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Asylum 2018 Walkthrough

Asylum 2018

Asylum 2018 is a new escape created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Your friends went on a paranormal investigation at the old Sunnywood asylum, which is said to be haunted. They were supposed to be back by now, but they haven't returned. You decided to go and check in on them and see if they are alright.

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Click map twice, or it won't enter inventory.

Collected an orb in V without a jar. It's lost now.

Collected nother orb in C without a jar. It's lost.

Orb jar:

Sevraq Znaal va G, gb trg beo wne va N.

Don't click orbs till you have jar.. Some will disappear.

looking for the othello clue- can't find it or the gold key

May not be able to purchase last item because two orbs vanished. Let's see.

noel- I've purchased everything and still have 5 orbs left over. Would you like them?

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Thanks, enzed. But I have enough orbs now. :)

Power rod is:


Still can't find the othello clue. I have 3 friends and 2 red gems but can't find anything else to do

How far have you got Noel?

I am where you are, enzed. No othello clue, no gold key. Two gems, 3 friends and a bunch of stuff.


Check jammed locker door in AG.

You must be further than me- I haven't got to AG- it isn't on my map. Must be behind a door?

You get to AG after using silver key. Check each frame carefully there, it's easy to overlook arrows, especially at left bottom.

Othello clue in AK.

Enzed, do you have the sliver key?

I used the silver key but yes, I missed an arrow :-(

Hunting for Othello now.

Ghost in AN needs more than crystal ball.

...and out- thanks Noel

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Welcome, enzed. Forgot where Othello puzzle was and went hunting for it. Found it in last frame I checked.

what's the trick to using a key? My game keeps telling me to put away the item (key) by clicking on it before I can use it, then it just says I need the key.

OK, I'm going to click the red X. I'll come back to this tomorrow when the bugs have been fixed.

No bugs, zoz. You must have activated another item. Unclick that item and then use the one you want.

oops, nevermind. I still had the lantern activated. Picky little game isn't it?

That had me bothered too at first.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks @noel!

Welcome, zoz. Can you tell me the locations of the 5 gems? I can only get 4.

Got it.

LOL love new map idea SD

and hiya zoz been a while LOL

stupid handsome man and I old bald and wrinkly LOL

Hi guys, had some problems with navigation and inventory but after getting used to that things went on not bad. But now I'm stuck close to the end - where is skull key used? Did I miss something obvious?

I missed the POP. ;-)

I mainly used the crystal for checking the scenes and didn't get that navigation arrow in AD.

hiya merit

Meritneith. Just about two rooms below room where you used gems, is a room to the right. It's room AE. Use skull key there.

still looking for spooky to buy stuff LOL

Sppoky is to the left of room with a white stretcher bed in the center.

Not a bad game but it was so tedious to select items. And maybe for that big map there could have been more puzzles or items to be used. Too many rooms with just picking up some orbs.

But well, there have been far more worse games than this, so thanks SD!

Hi Leroy and thanks noel! POP is the strongest magic, something that spooky guy could not sell for a gazillion of orbs.

LOL Merit dont we all wish

I can't find the last gem, any hints?

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 1:50 AM  

for me, parchment tiles won't stay together when I leave the about item - was it the same for you guys?

thx for creating this game, SD ☺

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 1:52 AM  

btw, it's an anagram

my favourite solver:

right click to open link in a new tab

jillydoc, there's a gem in Q. It's the one I hunted for ....

cant find first key or device so I can get my first friend and orb jar. Have one gem and map. Feel dumb. Any hints?

Don't remember rooms, but if you go up a staircase, you find your first friend.

still missing a red gem...

Which gems do you have, maria? Did you get the one in Q?

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:28 AM  

actually it's pretty alarming, how many abandoned buildings ppl leave behind...

is «stay out» the hint for 7 letter word?
(can't figure it out, seems to be a language barrier for me...)

Alpha, you have to end up with the word 'longer.' It's a riddle. Read question carefully.

Yes, the number of abandoned buildings, asylums and places where crazy experiments have taken place is alarming.

that's where i get stuck. thought it was an unit of lenght, but i found no 7 letter word

Need a hint?

got it! now to destroy the demon!

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:39 AM  

thx noel
was a bit trial & error, as I didn't know that word

now also missing a red gem...
(I think I solved all puzzles)

Which gems did you get?

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:40 AM  

btw, 1 black Othello stone remains

where is SD used please, cant move on, still seeking silver key

seeking silver key and a place to use SD

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:44 AM  

oh noel
you ask me sth - if I only remember...
(only STM - short-term memory online ☻)

I think from the 2 ghosts, from riddle, 1 I don't remember anymore from where I got it
(missing bottom right if that matters)

andromeda, see comment at 9:09 pm about power rod for SD. I think the silver key is there too.

