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November 22, 2017

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Design Hotel Escape Episode 1 Walkthrough

Design Hotel Escape Episode 1

MouseCity - Design Hotel Escape Episode 1 is another point and click escape game developed by Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. Now you have to escape from a design hotel. Good luck and have fun!

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these always a bit tough..

Letter clue used in the kitchen, took forever to find that lol Thanks for game MC and HKG!!

Hot spots are terrible click on the couch and it takes you to the table. And I guess we need to hold a magnifying glass in front of the computer to see the clue on the dresser. Geesh

UV-light for notepad

thx for this fun game, HKG ☺
cool tune ♥

@Jennifer McVey
The hotspots are bigger than where they actually go, to make the navigation easier and to avoid pixel hunting. This is what so many players asked here in the comments when we had smaller hotspots that only covered the place where it goes.

It is also much more comfortable this way on touch screen devices like smartphones, tablets and touch screen laptops.

Please send us an email, and I will show you a version with smaller hotspots so that you can see how much worse it makes the gameplay experience.

Hidden Key Games: I totally appreciate the larger hot spots for items, and do remember the frustration when they used to be smaller. Thanks for understanding, and making your games more enjoyable, IMO. Five stars for that!!

The problem is not with the size of the hot spots, which should mirror the item or area to be clicked on across platforms and configurations. The problem, as has been pointed out to you already, is your use of HTML5 to attempt to do this. HTML5 is a great platform for mobile devices, but you can not use it to code for those devices and expect it to work well on non-mobile platforms without extensive tweaking. Either do that tweaking so that your games work on all platforms, or release them as "mobile only" games. Alternatively, don't use HTML5 as a game platform at all. It kind of sucks for that anyway, to be honest. Devs sticking with SWF are still doing fine, despite being told that the sky was going to fall if they didn't migrate. In any case, quit trying to foist *your* dev problems on to the users. That is the fastest way to lose our support.

Thank you very much, we are so happy to read it! We are always reading all the comments to get feedbacks, learn from our mistakes, and find ways to improve the games we make. Did you realize that we have also improved the graphics since the last game? From average 3D environments, now we are making photorealistic, high quality renders. These scenes are designed by a professional architecture visualizer. He is a real genious in designing these buildings and rooms, setting all the cameras and lightings. This is why the last 2 games (and every game from now) look much better and have more details even at very close views.

Thank you for commenting regularly at the games we are developing for Mouse City, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts, critics or ideas in a comment any time you feel like. We will always get that message and making notes about it, so that we can discuss about it in the meetings.

@Esmerelda Pumphandle
Thanks for your comment. Please give me a chance to clarify this HTML5 vs Flash issue, because there are several misbeliefs about it. Actually the HTML5 vs Adobe Flash "war" had ended 2 years ago. 2015 was the year when Flash died totally. Adobe has discontinued the development, and replaced the Adobe Flash environment with Adobe Animate, which is a HTML5-based animating platform. So even Adobe, the creator of Flash has replaced this technology with the modern HTML5 standard. They stated that it would "encourage content creators to build with new web standards" rather than using Flash.

2 years later (from 2020), Adobe will totally end the support, distribution, and security updates to Flash Player. Every single up-to-date web browser is already blocking Flash by default from 2016. We can still use it by enabling it manually, this is why we can enjoy playing the old games, and play the new games that are still using Flash.

Flash game development has totally died by now. Almost every single web game developer switched to HTML5, because only a very few publishers are still buying these games. All the major Flash asset stores are have been closed for a while (like Activeden). There is zero demand for Flash developers in the market. Every single Flash game distribution network and marketplace has closed or switched to HTML5.

Really everyone just want to get rid of it, which is a shame because of the gigantic Flash games database. I am sure there will always be a way to play these old games in an alternative way, even if browsers will block it totally due to security issues. So no need to worry about the existing games, but it's time to move on. Google is warning site owners all the time to change or remove the Flash content from websites. They have also stated that it is a negative ranking factor to have Flash content on a website. This means that they punish the sites that are still having Flash content on the site.

Flash is an extremely outdated technology with horrible security issues. HTML5 is not really a competitor of Flash, it's just the latest standard of the HTML. To keep it simple, HTML content is what you can see on websites. They are generating and sending a HTML code to the user's web browser. Older versions of the HTML standard were quite static, but the latest version (HTML5) can display interactive content natively without any plugin or external software. This is why it's perfect for web-based games and applications. It can be used to develop much more complex games, than it was ever possible in Flash.

It has nothing to do with mobile devices, or mobile gaming. Any device that has modern web browser can display HTML5 content, because this is the web standard. So if your fridge or smartwatch has a built-in web browser, it can display HTML5 content. It's a good reason why it is so awesome. You only need a web browser on any device and play HTML5 games without any plugin or external software.

Flash games revolutionized the world of casual gaming, and it will be always a legend and a positive thing from the past, but it is dead for years, even Adobe has discontinued it for more than 2 years, and they are asking everyone to switch to HTML5, because we will be unable to play Flash content in modern web browsers very soon.

I hope this describes why we are not working with Flash.

Great game! Also really appreciated your detailed explanation of the move to HTML5. It's getting more and more difficult to play Flash games because, as you said, web browsers are now default blocking Flash meaning you have to tweak your browser to be able to use it, and it won't be long before it will be too much of a security issue to use it at all.

Thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles in this game, keep up the good work!

thx for these interesting infos, HKG
we never stop learning...!

Overall quite nice games, good graphics, good music, puzzles are not challenging but no problems, suitable for relaxing. But -- I also don't like the hotspot system, they are too large and in some places somehow covering each other, took a long time until I found the number hint, it opened practically from the same spot where the screwdriver was. Missed the third spot between blacklight and screwdriver, because I didn't want to click any more after opening both scenes for four or five times, felt like there is no room for another large hotspot between them.

Pixelhunting is very annoying, but just as annoying are the large hotspots, you click different places and still the same scene will pop up, that makes you hate the game. Much better way would be when you can see the wanted objects already on the wide shot and don't have to search them.

Sorry for my poor English!

It took me all of an hour to struggle through this game. Not because I got stuck anywhere, but because of how difficult this format is to deal with. It's laggy and unresponsive, and absolutely counter intuitive to have to click and hold the button for several seconds every move you make. I foresee a lot of people not playing these games for this reason. They should just make Flash safer, and skip this lousy format altogether.

Hidden Key Games: Obviously you can't please everyone. Some will like the changes, some will not. I guess the answer will be if you gain players or not. I, for one, will keep playing. The changes (overhead views, etc.) are appealing to me. Thanks for even listening!

I agree with Punnivinn that 's overall a good game but the hotspots are too big. It overlaps other hotspots.

What is the ligther? Please help me

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