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Kotorinosu - EXIT Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Kotorinosu. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I am having a hard time getting this site to load. It won't load at all on Chrome and I have to stop a script from loading for every new page in IE. Something is wrong.

into game but also get script error all day here only. had to blacklist site till problem stops. not on IE btw

I found I have to click 'stop script' 3x whenever I refresh the page, then it works normally (I'm using FireFox). No idea what the trouble is, but with patience I can get around it.

This is a beautiful game. So far just have a magnifying glass and a notebook with '8' (magnified) in it.

Oh there's 3 #s in the notebook.

Same here.

2 keys farther on now, and I have a crown shield that I've opened 2 things with, and a bird's eye photo of the room. I think I'm supposed to understand something about the spacing of the lines on the walls, and something about the lengths of pencils and the balls on the 'clock'. Anybody with me?

Hi, I'm right now where you are. Got no problems with the game loading but this site (since yesterday btw). Finally found out FF works

Hm, asking myself two questions: You can look under the sofa - why? You can take back that crown shield after opening the box for the photo - why?

meritneith! :) Hugs 2u

I'm stumped right now - can't find anything else to interact with. Feel like I must be missing sth obvious. Tried all kinds of patterns on the shield and on the photos but no response to clicking. Any ideas? I may have to sleep on this one.

Hi just, no sleeping, I need you here by my side. Answering may take some time, I have loading problems even on my mobile for escapegames, and FF works as you told after waiting and stopping a few times.

Running around and trying things.

There must something about the photo. I've taken a screenshot, will zoom up to atomic mode and check what's there.

Holy moly, that did the trick! There's a hidden door on the wall right of the picture in treasure chest view, that gives the missing clock part.

You can now click the coloured balls on clock, should be either short to long or vice versa according to the pencils.

Long to short... always the last you try. Got another key now.


Either the pencils make a 10-2-4-8-6 pattern on the balls, or the balls make a 2-3-5-4-1 pattern on the pencils. Can't find anywhere to use either, but it must mean something.

8 lights in the room; 4 in the corners on the floor, 4 in the middle of walls on the ceiling. Could correspond to the geometric p-r-b-y-g pattern, but you can't zoom on most of the lights.

Nothing else in the room seems to change whether the shield is on one wall or the other, or in your pocket.

What's up with the brown pic by itself above the chest?

Haha, you were really THINKING about it...

Using key on book gave me another shield, and now I'm stuck again. You can put in and take back both shields in picture and box in any ways. Trying to get some sense into that.

Wonderful, you got it!! I'll be right along behind you - posting is taking a very long time today :(

I wonder if it's a red herring that you can lift the globe.

For me it's now kind of working using Firefox and stopping that script once.

Still got the photo... if checking it carefully worked once it may work again?

Put both shields in, the same orientation they appear in inventory - brown pic opens

w/ lights off, there's a pattern of blue dots on the wall - you can turn just some of the lights off, study the pattern

Oh, I see... maybe now the photo should be useful again?

Now I found a hole in the wall that needs a crank

Yay, that did the trick, thanks. Making some screenshots to compare them with the photo was helpful for me. Got a key now.

I didn't know which corner to start with so I just tried them all - 4th time did it

Thanks for the wall hole hint, by clicking on all walls madly got me that panel too. Just use the wheel from chest there and you're out.

Doggone, we're out! Nice work, thanks!

There was no hint for that panel on the photo - mean. And globe and sofa were red herrings indeed.

Thank you for helping and guiding, just, perfect teamwork. Pleasure for me!

Great game with challenging puzzles and awsome graphics. Bummer there are those problems with the EG24 site at the moment as some people may not comment here due to that.

Love the Kotorinosu games, it's one of the developers whose older games I replay regularly.

Just in case someone might need it, because I was stuck at this place for a while and there are no hints above: There is a view on the side of the plant in the sofa view. Use something there...

