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Sign Escape

Neutral - Sign Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Neutral. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Нетёса Ирина, AlphaOmega ΑΩ, and Seb]

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OMG a Neutral, quick look and there is Japanese don't know if it's an issue, and a bit laggy for me, I'll be back after work.

the password of the computer, the channel 4 gives, exactly what you see in the computer of the photo

That password was great.

I cant get the remote to work. Does the battery go in there somehow?

Made some mistake when rotating the red and blue cubes, but could easily guess the words.

When you view an item you have to click all over it to turn it it seems.

You can rotate all things by dragging.

No, 2 sheep and a tree isn't working for me lol.

Ah...Thanks Peke, that worked!

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 7:58 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

thx for posting, Escapist

was (also) stuck for a pretty long time till the penny dropped re password hint, as items in front were distracting my focus on that what's in the background

thx for creating this game, Neutral ☺
LTNS, so thankful for a premium quality creation

Ah thanks Alpha I see now as when you type it in you actually see the letters/characters etc, Yes quite clever.

Peke, where dit you find the red and blue cubes?

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:04 AM  

these piranhas are indeed pretty creepy ☻

@Lau Mastrigt
They are in the big closet with 3x3 grid.

Dont know how to get into the big closet; something to do with the back of the square wood?

Those cubes are needed very near the end so you have to solve some puzzles and find other things first. First thing is to collect all things you can find and unlock the laptop and then do some math.

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:24 AM  

btw, I don't have sound (anybody else?)

ah, square is when you follow the arrow (another view)

can't get comp password

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:25 AM  

at shape maths hint, carefully look at the directions

I'm stuck on that too Lau tried it all ways round, doesn't help that you can spin stuff all which way round - not looking forward to the shapes sum.

One other hint is you can leave things (drawers etc.) open when you search the room.

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:27 AM  

read my comment at 7:58 AM

it's all the same

thx AO. got it!

A great game. Can't get out without peeking video WT.

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:33 AM  

had a prett hard time to turn printed paper in the correct position for the hint

ID at left side, on top

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:37 AM  


item views from above help a lot

OMG Is this real?

I'm in right now! ;)

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:43 AM  

it's not a goose

stuck at the closet door with number hints from the walls

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 8:58 AM  

closure as final action

       Anonymous  1/11/18, 9:00 AM  

goal is to decipher the 27=number
it's about converting
remember the animals on the pics?
start with the FR1G hint

Very stuck.

Got star and triangle, mushroom thingy, remote, thread, a small piece of paper.

I can't figure out the 3 character number - I've got the red and blue cube and looking for the yellow...what am I missing?

Cant get the goose on the wall

Thanks ΑΩ! I was looking at it the completely wrong way!

Utterly excellent as always.


Out without help, but took me AGES to figure out computer pass..
Awesome game though! Loved the dices puzzle, it was very clever.

@LT check the pic beside the lion. Does it look like anything you've seen? Also, you probably only have one puzzle left.. how can u make 3 numbers?

Ha! Make sure you close the final cabinet!

Thanks Nini-of course it was the last 3 digit number I tried of the combinations... :-)

A new Neutral... Five stars.
Now let's see the game :)

That was a thing of beauty.

I don't understand the numbers with the light off and where is the hint for animals please

Thanks to Sisli for PC password! I was totally stuck until I saw your hint.

Unfortunately the game crashed on me before I could finish. Crashed quicker on replay. :(

omigosh oh my goodness! Neutral! Thanks so much! I have played all of your games more than once! Going in happily to get stuck.

Yay Neutral! love, love love your games. So happy to see a new one. Thanks for making! These are savour and puzzle for hours games, not clicky/out games. One of my favorite developers!

How long has it been since there was a new neutral game???? thought I was seeing things.

I wish I could love these games but they always make me feel stupid. How do I open that door with the 3x3?

Great game but I admit I needed the vid walkthrough. And I SO wanted to hang the duck pic back on the wall!

O good grief! Took me forever to get the square! Pull open draw with arrow. Go to view facing the TV. Take square.

Came back after completely closing browser and was able to finish.

Great puzzles!

Castlerock-- opening the closet door hint comes late -- you have to print a 2nd time

Still stuck, I have the remote control and a set of numbers I can see when I turn off the lights

Castlerock. There are four sets of numbers. Three of them are exactly where pictures are.

Hfr gurz gb svther bhg gur 4gu frg

Can't figure out the 3#

This comment has been removed by the author.

For the 3#, you need two cubes. Take the one that has one white letter and 5 blue letters. Look at the picture with the colored squares next to the lion. Match the white letter on the cube with the top white square, then figure out where the other letters would go on the blue squares.
(I took a screen capture, then rolled the cube around in the "about" mode.)
Do the same with the red letter cube. Then look at what the letters spell vertically.

for 3 #
look at colored sqares on pic near lion pic
combine with colored letters on dices (imagine"opened")


==> per column ONE THREE NINE

sorry PuzzledinCA No refresh page

I cannot work out the computer answer... I looked at a youtube but the answer only had stars... please help!

@ philthyjones

because 6 "stars" = THE password ******

because "stars" are THE password ******

I love these games but would never have got out without your help

I still can't decifer the code for the drawer and the closet door. Please help or tell where the vid WT is.

what an excellent game! 5 stars only because I can't rate it higher! Thank you Neutral!

Did need help with finding the pink cube as well as closing the final cabinet. Thanks for the hints here.

@HendrikVeder are you still stuck?

Thanks noel for the clue that there are 4 sets of numbers. Wonderful game.

Are we sure this is a neutral game? I see no indication in the game itself (although I'm still in it, haven't reached the end yet), the website is not neuttral's, and neutral's website doesn't seem to know about this game...
... and, to be honest, so far it doesn't really feel like a Neutral game.

OK, I've made it through, and now can see the Nutral name/logo.

Strange, because - although it was a good game all along - it certainly didn't feel like a Neutral game...

2nd printer ID= Rot13= HAYBPX

Thanks that was a good one.

I keep getting the JavaScript error with Unity games. I know others have had the same problem. Did anyone find a fix?

What a fantastic game!!!

i have the same problem Whatever and can´t play this game :-(((

how come the second printer ID is UNLOCK? how did they get it? and how did they solve the cube?

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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