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January 28, 2018

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The Happy Escape - Bed Room Walkthrough

The Happy Escape - Bed Room

Tesshie - The Happy Escape - Bedroom Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by AlphaOmega ΑΩ]

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Guess I'm happy.

help please with 3 digit number

(RE)HI all ☺

thx for posting, Escapist

I played it already, so will stick around a bit for help if needed

what an awesome tune!!! I'm melting away! ♥♥♥

thx for creating this game, Tesshi-e ☺


did you already adjust the top row?

Alpha, yes i did and the row under it the same, but is that all?
mostly there is a second combination.
I need a pan, where is it?

btw, is someone has troubles (like me) with loading the game, as link brings you to the main page, click the first line with 2018.01.28 PC to get to the game (made with Unity)

that's all indeed in this game ☻

pan is in left locked CB under plants

(you need the ice)

btw, I have a list prepared with where to find the 10 Happy Coins, but will wait a bit before posting...

I can't get in, comes up with error running the unity content, maybe my computer too old?

well, I can give some hints anyway

start with the big pic

ice? I melted ice already, got a key, but it doesnt fit to this CB.
And how about a knife ??....

Ahh... I know how to make ice...
lets see...

I had that too, just click pop-up window away & click on the very first line as mentioned above

AO, the line is not clickable


to get knife, you need 2 holed coins

loaded game again:
click pop-up window OK, then scroll down, game should load there

(it depends, which screen you get)

loads of Mr. Birdies in computer, but

you need only 1 sort

AO thanks for trying to help, game only loads to a certain point.

be patient, it's a Unity game, a long loading is normal, it will eventually load

AO 10 mins already LOL

remote control in computer is for



you may refresh then, mayhaps it will help...

astro sign combo for



btw, it's an electric teapot

AO thank you for taking the time for me, refreshed,goes straight to sticking point in loading, maybe I can't play unity games

do you already have the Unity programme downloaded?

to get SD

place & move knob & tilt you head to the left

Do I have to download a Unity program? I think as my OS is windows vista, not supported by chrome or windows anymore, I'll play safe and leave it for now :)

the cube from screwed drawer is heat-resistant

What do you have to do to get the ice ball to freeze? It's been in there a long time and still isn't ready. The original block melted in the pot with just one trip around the room.

Very nice game, like every tim from mild escape.
I am out.

bummer yvonne...

for me, ice was only ready after solving number puzzle

check candle again

Thanks, AO. Got the sugar in the scoop and the ice ball is done.

ah & look closer into the cocoa box

had a hard time with measuring the right amount of milk - always have troubles with this sortof puzzles ☻
but solved it in the end

start with



btw, after flipping switch in CB

look under pots again

All my hair is on the floor, but the milk is measured!

LOL mega
I know that feeling from experience ☻

10 Happy Coins

1) cup
2) CC drawer (after adjusting remote control in computer)
3) left night table
4) behind wobbly pic (hint in computer)
5) matchbox from hippo (hint behind wobbly pic)
6) under 2nd plant pot
7) left behind fridge
8) screwed drawer (use SD after placing knob & tilting you head to the left)
9) 6# inside CB (adjust the top ones to see hint)
10) placing cup with hot cocoa in slot on table

I have 9 coins and all the ingredients for cacao. I think I'm missing measuring device for milk, it's either in symbols drawer (can't figure out the numbers) or locked CB under flowers. Can somebody help me?

And also missing second coin with hole...

POP for coin, candle melts... (I think somebody mentioned it before)

POP... and found a key in cacao...

This comment has been removed by the author.

My candle is not melting. Is there something else I have to do to get it to melt? I'm at a stand still until it melts.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Since no one else has said this, you have to have all the ingredients to make hot coco PLUS the utensils. I had to get the pan, for my candle to melt.

Great game - thanks Tessshi-e!

Why isn't the 4-digit number working for me? It's not 7536?

hi, where is the clue for the 3 numbers with the down arrows?

I also tried 7536 and 7236 and 7263...nothing is working..

pop..7263 did work...

fantastic game, as always!!

How nice for the developer to have told us in advance there's only one ending.

The second Tesshie within four weeks - that gives hope to find them not only once or twice a year. No need to say anything about the quality.

Made it on my own except for the 3# but it needed some time, so it was just hard or easy enough.

Thanks Tesshie and thanks Alpha for the hint about the 3#!

@AlphaOmega ΑΩ

what are the hints you give ??
I can make no sense of them and I'm totally lost with
this game......

What is this ???


find letters between the signs - they form a word

what a treat!

Fantastic game - Thank you Tessie!

Great Game!!!!

Sucks, but like Yvonne, I can't load this game either.

where is the screwdriver?

That was as good as I did expect, thanks! Don't forget to look at the candle some time later, that's where I was stuck and started to open all doors and drawers once again. I liked that this time no help was needed, just a little patience.

Geez... I put that box with the water in the freezer, then had to leave the game, came back about 3 hours later, and "the ice is not ready yet"... guess it's time to get that fridge repaired :D

Could someone out and out spoil the measuring cup for me? I usually love these, but just. can't. get it.

This game was the usual great Tesshi quality all through - except the "537" puzzle which I don't think was fair.

Fabulous game as usual! Such a joy and a wonderful challenge to play. Thanks, AO, for help with the cups! Thanks, Tesshie-E. Excellent in every way. Loved the music.

Love Tesshi-e games. This one was a bit dark - personally prefer daylight or well lit rooms.

So what was the clue for 537?

The game was fun. The room looks like a relic from a drug lord in the 80s. LOL

Excellent!! Thank you all, esp AO for the very helpful hints!

Brilliant as usual from Tesshie

7263 should work, but doesn't. The game hangs and has to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Sigh. Need a Windows version of this game.

Where is the whisk? I'm guessing in the CB under the number puzzle, but can't get that open.

what is the code under 537?

I finally completed this, it was a slow slog, I missed a few things that in hind sight were obvious.

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