of the BOOK to reveal a secret knock to be used on the deer's head.

Twice right to the deer, we find a LOCKET depicting Priscilla and Folderol in happier times.

Once right, we find a place to install our CROC, and give it a push for a color clue. (Start with red.) We back away and memorize the pattern, then proceed twice right to the chest of drawers.

Opening the drawers in this pattern gives us a WITCH'S HAT.

Once left, we find a witch who can use it. She shows us a pattern of x's and o's; the x's are 'off', the o's are 'on'. We can apply this to the word in the LOCKET, and then to the drawer under the flowers twice to the right.

Get a PUMPKIN KEY and a CHAIN for the LOCKET.

Twice to the right, there is a locked pumpkin. We find a BIRD WHISTLE.

Twice right, we lean out the window and use it. Back up once, and show the bluebird of happiness your respect with some BERRIES. He returns it in kind with a WORM.

We set the WORM on a convenient potted plant, and walk around a bit wondering what to do next. (Notice that Folderol is watching through the skylight; he's wondering too. Returning to the worm, we find he has chewed a LEAF for us.

The LEAF fits just right on that flower picture (3x L or R). It gives us the code to open the cabinet nearby, where Priscilla's clothes were stashed.

After waiting politely for 2 or 3 nanoseconds, we follow her into the bedroom (2x L), where we retrieve the WEDDING DRESS and one of the SHOES. She feels much better now – those things must be terribly uncomfortable. Especially when there's a KEY in the SHOE.

Once right, Priscilla shows us a secret panel where she stashed some money. We take a COIN, and continue 3x right to use it as a screwdriver (these are medieval people, they haven't invented screwdrivers yet.) We put the RING on the available finger, and find a CARD KEY (they're pretty advanced after all, for medievals), then we go left once to get rid of the DRESS.

The weight of all that finery triggers a sliding bookcase to reveal a secret panel, where we use our KEY, then the CARD KEY, opening the skylight.

Go tell Priscilla she's free now! The prince will drop a rope ladder for her, and they'll fly away!

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Just1 - wonderful(and hysterically funny) walkthrough. Well done and thank you for taking the time to write it.

Couldn't finish. Bride would not move away from the bed...couldn't give her the locket. Walked around...looked at prince in window, went back to her about 10 times - dang that's frustrating...

Now that's a game.

Thank you Janet! :)

Thanks a lot, just1. Wouldn't have done it without you. And no spoilers, just the occasionally needed nudge! Well done.(And thanks of course Detarame, missed those games...)

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