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Midnight Spooks: The Thing in the Basement Walkthrough

Midnight Spooks: The Thing in the Basement

MouseCity - Midnight Spooks: The Thing In The Basement Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by CarmelGames for MouseCity. Welcome to Mr. Spooky's Museum of the Weird. There are many interesting things on display, but one exhibit is kept locked in the basement. Tonight, Jacob, Noah and Mason, are about to find out why. Good luck and have fun!

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dammit trying to figure the pipe levers..

Switches...follow pipe to well

yeah finally got it..
got 2 triangles now..

Good game until the gruesome ending

took time to find where to use weight, on rope beside the alien

horrible ending, do not play this if you're emotional or not used to violent scenes

Check the cash register for a token. Thanks for the pipe switch clue - I had missed that.

Jon and Dazz, you are joking! This was not at all disturbing or gruesome, it wasn't graphic or in any way any different than you might see on a Saturday morning kids cartoon! If you found it to be so, then I would suggest that you restrict yourselves to...well I was going to say right there, but you will find more disturbing imagery in the movie Bambi than you will find in this game. Seriously, I respect your feelings on this, but believe that your perspectives are skewed far from what is normal in this case.

For those of you who are concerned, the scene in question is a cartoon head rolling out a doorway. It has a comical "dead" face on, but is not splashing blood or leaving drips or anything like that. There is no "torn flesh", or any detail whatsoever beyond a simple cartoon red line at the bottom of the head. It is completely inocuous, presented in a non-scary context, and would be appropriate to show to a 10 year old.

I do not agree Esmerelda. I also have no benefit in arguing the point. Mouse City purchase games for a broad audience , to alienate any part of that audience for any reason appears to me to be counter productive.

I just ♥ Carmel - let's get started

well, let's see what's about that ending...

thx CG/MC for this game, I'm sure it will be fun ☺

there's also a handle at beginning of pipe

I moved the levers as follows & it worked



colour maths






btw, don't miss rope in alien scene

as much as I liked the game (with a great tune btw), I didn't like the end either...

Good game, I always look forward to new ones. Nothing wrong with the ending either, I found it quite amusing!

I don't think the ending is a good idea. The actual content is nothing particularly scary, but the implication that the young lad has had his head cut off, and is obviously dead, would not be good for young children.

Hi Esmeralda, how are you? fine?....good

I completely disagree with you, the game was good but it had a disturbing and a horrible ending, and I advised those who are not used to violence not to play it, that's all what I and Jon said, there was no point of you attacking us for this. I don't know any of kid's cartoon or whatever they show, for I personally do not watch TV much, and sorry but things like that are not appropiate for a 10 yr old or any aged, and should not be included in an escape game,maybe you are used to this for long but that doesn't mean children and other people should see and like what you see and like.

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I am gonna have to agree with those who think the game is a little tasteless in the ending. This is not appropriate for young people or those who don't like the inference of murder or gore. Even if the game was meant to be humorous, that is all forgotten with such a strange ending. The game was good to play but based on the ending it, at the very least should have come with a warning. That way someone has the "choice" to play or not. But it in essence was forced on a person to view the ending. I didn't read this blog page until I came here to write a comment, then I read the debate. It was too late though. Gonna have to give it 1 star rating based on the ending and giving no warning.

An enjoyable game, as I anticipate for all Carmel games. While I personally had no problem with the ending, I do agree that the description should have had some sort of heads-up (pun intended). A simple "implied violence - not suitable for young children or the faint of heart" would have sufficed.

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Dazz and Jon:
As I said in my previous post, I respect your opinions even though I disagree with them. I apologize if you felt "attacked" merely by someone disagreeing with you. Again, if that made you feel attacked I apologize, as that was not my intent. I would like to point out however, that after 70 votes this game been rated 4/5 stars, which is a pretty strong indication that a vast majority of people who have played it do not share your particular sensitivities.

