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November 16, 2017

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Upside Down Asylum Escape Walkthrough

Upside Down Asylum Escape

Melting-Mindz - Upside Down Asylum Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. You are the first born of the blood moon, the dark prophecy speaks of you directly, there's no denying you are the chosen one. That means, you must rid the world of evil or become evil yourself. Currently, evil has escaped through a portal in the asylum. While it multiplies and engulfs the asylum, you are reading this. You are the chosen one! You must go inside and defeat the evil and save humanity! What are you waiting for? Good luck and have fun!

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SD far left of door

purple key on bell, use ladder

green key from screwed panel stairs sc, keep right

blue key from roses ring, after using green key

spoon on table in purple room behind the eye

finally got jar, climb stairs rightest sc, in right room

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finally got map, blue key was in C, spoon was in B

torch in window in sc before the blue key far right after stairs

batteries for torch in W, hint in O

sorry, I mean AA

piano hint in T

Gold key in A, use torch

can't manage piano?


cross used in AC

hint in V for Y, start turning to right

hehe, little glitch: torch is working without batteries too ;)

where to use lighter?

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don't have lighter hotz, only have fluid which was in N

I mean AA

silver key in N, use spoon

use hint in Y in AB after gold key

Use lighter in G secret panel

lighter in Q after silver key

thanks yvonne:)

check wheelchair in V for Y

thx for this cool game, SD ☺
still playing, hence still fun

hi and thanks Yvonne :)

btw, great scenery with the spheres/greenhouses

in which room is the flash?

classical POP(O)

in X

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bow and arrow used in Z

buttons can change color : B,H,AB,R, then go back to P

magic wand used in J

sorry, cross was used in T

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never did anything with smelly towel

place gems in F,K,A,S,AA,AC, can't remember the last one, I think in V

silver key in U, not in N!

thanks for your help Hotz and yvonne:)

Dazz Ley you're welcome, thanks for yours :)

After placing gems, exit key in Q

Thank you SD, enjoyed playing :)

Went crazy trying to find the silver key in N...about to quit - thanks for fixing, Alpha!

Can't find the gem holder in AC, stuck with one last gem.


Thanks SD - I love these!!!

Looked for "detergent" but never found it...funny red herring, SD!

Don't remember the rooms for gem holders, but buy the crystal in the shop and go from room to room. There was no holder in room AC....

Ah! Last holder is in T, not Ac. The room wherein lives our friendly gem dealer.

the game doesn't have an alternate link, which is bad news for my computer.

Nice! I noticed a few stranger things in this game...

If the game won't open for you on melting-mindz site (like it won't for me), you can play it on WorldEscapeGames's site.

@Sugarcrush: thanks for the tip.

@Willis, A few of the developers' sites won't let me open their games (Games4King and Melting-Mindz are just 2 of them) even if I have my ad blocker turned off. But they'll always open on WorldEscapeGames or WOWescape's sites. :)

For any stragglers looking for the SD, after you get the map, SD is in M.

thanks SD love these games was jumping rooms from map the skull formed red colours sort of looked in area where any was missing, got the escape key & out the safe was boggling me had to do it several times to get it to work, clean forgot about the buttons clue, dirty cloth one of SDs funny little red herrings lol

map is purchased in orb shop for 10 orbs.

people should delete their posts when they realize they made a mistake.

Thanks SD - enjoyed this game very much - a couple new things like the 4 corner color puzzle. Also a big, huge thank you for reducing the "price" of the crystal travel ball so I could get it earlier!

Besides the dirty cloth, you could click on the compass on the map - kept looking for a clue for that too.

ladder in E.

my last gem holder was in AA.

Excellent game! Thanks Selfdefiant!

Thanks for very good game and help here !
@Janet I agree for the price of the crystal travel :)

Went crazy trying to open safe in Y
Can you help me, please?
11R-21R-11L ???

probably too late but for safe
click on the left (of the wheel) for 11, click on the right for 21, click on the left for 7

Great game! Thanks SD!

Thank you SD Great game!

1st time I ever managed to finish one of these without looking at the hints.
Great game, not too dark so I was able to spot things that I would have otherwise missed.
Found 99 orbs, but only 80 are required to buy all items from the Orb Shop.
Never did anything with the dirty rag...

Thanks everyone!

I can't find the magic want - I'm guessing it appears in the slot with red/green/blue/yellow corners after solving the puzzle in room AB but I haven't received mine - some glitches in this game - lighter didn't work after I put in batteries and tried to use in the dark room - I went round and round a few times, went back and it worked - piano didn't respond to solving until 3 or 4th try - safe also was finicky took several tries


Go right,right,right,up,right
-acquire SACRED JAR
Go left,down,right,right,right,up (collect orbs as you go)
-buy MAP
Note piano CLUE on piano in T
Collect flashlight in X (in center of windowsill)
Note gray panel clue in P
Note clue on wheelchair in V
In W, play piano clue on piano
-receive RED GEM
Get LADDER in E (to right, leaning against geodome)
Note home security sign CLUE in O
Get SCREWDRIVER in M (to left on sill)
In H, use gray panel clue to set gray panel
In H, use LADDER to reach fire alarm
-collect PURPLE KEY
In I, use SCREWDRIVER on screwed shut panel
-collect GREEN KEY
In J, use GREEN KEY on locked door
Click on wreath in C
-click bottom rose on wreath
-collect BLUE KEY
Collect SPOON on counter in B
In B, use gray panel clue to set gray panel
Use LIGHT BOW on strange eye in Z
In T, collect RED GEM that fell
In R, use gray panel clue on gray panel
In X, use BLUE KEY on locked door
In Y, note CLUE on door
In Y, find safe in back,center of room
-use wheelchair combination on safe
--click on left until arrow is at 11
--click on right until arrow at 21
--click left until arrow at 7
--click on safe handle
-collect RED GEM
In AC, use SACRED DAGGER on evil spirit
-collect RED GEM
In N, use PURPLE KEY on locked door
Click on flower trough on bottom left of U
-use SPOON to dig in dirt
-collect SILVER KEY
Collect LIGHTER FLUID on bottom left of AA
In AA, use security number on lock box
-collect BATTERIES
Put BATTERIES in FLASHLIGHT (click on batteries, then flashlight)
In A, use FLASHLIGHT on room
-collect GOLD KEY
In P, use SILVER KEY on locked door
Collect LIGHTER above right sink in Q
In V, use GOLD KEY on locked door
Use gray panel clue to set gray panel in AB
Use clue from Y on chest in AB
--TXL (click switch after each letter)
-collect RED GEM
In P, collect MAGIC WAND from gray panel clue
Double click under stairs in G to open secret compartment
-use LIGHTER to light candle in compartment
-collect RED GEM
In J, use MAGIC WAND on evil eye
-collect RED GEM
Place RED GEMS in K,T,AA,V,S,F,A
In Q, click on skull
-receive SKULL KEY
In G, use skull key on skull door

You're OUT!

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