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November 21, 2017

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Wow Thanksgiving Eve Escape Walkthrough

Wow Thanksgiving Eve Escape

WowEscape - Wow Thanksgiving Eve Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to celebrate Thanksgiving in a resort. But unfortunately, you noticed that the door of the resort is locked from outside. You have to find the way to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Ahh, first in!

Cut carving board with knife, in scene with puzzle and microwave.

Microwave hamburger gives colour clue for turkeys

yellow and orange balloons give clue for left-right leaves in scene with 4 turkeys

I'm pretty stuck. Can't seem to get past first set of scenes. Don't know where to use spatula or hammer, and can't find clues for garland of numbered symbols (turkey, etc), 5x5 grid, or grid full of numbers. I have 4 leaves and no place to put them. :(

Okay, went back and clicked the skillet a bunch more times and finally something happened. Used the squeeze bottle on it and now I seem to have the clue for...something. The symbols I guess?

For the triangle with numbers, move them to add up to the middle number.

tongs in scene with red liquid bowl, pick up turkey in grill, use spatula on pan with what looks like a pizza dough. There was a bottle of liquid to put on first, I believe in the same scene as tongs? That gives you garland clue. I'm stuck w/4 leaves & hammer....

clue from cutting board, use on fish

Beatnik Mary, I can't do snaggy for some reason (and I refuse to get an account there), but the 4 on top isn't movable and the numbers below it are 3 to the left and 2 to the right. That should give you a head start.

After collecting all the Thanksgiving 'cards' count the lit leaves and click on the red numbers one scene left. Gives a key.

Don't miss a leaf in no. puzzle scene

Leaf in 2 door scene dip in tomato soup and drip on 5 turkeys for leaf clue

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I can't get snaggy to work right now because of a slow connection. But here's a clue for the math problem:

Row 1 - 4
Row 2 - 3,2
Row 3 - 1,0,5
Row 4 - 6,7,8,9

I'm also stuck with 4 leaves and a hammer, and still need 1 more Thanksgiving card.

Hi Sugarcrush, did you see my comment?

Saw it, yvonne. Already got a leaf from the garland. Have 4 leaves that look the same, with no place to put them. Used "oddball" leaf in red liquid on dinner table.

In the scene with the balloons, there is a center picture with clue to the red number grid. Begin with R2-5, R3-5....

The other color grids come later after entering through left door

4 red leaves go beyond first door.

The 4 leaves are used in the scenes through left door

Sugarcrush, used dipped leaf on turkeys

Hammer is used in scenes through the right door.

Thanks Melody and Karen, besides those leaves, all I have left in inventory is the hammer. And clues I've already used. Where is the hammer used? I've tried hitting everything. Still need 1 more Thanksgiving card so I can get that clue for the red numbers and get a key. ?

Already used the dipped leaf, yvonne.

OK, if the hammer is used in the next set of scenes, then I'm stuck.

Hammer time!

Don't miss nippers in the wall 1 scene after the place for the red leaves.

Have you placed all slices?

Was there a sneaky tile on the pumpkin door with numbers triangle on the left side? Cannot remember

Sugarcrush what puzzles do you have left in 1st set and left door scenes?

Use nippers on turkey cage then use turkey to get egg chick clue. You place then reuse turkey in room where nippers were

I see the clue for the turkey face, but not sure where to put the tiles...any help?

Last Thanksgiving card from puzzle between 2 large candles in microwave scene. Why did it take me all this time to figure that one out? ::facepalm!::

Tiles go between 2 doors

I also don't get the shrimp puzzle. I have the clue, just not sure how to use it. It seems I can only move them not put more shrimp, etc on the puzzle.

Oh, thank you stryboh, didn't even see those!

Debbie, count the shrimp, etc and them move them that many squards

Sugarcrush, you can move on now :)

Thank you Karen!

For the shrimp/egg/cheese/mushroom puzzle - how many of each are there on the cooked chicken?

Where is the spatula for the fry pan??

Jenny I think it was hidden under a pillow

when counting the leaves, do you count the stem on the last two? I tried 552345 it didn't work, also tried 552334.

I have to go. FYI, you can use the turkey more than one time to get each set of egg/leaves clue

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My notes say 0552334

Ok, that didn't work either...maybe I'm doing it wrong. Do you just click on the number?

Debbie just click on 0552334. They don't have to be linked

Duh, I wasn't putting the "0" in! Thanks!

You're welcome.

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I've been in 2nd set of scenes (left door in garland scene), still can't find anywhere to use that darn hammer! Do I need to go through the right door off the 1st set of scenes to use it?

Like the clue I found, this game is!

Is there a clue for the 6x6 grid with 6 pie pieces, 6 cake pieces, 6 ears of corn, 6 cornucopias and 6 turkeys? Only the items om brown squares can be moved.

Go through right door and there is a wood cask in first room or room to left I think. You only get to use hammer once. Darn!

POP! Just got it - create 6 columns of identical items.

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Through 2nd door, found it Stryboh. You're right, all that trouble and you only use the hammer once. :)

Mac some you can't move so just make columns of each type

Magnifier for box in room where you used hammer.

Hi Mac, I don't remember seeing a clue, I just placed same pieces in columns that had more of the same in them, if that makes sense

Another nice game from WOW! Complicated and challenging in many spots.

Thanks, stryboh and yvonne! I was able to figure it out.

Finally out! Excellent game, WOW, thank you.

Thanks everyone for your help too! :)

I agree excellent game!

That was a nice game. Thanks to everyone that left hints because this was tricky !

Nice game...thanks for hints!

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