Use the xsxcxrxexwxdxrxixvxexrx above the xlxixgxhxtx on the xwxaxlxlx

for me it's just the opposite - can't load EG24 in FF (is slowing my browser & loading eternally), but it works in Chrome

didn't see stick first on painting & it took me a while to find the loose panel next to plant - hopefully moving on...

thx for this game, Kotorinosu, I'm sure it will be great ☺

stop painting opened with shield with an item already used

Hi AO :) I've just been able to access this site again, nice to 'see you'

hi yvonne ☺

ah, look on photo in inventory for light order, when all lights off

the hole in the wall for wheel is at the one single light, that is off after solving key puzzle on wall

ah, chest key behind solved key puzzle

thx for the hints ppl ☺

As always, a nice game from Kotorinosu. EG24 would not load for about day...

exellent game!

great game!

Is it the game or the site? I couldn't get onto EG24 at all yesterday, each time was a message saying this page failed to load. I'm using both IE and Chrome.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Found a notebook behind chest. Now I have a notebook and a magnifying glass. What to do?

"A hidden door right of the picture...'

Really? Where?

I found an 8 and a 4 in the notebook. Never could find the pixel for the third number but BF'd the numbers for the panel behind plant from there.

Worst hints of all time: a lot of moaning about the game not working, then hints that skip from the beginning straight to the end.

I can't figure out the lights. Help please. I've looked at the photo with the lights off, on, half off, every which way and I just don't get it.

What a fantastic new game! That is worth waiting for

This comment has been removed by the author.

I found the panel behind the couch plant but I can't reach what's in there.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Maroonclown - using the photo (facing sofa) note the position of the lights which are off when in half off mode - these 3 lights are the top line of 3x3 grid you see with all lights off. Turn left and so on. Once all on/off lights are entered press the key symbol again to receive a real key

Oops. I meant right of the brown picture

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Fudge. I'll give that a try.

I still don't get it. In half mode all of the lights are on in each view.

Really annoys me when people "happen" to find an obscure thing in a game with no explanation just to let us know how advanced they are.

And in full mode some are off and some are on but the placement of them compared to the puzzle doesn't make any sense. I need it spoiled or I'm going to have to give up.

You cannot find the aforementioned hidden panel until you find the birds-eye pic of the room.

Thank you Maroonclown! Thank you Fudge! No, thank YOU! Thank you!

@ tishtosh...exactly!

For ones just starting the game.In couch view click right of the plant to remove skirting board, use stick found on pic (thanks Not You) to remove capsule.

Can someone please spoil the lights? We're far enough down in the comments that it won't really ruin it for anyone starting the game.

Fudge? Anyone?? Beuhler??

7 lights are on. There's only 8 buttons to press which means all are on except one. I'm trying here, peeps but I don't seem to have the brain capacity to figure this out.

I've always tried to be polite and play well with others. But I find this very frustrating when I'm asking for more specific help. Fudge, when I tried to follow your instructions (thank you, by the way) they just weren't clear. So I asked for a specific spoiler and I get radio silence. Thank you friends, but I need to give this game up. It's a shame really because I was doing really well on my own and these are such great games.

Sorry Maroonclown I'm not at that stage of the game yet, but if I can answer your queries later I'll post. Maybe you'll try come back to it and try again.

Just watched the walkthrough and it still doesn't make any sense. Unless you only use two walls. And even that is weird.

Hey Maroon, I hear ya! But, google for a you tube walkthrough! That's how I finally got my answers. For me, always coming late to the party (darn jobs!) when I find the hints aren't helping I hope to find a walkthrough via the Great Googly Moogly.

Oh, see you found the walkthrough!

Fantastic game, sorry MC but I had to resort to the walkthrough for the lights. Thanks to Not You for the stick tip as I totally missed it. This developer is up there with the best of them, really enjoyed that game. All the other crap game makers should take note of how an escape game should be.

It was a great game. Thanks tishtosh for validating that I'm not a dullard. That lights clue was really out there.

Well if you leave a trail of bread-crumbs behind you, you get criticized for 'spoiling'; if you try to leave hints, you're an even worse offender. Only solution is ignore all those cranky-pants and enjoy the game (which I did, very much). Unfortunately it appeared here at midnight, and after solving it I had to get some sleep, so I couldn't be there to help. But some frustration is good for you! You must secretly like it, or you wouldn't be playing escape games.
I'll post a walkthrough later, for this game surely deserves one. Look for part one in an hour or so.

