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December 13, 2017

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Wow Escape Game: Christmas Star Walkthrough

Wow Escape Game: Christmas Star

WowEscape - Wow Escape Game: Christmas Star Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to a house with your friends to celebrate this Christmas. But unfortunately, someone locked you in this house from outside. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay, going in...I know I’ll need help soon!

Heading in now

Look for sneaky cookies

use orange slice in silver bowl

pliers(?) hiding in tree with two doors

use them on ornament in room with snowman and hanging santa coat

use scissors on snowman- give directional clue

use "ketchup: on mouse

Anyone found how to open yellow parcel?

Not yet Be

Hi, cookies go in big black circle...

I'm stuck with one snowman and 3 cookies, but missing 1 lock

use magnifying glass on santa coat

use bucket of ice on fire

Thanks Hotzenplotz, I had actually given one cookie already, just forgot to do the others!

red star goes in water bowl

mop is too dry...

Palm tree sliders, wait for them to turn red

Wreaths hanging on wall is clue for packages to right of them

Late comer, going in. Hi guys :)

Dont miss the knife on the chair where the 759 puzzle

thanks for wreath hint!

LOL @ Santa with headphones!

I don't understand why my 759 puzzle doesn't work... I got the clue though :(

the sides of the shapes add up to the #'s below on the 759 puzzle

LetMeOut yes that's what I thought but for some reasons that doesn't work

my last cookie was in opening scene

dial goes on scale to get fish

hmm maybe try again, notice the "O's" dont change

Hmm not getting the YBBPG snowflake pics right

whats the clue to the 6 up and down stars in the room with the two doors?

Bug, just got an extra gift after I already placed them

Letmeout, you’ll get that later, 6 clock faces. After some puzzle, can’t remember which

The dog clue is for up/down stars

Missing a mug to put on the puzzle in room where cookies go.

Got it, thanks! Didnt see how that would correspond lol

LOL forgot to check the second page on inventory.

Keep getting more presents every time I enter that room lol...anyone get snowflakes puzzle yet?

I havent opened the second door yet

and havent got a clue to the red star puzzle yet either

Oh use something on sleigh

Red star clue in second door, sleigh

I'm behind!! Need clue for the snow globes with the reindeers. Don't know where to place the snowman. And what does the 3/4 refer to in the sack/dial scene?

Forgot to do the snow globe with the "ice cubes". Moving along!

Hi mystery, for globe, clue is the stars, scene where you place coconut drinks

And 3/4 refers to 759 puzzle, but mine just popped open without me doing anything so...

I think snowflake puzzle will give last star and then end this but I’m at a loss

Kimbo star clue is on stereo Santa head, pay attention to gray stars, in gray area

where is the key for the second door?? still need hint for large red star grid.

Also can't find headphones for santa head.

Thank you Yvonne!

Im stuck, where is the key to the 2nd door?

Hi Jenny! Stuck where you are.

Thank you Kimbo! Mine popped open too.

Dawn, thank you!, I didn’t pay attention to gray area, yay.

for snowflakes, note gray one at bottom. all pure gray spots should be that pattern

To get the 2nd key, you need all pieces for the jigsaw, have you done the star puzzle above snowmen?

I have to admit, I don't remember seeing a clue I moved 1st one to 3, 2nd to 6,3rd to 2, 4 to 3, hope that helps

No Yvonne. No the proper order of presents (1,2,3,3)

mystery, I posted for yellow piece of jigsaw :)

I have done the puzzle of stars that look like "palm trees" above the snowmen, still missing 1 puzzle piece, the upper right pc.

Used your hint Yvonne and it didn't work right away. Played around with it and it popped open. Just need one more puzzle piece.

Where to use mop?

Missing the piece left of the orange color

Dip mop in water bowl where you dipped something else earlier.

Use mop under 759

What yvonne said, after you dip it in water bowl. :)

mystery, sorry if it wasn't right, I thought it was what I remembered, as it disappears when it opens, what puzzles have you left?

Ahh! Thanks SG and Yvonne for the hints

Did 3, 2, 1, 3 for the number of packages, but it didn't work

No worries Yvonne :)

mystery, the wreaths in snowman scene are the clue, check again

Mystery it’s 1323...wreaths on wall is clue

LMO, you're welcome :)

finally got the key to the 2nd door

Whew this is a long one!

YIKES! - thank you Yvonne and Kimbo! Totally misread that clue :(

Finally into the right door! This is a real challenge for me today!

and out! Thanks everyone for the great hints!

Thank you everyone for your help! Finally out!

OK, I may be dumber than a doornail, but I can't get the 759 puzzle to work. I have the 3/4 clue. Do I need to see the values for the circle and the pentagon before it opens? Using just the 3/4 clue, the clickable button in the 9 column can only be a 3. With the unclickable 3 button in the 7 column, the only possible combination there is 3-3-1. 5 column would have to be 3-1-1-. The circles would have to be 1's, due to the unclickable button in the 5 column. So the pentagon is 5 (5-3-1 = 9). Would someone kindly spoil this for me, since the addition logic seems not to be working?

from what I can recall, for the 759 puzzle, all the "O" dont move, so you have to make the other two slots have the shape sides (#) to match the number below!

Good luck!! I have to run

and the "O's" are zero

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LetMeOut...thank you! Didn't think of 0 as a possibility. Should have just looked at the shape.

Finally have key to 2nd door, YAY

Sugarcrush, we all have days like that, me more than most LOL

Out finally! Thanks for all the help.

Thanks WOW for a good game.

Sugarcrush, the circles are nil not one.

Finally able to get back to this.
I am stuck with a hammer. Where do I use it?

Hi Jenny, use hammer on sleigh

padlock things keep giving me more keys stuck for 2 jigsaw pieces not in 2nd door need clue for puzzle above 3 snowmen

I have a present, what is it for?

found puzzles easy also where to use tools but took me ages to find stuff got repeated keys & parcels

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