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:46 AM  

use SD in K (hint in book)

Alpha, if I remember gems: Othello, yellow line puzzle, puzzle in Q.... I'll check the other two.

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:49 AM  

ah, thx noel
the yellow line puzzle I didn't solve yet
(forgot about the hint & didn't find puzzle yet - as I already said, only STM online ☻)

Thanks Noel but I don't understand 'fperjqevire'I realise it must be obvious to some people on this site, sorry

Yellow line puzzle is in room near the clue.

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:53 AM  

it's ROT13 - copy the jibberish & paste it in the converter - link is in text of «post a comment» above box where you type in your comment

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 2:55 AM  

oh, never been yet in Z

andromeda, you don't need to convert too. I already said power rod and SD in same sentence. Book you need is in M.

Great thanks Noel, now I know.

finally out, great game. thanks for the help

Fantastic game!!! Thank you SD. Only one thing i would change and that is having to put an item back before you can use a different item. Other than that Awesome game. Thank you!! ☻

Fantastic game! Thank you SD!! Only thing i would change is having to put something back before you could use another item in inventory. Other than that Awesome game!! ☻

Great game, but I can't find a clue for the Othello game in AI, or figure out how to defeat the black ghost in AN.

Any help?

For non-english native speakers ^_-, the 7 lettres word to be found is [ROT13] : " ybhatre "

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 4:24 AM  

there's a pinboard with 2 hint papers in one of the (later) rooms

       Anonymous  2/26/18, 4:24 AM  

for black ghost you need the 5 red gems

Thanks, AO; I completely missed AK.

Out with four friends and 28 extra orbs (and a bit of help!).

why hints start late can't get clue from book star not working

found a knife in B/room I missed earlier hope that moves me lol

I think I've been to every room I can get to and I can't find the fifth red crystal or figure out where to use the crystal ball. I don't see any more puzzles or hot spots, so I'm not sure what to do. Help?

knife worked on something else needed sd for tiles

What's this seven-letter word you guys are talking about? I got a parchment clue for a 5-letter word (CREEP) but is there something I should be using LOUNGER for? I didn't see any of that...

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Beatnik Mary. Check Room Q.

flew through after knife thanks SD great game

Took me an amazing amount of time to see the star under the black ghost for the red gems. Need another cup of coffee. Gives skull key.

Oh my gosh, thank-you Noel!!

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I can't find rooms AK or AG. Used all keys, silver, green, blue, gold...help!

Oh, used purple key, too...

Use knife on suitcase in S

pop...found AG. HOw do I get to AK for the clue for othello game?

Nice. So many cool things in this game, SD! I always like the magic map. Thanks for the too long of a break in my day!

Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the new features and new puzzles. :)

puh...the book has more than one site but that will not help.... maybe some water for the sponge....I´m stuck :o)

Enjoyed this game very much SD

ok, found the sneaky errors....:o))))

and out! thank you SD for the womderful game and the feeling from the first time I startet to play your games

Thanks SD. I really enjoyed this one and appreciate the time you took to make it for us. As someone earlier said, reminded me of the good old days.

Took a couple times to get used to the "selected item" feature, but easy enough to remember once you get it. Very good game, SD!

Thanks SD, Nice one!

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Can someone help me find the knife, please? Which room exactly, is it in the room marked B, or a Bathroom, or ..? (B/room is a bit unclear). And where in the room? (I know the knife is not the same as the sacred dagger, which I bought in the store and have used already).

at 9:41 zoe said "use knife on suitcase in s" I have the knife (cant remember where I found it) but I cannot find a suitcase in S to use it on. When ever I click on the suitcases, it needs a 4 # answer.

and i still cant find the screwdriver. I am not doing so well on this one :(

Never mind, I missed a whole room to the left of a bathroom. (I found a full walkthrough of Asylum 2018 on Youtube).

LetMeOut .. there is a 4 digit number circled on a piece of paper on a gurney somewhere ..

This comment has been removed by the author.

You have to open the suitcase and use the knife, before you can find the screwdriver (which I just found :)

AHHH! Thank you Sandi, I completely forgot I already found that 4 digit number!

Love the way you did the map! Awesome

       Anonymous  2/28/18, 7:33 AM  

Thank you Yannoche for the answer of the word riddle. I would never have found the answer (I didn't even know this word).

I liked the game once I got used to the use/examine feature. Did anyone else think that they solved it faster than other asylum games. I'm used to it taking a couple of days at least!

Knife is in D

"Knife in B/room". What a useless clue. It's in D.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where on God's green earth is the JAR?

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