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Tsure Escape 8 Walkthrough

Tsure Escape 8

Lutaru - Tsure Game 8 Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game developed by Lu-Taru. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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found 4 numbers with accociated symbols. can't find order to use them

Sam 4 # 's get's you in tower. I need one more acorn looking thing??

Thanks bandytrc. I figured as much, but which order do I use them?

NM, found the order above mirror

It is necessary to transfer the bridge to the other position and cross the bridge back to the white signboard written order of 4 numbers

Sam Lee, where did yo see order above mirror? i only see the solar sign

reminds me very much of the games MYST and RIVEN

yes, me too I can only see solar power generation and chineese symbols...

Brin3m, push the mirror up, then back up and read what is written behind solar panel sign

Slide the mirror up and then back out and look at the solar sign


thanks everyone!

Does anyone have any hints?

thanks everyone for the tip!

I've got the animal and the angel thingy. What now?

the angels (accorns like) goes on that thing that looks like boat on the brigde. There should be 3 of them

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Right, I've got two. The animal and the angel.

i found an angel thing and a human thing..... don't know what to do with the brush

I have 2 as well. Anyone done anything with the little water fountain (?) with gold cups?

brin, brush is for solar panel once you get up the tower.

How did you get the human?

The solar panel needs a clean, brin.

The third one you'll find in the room with the ladder. Look carefully around

FYI you can 'about item' and flip them to see what they are. I have an animal and an angel. Where'd you get the human, brin?

NotYou, hmmmm tried that and nothing happened.... will try again.... my connection might be bad this morning

there must be a piece human, but where? And what 's with that thing in the water?

Thank you, Me!!!!

it worked now! yeah!

Hello Me, I am Not You. lol

ok, human is in room with ladder. Just get in and turn left

Thank you Me.

Once you get fountain started, plug hole in it to fill in cups

What Me said.

to be continued...
Nice game though

watch your step above the sea.

Ooops fell in the sea heeheee

good game, but a little disappointing so short without actually much of and end. but looking forward to sequel

Hi, where is the clue for first symbol (+-like)? I could use brute forcing, but...

Is there a real walkthrough somewhere? One with some helpful hints?

Where is the plug?

your finger is the plug...

I need some help too. Where is the animal symbol? and the hint for the switches. etc?

the number for tower is the one you see at mirror

tricky game, but still enjoyable - thx Lu ☺

& thx ppl for the hints

btw, never found first sign on white board, so had to BF...

Where did you get a brush??

Alpha I need help please?

hint for switches is in locked box

found the key on device on bridge

Thanks. I have been trying that but I will go look again. I can't seem to make the hint work.

brush is from switch locker

Got it! I am messing up the position of the one that stays in the middle.
Thanks Alpha!

note that there's a middle position on the hint in between the l&r

ah you got it - pleasure! ☺

Now I am stuck on the 2nd four # panel. I have only seen the 2nd and 4th symbols hints

3rd symbol hint is at switch locker

POP found third one! Just bf'd the first.
Out now.
Thanks again Alpha

4-digit code:
In fact, for all the digits from 0 to 8 there were symbols.
Using the exception method, we get the number 9 for the flower.

Where is the animal? I have the human and angel. Thanks.

Wow. That was great and too short! Can't wait for the next one.

Never mind. I didn't realize we could move the switches on the tall cabinet. The third one down just stays in the middle.

Very nice! Challenging and fun. Watch for L/R arrows. Back all the way up more than once. Hey, @escapist, eg24 crew: Please, please continue to put (Replay) at the beginning of old games. Thanks!!

NUMBER FOR TOWER DOOR: When you approach the solar door raise the cover of the keypad, then step back and look at the sign above the keypad. It has the 4 digit code for the door. Very awkward.

And just inside the tower there is a hidden left navigation.

When you get to the island there is another awkward navigation around to the back of the rock.

While the dock is swung to the island step back as far you can and a new sign mysteriously appears. This game seems to be more about navigation than puzzles.

I'd give it 5 stars for graphics and "feel", 1 star for navigation awkwardness.

Go forward. Note the card, mechanism, and key to the left. Take the key.
Continue along the bridge and look around. To the upper right, there is a box that the key opens.
Open the box. Take the “acorn”. Do an About Item on it to see that it is an angel. Note the 6 symbol and the Left/Right clue in the box.
Back up and then look at another box in the upper left. Use the Left/Right clue to set the switches.
Take the brush and note the 8 symbol.
Back up, then look at the tower with the solar panel. Note the 0 symbol, then go toward the door.
Slide up the tree picture to reveal a number panel. With the number panel showing, back up a step and then look at the Solar Power Generation sign to see a 4-digit code (7143) along with symbols for each of those numbers. Use that code to enter the door.
Before you go up the ladder, look to the left. Get the acorn statue (human) and note the 2 symbol.
Go up the ladder and use the brush to clear off the solar panel.
Go to the barrel that is now lit up by the lightbulb from the solar panel and click the button at the bottom to reveal the 3rd acorn (animal).
Place all three acorns in the mechanism on the bridge, according to the hint on the card (human in the middle). Hit the switch to rotate the bridge.
Back up instead of going forward. Note the 4-symbol combination.
Go forward up the bridge and to the backside of the stone slab. Turn the water wheel and look at the hint on the back of the slab.
Put the bridge back to its starting position.
Now, finally, approach the water fountain. Note the 5 symbol, then plug the water flow with your finger to open a pod toward the top of the path (click and hold your mouse).
Now, we’ve found numbers 1-8, so we can deduce that the flower symbol is a 9 (though someone please correct me if I missed an outright clue for it). So the combination to the pod is 9682.
Now, step on the platforms as described in the clue from the stone slab. Step on the lighter circles (LLRLR).
Watch the Myst-like ending scene.

In fact symbols for 0~8 are shown, so the one not seen must be 9.

for the final slabs, is it from the back towards the front or the other way? No matter how I do it, i keep falling into the water ..

Fudge, from the front, and take the white circles from the hint, not the black ones.

Fantastic game, with a little work on the navigation this could be up there with teeshie and robamimi as regards to graphics and quality games. 5 stars


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