I would like to address something that Jon said while I am here. Jon, you said "Mouse City purchase games for a broad audience , to alienate any part of that audience for any reason appears to me to be counter productive." That seems to imply that you believe that game makers can make games which please everyone. That is not just implausible, but it isn't fair to put that sort of expectation on game makers or the sites which host games. Everyone has different sensibilities and different tastes, and games that one person finds wholesome and enjoyable another person will find insultingly cloying and simplistic. There is no such thing as pleasing everyone, there is not one single game out there that has pleased everyone who has played it. The people who make and host games know this and pick the games which cater to the majority, rather than try to cater to everyone. So your belief that this game is counter productive assumes (quite incorrectly) what it is that constitutes "productive" to them. Again, in looking at the 4/5 rating it seems to me that this game was quite successful for them, perhaps even more so than they expected.

For what it is worth, I do understand how you guys feel. I feel the same way when I see games that center around rescuing tied up women or caged animals. A couple years ago there was a game that involved poisoning a dog to advance. I wasn't happy to see that, even though it was just a cartoon dog. Some very popular games offend me intellectually. So I do understand what you are feeling and did not mean to make you feel like I was attacking you for feeling that way. I simply disagree with you, and with any suggestion that it is in any way inappropriate for this site. There are *much* worse things (graphic gore, profanity, etc.) in many of the games hosted here, so this game can not be said to be outside the standards already established for content here.

Wow no hints. Just a bunch of people giving the away the ending like the bunch of selfish jerks they are.

Alpha, I don't understand your color maths hint - especially the last line:


What does Red equal and what does yellow equal....and are they the full glasses or the half glasses?

unsatisfying end - I´d really like to know what exactely happend behind this mysterious door...otherwise an O.K. game (3 stars)

@Zoe: red=4, blue=6, yellow=8 (full glasses, so 1/2 glas of yellow=4 etc.). in the latest row do the math as you have learned it in school (what to do first etc.)

maths hint and answer ruins this game for me. I worked out what the colours equaled but cannot get the math to work out to 123.. someone explain this to me before my laptop goes out the window. I got an answer doing brackets first, got another answer doing multiplication first.. then lost the plot and posted this jln/bkncls/ndsz/nsadflnsdzljngv

Nigel, do the brackets first, then do the multiplication, then do the rest of the addition.


3 + (3 + 2) x 4 + 100 =
3 + 5 x 4 + 100 =
3 + 20 + 100

@helmetbuchner83 It's part one of a series, similar to the demon summoning games Carmel uploaded a few months ago.

To the others arguing about the content, I do believe that MouseCity is just a hosting site for games. I do not believe that they pay developers to post their games on the site. If you want to lodge a complaint, why not go to and mention to the guys that you find it distasteful instead of complaining about a third party site on another third party site? It just makes more sense to me than clogging a walkthrough page with an extended argument.

strange ending; no ending at all; one star

here in NZ we were never taught math this way, at least not when I was at school, once I have to look at the answers I feel robbed and then can't enjoy it. The brackets first thing I had heard of but then not doing multiplication before the addition when it's not written as such, nope.

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I don't get the compass thing, it's the only one left until I get to enter the bloody basement (I didn't read all y'all's spoilers about the ending). I feel like 15, 105, and 345 are important; so I clicked the first circle after the circle the east point is pointing to, and proceeded to number the rest by multiples of 15, buuuuut??? Still blank. Help please? :<

Daenerys, don't start with the East point - click 15 degrees from North.

Nigel, in U.S. it's always been Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally - parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. I didn't realize it was different in NZ! The things you learn playing games, eh?

i need help here for the compass thing...


I came here for hints, from Kongregate, and I can't believe people are arguing about whether the ending is too scary or not. Haaahhahahaaaaa...

It reminds me of elementary school where my friend and I were arguing about which way to make a scarier hand: with the hand slightly curled and fingers extended, or the hand slightly curled and fingers curled.

OMG lol hahahhahaahhahaahahahahahhaaaaaaa!

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