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October 27, 2017

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Big Jack O Lantern Escape Walkthrough

Big Jack O Lantern Escape

BigEscapeGames - BEG Big Jack O Lantern Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Big Escape Games. In this game, you came deep inside a big jack o lantern halloween land to celebrate halloween holidays. But unfortunately, you missed the way out from the halloween land. This place looks very scary. You have to find the way to escape by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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sneaky spot by the orange thing surrounded by bats

the wand (all to the left) is for the witch hat

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spot top of hand

the red liquid is for the coin that is on the floor

potion for skull with funnel

spot in 1st portal sc

cat for mirror

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I am stuck with a feather, stick, hammer looking thing and a knife(used once)

dipped feather for flying devil start scene

the stick is for the bees, fall apples, put them with the stick with spikes

shouldn't the pink/red/orange lights be the clue for the leaf pile?

bucket of water for flamed pumpkin devil sc

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knife and candle for pumpkin start sc

the red gem is for the cauldron with red liquid (all on the left) seems to be missing something more

bees? I must be farther behind than everyone

Thank you Yvonne for the feather info

Not sure what to do with that number

the leaf of the tree is for the hand

POP number for candies

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Sisli, you need to match all symbols, you get all the gems from that puzzle

* bats :)

long puzzles here

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so the stick is for the bats? I tried that many times with no luck...

Jo-Ann have you got the long stick?

Ahhh I didn't finish the gem puzzle! When I got a gem, I thought I was done.

No, don't have a long stick, just have a short one.

Long stick is in the hand scene.

Hi there Dazz!

ahhh thanks Mac, missed that stick!

My pleasure, Jo-Ann!

Stuck with just a knife in inventory.

Stuck with a short stick and a knife (used once)

IIRC, you put the short stick in the tree with a top and bottom hole.

Match objects on two spinning wheels to get 7 gems, put them in boiling pot for a devil.

Forgot about the hole in the tree!

All gords in door and now new rooms with more clues and puzzles

Hiyo Maccy:)

stuck again with a triangle piece, broom, knife (used twice) and hammer (used once)

need a 5 letter word for puzzle on sign. Can spell JACKO ...

You dip the broom in red liquid start scenes, and use on on statue

Jacko is the right answer, but you also have to see the clue. It's found on the brown statue in the scene with the stump with 9 holes (which you use the augur on). I think I it the statue with the hammer, but I'm not sure.

The paint brush you get from the scarecrow, by the gem and mask doors, use on the black squares

Whew, finally out! Thanks for the game, BigEscapeGames!

I have the three fruits, but where is the stick with the spikes. If it is the hammer thing in my inventory, then where to I put it?

Gwenyth, you hit the fruit with it, when you place each one

I have just found where to put them :-) On the tree trunk and then hammer them in!

Need 1 more devil to get through portal to 2nd set of scenes, stuck with a knife (used once). Also need 3rd "triangle" clue for number puzzle on sign. Also saw several clues which are probably used in new scenes.

Have knife, fire and hammer - need one more gem!
Any ideas?
Sugar crush - one clue is used twice :-)

Found the last gem, needed the last cup (from behind a scarecrow I think)

Hi Sugarcrush, 332 is used twice

Thanks Gwenyth! It's the top triangle of numbers, just in case anyone else gets stuck there. :)

Thanks yvonne.

Stuck in the 4th set of scenes, with a used knife and a cross.

Checked the WT video at BIG's site. After you do the orange symbol combo puzzle in the scene where you make the JACKO letters, there is a broom you are supposed to get from the scarecrow in the same scene. I clicked all over that scarecrow, checked the WT over and over, duplicated the player's movements and...NO BROOM!! (The broom is needed to get the JACKO clue before you can make the letters.) Looks like I can't finish the game without it. I'll try to refresh and resume the game...if that doesn't work, I'll have played all this time for nothing. Wish me luck...

Game resumed fine, still no broom. Not starting over. If there was a way to rate this game "no stars," I would. Only gets 1 from me.

I’m stuck in 2nd set? Not sure. I have maple leaf, wand/stick, orange and a knife I believe I used once, many unsolved puzzles. Need one more yellow ball...

Just checked the walkthrough myself. Turns out that I'm supposed to break the big yellow boulder with the hammer to get a clue. Would be nice if the hammer were still in my inventory. 1 star for wasting so much of my time.

Could not do the plumbing puzzle with the red start and end... I quit.

Same problem here. No hammer to use on yellow boulder. Unless there is another one I haven't found yet.

What to do with the 4 jack o lanterns that you can click on to light up eyes nose and mouth?

Well I’m back to try again, seems I’m not the only one stuck. Haha

I finally got into the 2nd set of scenes after completing the red pipe puzzle. Took a few tries, but it worked. The hammer for the boulder is in the 2nd set of scenes and not the same one used in the beginning scenes.

Ok finally got through devil mouse door once I found short stick in a tree somewhere

Very sneaky broom by scarecrow near shapes puzzle

Now stuck with hammer and knife both used I think and a triangle piece. Stuck again

Ok just discovered from WT that I wasn’t given the blue arrow thing for red, green, blue circles. Not cool BEG not cool.

I don't know how I missed the 4th cat, but can't even figure it out with the w/t, so can't get 4th pumpkin, so can't finish. :(

Beginning to think that something is wrong because I've completed every puzzle that should have given a cat. Give up.

Yes, I wrote down each puzzle that a cat was found, and I did all 4 puzzles and somehow still only have 3 cats. It's not on another inventory screen either. Have to reluctantly give this one a red X

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No broom, no hammer, no cat, no arrow. What else is missing. This game is buggy.

So weird. The game will only load if I turn on ad block (otherwise I just get a blank screen where the game should be)

Nice game and long but I had no glitches whatsoever.

I started playing last night (Oct 27), finished this morning, and this evening replayed it. Everything worked, no pieces went missing. Good game!

This was an great game it took me quite a whilebut I managed to get it done with ya'lls help thank you ALL.

After about 2 hours of playing I noticed that I lost a hammer which was supposed to give me the clue for the 4 symbols (I watched the WT). Incredible! What a waste of time!

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