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Big Christmas Land Escape Walkthrough

Big Christmas Land Escape

BigEscapeGames - BEG Big Christmas Land Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Big Escape Games. In this game, you came to a forest to celebrate Christmas. But unfortunately, you missed the way out in this forest. You have to find the way to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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My wish came true!!!

Is there a clue for 7x7 in first view?
I've done couple of puzzles and 5 color balls, but now stuck

Hi Urban! If you're talking about the scene where the birds are placed, the clue is on a branch four scenes to the right, with the pink/cyan #3.

Hi Urban, zoom on clue above puzzle board sled scene

I'm through to 2nd scenes, the star board isn't working for me

Hi yvonne! I'm looking for my 5th petal!

@mistery, yvonne: yes, I saw that but don't know how to apply it to that grid...
Also looking for a clue for far left scene.

Hi, for star, bell, candle, man: 1 is at 12 o'clock position and 12 at 11 o'clock position...

make a path in that order, when right they stay green

Urban, you have to find a path by repeating the symbol pattern...

Hi Hotz, :) thank you

Urban - start with the bottom left hat corner and follow a path up to the top left corner. To start click on the bottom left hat to highlight it, then RUUR etc.

POP, for 7x7 grid, go from green corner to red corner in order as seen on hint

Mystery, have you found it? what puzzles have you left?

Yvonne - haven't done the bell, stocking, sleigh and ornament puzzle in the colored ball scene. Or the :dot" puzzle in the petal placement scene :(

dot one comes later, bell stocking clue in sled scene, left of puzzle board

the clue for bell, stocking, sleigh and ornament puzzle is in scene you placed 4 sledges...

I'm not seeing it! I see the clue for the 7x7, which I've done - the pink/cyan #3 clue, which I've also done, and what looks like a magnifying glass clue. If that's the scene, where is the clue?

All I have in my inventory is a present and what looks like two butterflies

mystery, just below left navigation arrow

Does anybody have a clue how to solve 5 color guys in 3rd set of scenes?

I must have seen it, but didn't recognize it. Brute forced it and now into next set of scenes.

urban, the clue is on the puzzle itself: colors of guys and colors of rings in top row...

Stuck with a cat, two snowmen and three ivy ...
Hmmm ....

For 5 colored guys, first put pink guy on blue field, then you can move orange and yellow down, the rest is easy

now I am stuck with 2 snowman, 1 cat and 3 leaves.
any idea what to do next?

Urban move them so that pink is in the dark blue spot, as that is the first one, then you can move them into position

Hotz, think we share the same problem!
No idea!

On of the ivys is used to get to 4rd set of scenes,

and I am missing a clue for heighs of 4 snow piles/ snowy trees...

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For the santa slider puzzle, when santa is under picture, click on picture and move that picture to empty spot...

@hotz: where did you put rocks (I think they are rocks, I have 2)

POP, rock for burning a fire to geet a torch

Urban - to the fireplace in the christmas tree scene

hint for snowy trees is in 5th set of scenes

so, how to get to 5th set of scenes?
I am missing 1 sock for fire...

You don't need all the socks to light a fire...
I'm now in 6th set of scenes...

Take the torch from fire and meld the ice in the scene before, Hotz

ok, once again: how to get to 5th set of scenes???

POP, take a burning wood....

Where is the clue for 4x4 puzzle
(Candle, leaf, ball, star)?

flowers go in scene through door in coloured ball scene, mentioned that because I keep getting lost LOL

Cannot figure out how to do the 7X7 grid. I've followed the pattern: hat, bell, ball, stocking...when you get to the other side the stocking is not next to the ball? The puzzle is confusing!

@rudiger: make a sudoku, every symbol must be in every row and column, but not in the same (I hope you understand what I mean)

Thanks Urban - that was it!

Not sure why, but after the umpteenth time, it worked.

Puh, that was a looooong game!
But fun too!
Thanks BEG ...

I'm lost have cat 3 holly's 2 snowmen, need 1 sock, any help please?

Once again, a GREAT game!

Yvonne, I was stuck at this place for soooo long too.
read Urban@7:03 AM or my comment @7:12 AM...

Sorry Yvonne! I only remember that the cats and snowmen are placed into new scenes.

forgot to do puzzle in snow heights scene, that gave me last sock :)

Mystery, thank you for checking back :)

You're very welcome!

Hotz, thank you again :)

1st in last out, no change there LOL

All alone again? Stuck in first, have 2 butterflies and a gift, nothing to solve except red dot puzzle which apparently clue comes later, hmmm

Oh red bird on tree!

Horrible at these today, ugh

Whew and out. Thanks!

Took all afternoon, but good game. Thanks BIG.

I have to give up, nothing left in inventory, in second set of scenes, the clock with star, bell, candle and little man is not working. Found and zoomed in on all tje clues for it, set the items at the correct place, but nothing happens.

Manon, rispondo in italiano la mia lingua :) è uno strano orologio, 12=1

Manon, rispondo in italiano la mia lingua :) è uno strano orologio, 12=1

The save/load function works. Thank you Big Escape Games.

Grazie Watai, unfortunately the Save/load function did not work for me. I am not going tot start all over, but I understand what you said in Italiano

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