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November 15, 2017

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Wow Find Thanksgiving Party House Walkthrough

Wow Find Thanksgiving Party House

WowEscape - Wow Find Thanksgiving Party House is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to celebrate Thanksgiving in a house which is located deep inside a forest. But unfortunately, you missed the way for the house. You have to find the way to reach the house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Find Thanksgiving Party House


Yay for Wow!

You have to see the clue for the color line puzzle for it to work. One more scene to the left.

Good morning Kimbo!

Going in....

Lots of hidden panels, click everywhere.

Sneaky leaf one scene left, 2 sneaky rock hotspots 2 scenes left

Hi Mac!

Tiny rod near motorcycle

Good morning, all. Three colored bugs for leaf grid on the right.

Good morning, Kimbo!

Look carefully in the scene where you place 4 feathered pumpkins for a hoe or axe.

I was looking for teeth for the lion. He just needs what's in the basket.

First hoe spot hard to see. Left side in scene with colored line puzzle.

Hi also, Lurker!

When you get to ride the motorcycle, please note that you can not only go right in the new set of scenes, you can also go left from the motorcycle.

Hello everyone :)

Hi everyone, a lot of sneaky things here...colored paths was a doozy!

Could a bunch of what looks like turkey tailfeathers actually be a fan? Yep.

The poor rabbit is cold - perhaps he could use a jacket.

Not sure what the green raccoon wants. A bit stuck after placing two watermelons.

That took a bit. You're not switching letters, just the colors on the banner.

It looks like the raccoon is hungry - there's a place for a plate of food in front of him. But I can't find it.

The hints I have must be for the next set of scenes. Need two more flowers to get there. Haven't solved 4 cards, foil on ground, or grid where cycle lets you off.

Oops, right of where cycle lets you off.

Got something. 3x3 is the menu. That looked more like porridge than soup to me.

The hint for the four cards can be found by placing something shiny (a pumpkin, IIRC) on the tinfoil.

Let's see, I have: hoe, knife, 3 nails, 3 orange gems, vase, chick head, and fan. Any ideas?

That's where I am stuck also....

And me as well.

What the yellow triangle clue for? on the tree.

turkey with R on it?

That's just a hint for the turkey direction puzzle on the tree upper left in same scene. But you need another hint.

Still don't know about the triangle. Well, looks like I'll have to come back to this in a bit. Good luck.

Anyone get the colors for banner in first set?

Thanks, Mac.

Anyone use the green vase/pitcher?

use knife on cannacopia for banner color clue


Give the rabbit a jacket.

Sorry, give rabbit green shirt for banner colors.

Thanks Anna but what is a cannacpoia ?

7 and 2 leaf clue? wut do?

OH Ok need tto find the jacket first?


Bandy banner colors come after giving rabbit a shirt....I need one more yellow flower to get through next door...I need clue for placement of pumpkin, turkey, acorn, leaf puzzle?

I think Anna means cornucopia.

Anyone use the nails yet?

I need one more flower, too.

I've got a chicken head with a white hat. where to?

Thanks Mac I thought that also.

use knife on birds card..

Nope, haven’t used nails, gems or green pot...cornucopia is right of motorcycle bandy, cone shaped thing

did anyone figure out what to do with the green vase?

Still have hen face too

yeah hotz!

That's it, Hotz!! That's the breakthrough we need.

yeah Hotz! Now we can go to the next set!

Anyone find clue for Feathers,pumpkin, acorn and leaf?

Hotz to the rescue!!!

blue 3 clue. click on the ground cover for something.

Yay Hotz! Thank you!

pretty good game. thanks everyone.

Right of yellow triangle puzzle is possible raccoon food

Oh no....using nails on boat and now they’re stuck to screen?!


Look for sneaky stone at base of tree (Blue 3 scene, I think), used more than once. Also sneaky spot to use hoe in scene where you place turkey heads.

kimbo click out of scene.

Now they went back like I didn’t use them...I saw a glimpse of wood put there first. Odd

Hotz @ 8.14 Bandy - the menu card the bird is holding.

I still can't find jacket for rabbit?

Thanks Melody :)

Now I’m gathering boat wood...must’ve been a glitch. Did you get jacket bandy?

No Kimbo looked every were?

Heck I will give him one as I have a bunch LOL


Did you click on the left arrow over the motorcycle?

Yep Took me to were 4 cards placed

Did you click sneaky spot above raccoon?

Ok I found it Thanks

Hi bandy, I think top for rabbit was from hotspot behind racoon

Kimbo I saw it just after you posted thanks Not my day for games LOL

Yvonne I do not have my smart hat on today ROFL

Well I’m waiting for you to help with last acorn. Lol

bandy,rofl,I know you are smart

Kimbo we maybe last out LOL

Like the last game Bandy, we both said “nope!” Lol

Kimbo, have you found the stone? Anna@8:21 AM

How about yellow gem puzzle? I’ve placed 7, need more I guess? No clue...

Oh Hotz, thanks. Got it!

Kimbo have you got the bird? you place it in beginning scenes

Ok Had enough of this one running from exit scene back to first scenes Thanks for the help.

Hi Hotz :)

Yay. Thanks everyone...finally out...I’ll keep checking if anyone needs help

I did Yvonne. Thanks!

Using the knife on the bird's card! That's what I needed! Thanks @ Hotzenplotz

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Great game, thanks WOW!

What was the "R" on the turkey with one of the cards for?

Fun, game! Great hints - especially Hotz with the "knife on menu card" hint. I would never have thought of that one!


The R was just a sample, to show you how to orient the turkeys on the tree in the same scene when combined with another letter hint. And yes, it wasn't necessary.

Great game :)

really enjoyed game thanks for really good hints all was panicking a bit cos nails got sticky I think best to use them after placing 2 pieces but did go back to normal after placing, thanks Wow

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