:O !

A new Kotorinosu omg! It's been such a long time

btw there was never any problem w/ the game yesterday; it was something at eg24 that made posting a real hassle for about a day. I think it's cleared up now, whatever it was.


(No idea what the initials are for; Every Xylophone Is Tuned? No matter; it's Kotorinosu's 1st game in over a year. Let's go!)

Don't use this unless you're really stuck. The walkthrough makes it all seem simple and easy, but it was a good challenge to figure it all out.

1st, look in the corner by the plant. A piece of molding can be removed, but you can't get what's inside yet.
There's a STAR (1) under the red pillow.

Turn right; another STAR (2) behind the bottles in the cabinet. Place both STARS in the box just above that, get MAGNIFYING GLASS. Note one of the photos needs a screwdriver.

Turn R again; retrieve NOTEBOOK behind locked chest. Notice the positions of stars on its cover; now open it, and use your GLASS in those places, find 3 numbers. (Just click the places; the glass will move.)
Look up; behind the hanging plant is a 3-digit safe to enter those #s. Get KEY (1).

Turn R, use KEY on drawer, get SCREWDRIVER.

Turn around, use SD on photo, find empty place for shield. Something's missing~~

Aha! Turn left, look at the blue painting above the couch. Get a STICK.
Go to the corner, use STICK to retrieve CAPSULE, use SD to open it. Get the CROWN SHIELD.

Turn R, use SHIELD where photo was. See painting slide open on wall to your left.
Now you find that you can take the shield back, but then the painting will close. We need something to hold it open. Use the STICK there (it fits in the bottom groove). Now take SHIELD and use it in the new place. Get KEY (2).

Turn R and open the R/H cabinet, get a PHOTO of the room. Time to study it and the room carefully. (thanks to meritneith) There is a feature on the photo that you don't see on the wall; it's to the right of the chest.

Click in that area till you find an outline on the wall. Click it to open and take a ROD.

Turn R, place ROD in the clock-like thing on the wall.
Now study the positions of the colored balls, and look down at the pencils on the desk. Try clicking them from long to short, so black is first. (The black rod activates the rest of them.) Find KEY (3) behind the clock. Open the locked book on the desk with it; get SHIELD (2).

Retrieve SHIELD (1) from the box; notice the new SHIELD is point-up in your inventory, and SHIELD (1) is point-down. This corresponds to the places you need to put them. So place SHIELD (2) in the box, and SHIELD (1) in the photo. You have moved the picture above the chest.

Now you have a light switch with 3 possible positions: L up, R down is all lights on; both up, some lights are on; both down, all lights off. With them off, look around and find pattern of blue dots on the wall under the clock, surrounding a key shape. You can turn the dots on or off. Turn both switches up again; of the 8 lights, which are off? Turn the lights off again and enter the pattern.

SPOILER for lights (I'm not sure how to know which corner is which, on the dots, but this is what works) (X=off, O=on):


Then click the key in the center several times; the lights come back on, and you find KEY (4).

Use it to open the chest and get a WHEEL.
One light is still off in the room, and now you can zoom on it! Look closer and find a glitch in the wallpaper. There's the place for your WHEEL. Install it, turn it, go OUT through the new passage.

You are free!

Greetings @Nini XD! Just saw your post. I doubt you'll need this WT, most everything is quite logical.


When all lights are off, the picture shows you the orientation of the room (couch on top). That's how you know which lights.

Thanks for WT.

So so so excited to see a Kotorinosu! They haven't had a new one for awhile. This was perfect.

Hey @just1!
I like to avoid looking at hints haha ~
U did a wonderful job on that WT, though! ;)

EXCELLENT game! Thanks Kotorinosu! Wish I could see your games more often!! A hundred stars for this game...

Very good game indeed!!! Thanks Just1 for the walkthrough. Needed it a couple of times. :-D

ohhh noo too easy!!

now i have to wait years for another game like this


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