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Room Escape 22: A Dog Waiting for Spring Walkthrough

Room Escape 22: A Dog Waiting for Spring

Room Escape 22: A Dog Waiting for Spring is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by IchimaCoffeeHouse. In this game, you are trapped in a lodge and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items as well as looking for hints to solve all puzzles at this place. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by AlphaOmega ΑΩ]

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       Anonymous  2/27/18, 7:50 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

thx for posting, Escapist

start with the snowmen

thx for creating this game, Ichima ☺

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 7:52 AM  

number paper



       Anonymous  2/27/18, 7:53 AM  

you need 3 mandarines

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 7:54 AM  

P = R

Stuck outside with telephone

Nice game, but the mountains hint (to get 4 digits) was a bit farfetched.

Telephone is about crossing columns and rows.

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 7:56 AM  

btw, if you speak Japanese, you can use the hint button
(unfortunately not much help for non-speaking Japan. ppl...)

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 8:07 AM  

change phase

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 8:08 AM  

yeah, BBB
that took me a while to figure it out

what about thermometer digits,cant figure out

is there any clue how to cross columns and rows to get telephone hint??

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 8:09 AM  

do the maths for temperature puzzle

Temperature is not math as first step. The first step is to put them next to each other.

The number pairs outside, Hotzenplotz.

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 8:12 AM  

the only hint is the board next to the door

e.g. 3-7

go down from 3 & across from 7 to hit the 9

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 8:15 AM  

there's a right navig. arrow when you step on ladder

ok thanks. that was weird.

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 8:16 AM  

& you use paper on table twice

Still can't get 4 number code

Amy Mac, look at the shapes of the semi circles on the code panel to see what thermometer is what. 2nd and 3rd are the same.
Put the temperatiures next to each other (2 digits, 2x the same digit and a minus digit which makes the whole thing a simple math equation).

oh, I get it...

out with the doggie,thanks for helping

I must be dense still do not get temp number

I have 16 .00.-2???????


Mountains 1st number for fuji, 2nd number from next mtn etc

Well that was easy after BB stopped me from being dense thank you kind sir ..

can somebody explain the puzzle of papper?

i dont understand that numbers and the Y


Too bad the "English" option in
menu doesn't include the hints.

A brief walkthrough:

1. Look at the snowman, look at the hats. Enter that in the light green box (LRLRRRL)

2. Look at the book (useful later). Pick up key.

3. Open light wood cabinet with key, get ladder, pot. There is a box inside.

4. Table view: pick up an orange, and part of the shovel. Look at the paper. You need to find a number that is sandwiched between two other identical numbers. Enter that into the box in the light wood cabinet. (621) Take the second orange

5. Turn around to the low cabinet. There is a plate with an orange on it. Put the other two oranges in to lower the plate. The low cabinet unlocks for a lantern.

6. Put the ladder against the wall next to the moose head and under the black hole. Use the lantern for light. 1 box with 5 buttons there. Remember the book? (PBOAR) Click the buttons until the shapes fit the holes of the letters. (semi circle, double semi circle, a circle, a triangle, and a semi circle). Get key, you are OUT...

7. Unlock the door and ... no, you are not done yet. Click the arrow at the bottom to turn around. A telephone number. OK.

8. Go straight to the red phone booth. Inside you see a phone. the code is based on coordinates, so the first pair is 3,7 so the first number is a 9. Work it with each pair until you get the full solution (9580#) and the shovel handle pops out. Also note the thermometer (burr, its 0 degrees).

9. Put the handle on the shovel and back up to the cabin. Snow has fallen from the roof. Put some snow in your teapot and shovel the rest out of the way. Get back into the cabin, go to the fireplace and put the teapot there. The snow would be hot water instantly (no waiting!).

10. Go back outside. Head to the shed towards the right. Note the thermometer next to the door (-2) click on the bolt. It's frozen. melt it with the hot water in the teapot. Head inside. There are a bunch of skis there. Look at them and note the direction the end are facing. Now go back outside and find a puppy hovering over a box. Click the box. The buttons represent the skis. Enter the sequence from left to right (RLRCCLL) and it will open for a thermometer. Back out and click the tree where the puppy is. Find the wooden moose horn.

11. Take the thermometer inside the cabin and put it on the hook next to the green plant on top of the short cabinet. Look at the temperature (16) The plant would move and show an "IC" card.

12. Take the card back to the shed and next to the skis is a box. Put the card in the slot and you can use the code pad. It shows 4 blue semicircles that looks like the pattern on the thermometers. So the first one is from inside the cabin (16), the next two is from the phone booth (0) and the last one is from the shed (-2). Be literal and don't over think it, and you have 1600-2. So the math and enter the code. You would get your card back now with the word "ice mountain" on it.

13. Enter the cabin. Put the card in the slot in the bottom frame of the painting above the fireplace. Words and numbers would appear alongside a box under the frame. 4 digits. First digit is the first digit of the height of the mountain on top, and work your way down (2nd digit is the 2nd digit of the height of the second mountain, etc.) and you would get (3141). Get Handle.

14. Click the ladder, but instead of clicking the hole above you click on the right arrow. See moose. Add moose horn. Moose eyes turn green and the door opens next to it. Looks puppy is there and there is a ski chair. Get on the chair and add the stick/handle to the panel. It says e.g. and have a bunch of buttons. Remember the clue you get on the desk? so type that in (FCYCAM->Y) and pull the lever. OUT.

       Anonymous  2/27/18, 11:38 AM  

thx for taking the time to write a WT ☺
in the philosophy of EGDAWT (every game deserves a walkthrough - or better: every premium quality game like this one...!)

WTs are rarely seen meanwhile, as you can almost always find a VWT on YouTube...

1st digit is first digit of first mountain. Second digit is second digit of second. Third digit is third digit of third. 4th digit is... wait a minute. Yes, BBB, you're right.

Yes, a written WT wins hands-down anyday, AO.

Did you get it, jonatan?

Yay, one of my favourite developers, I play their older games once in a while (so things like the 3# were not really hard). Great and cute but the mountain puzzle was kind of odd if I/we had missed another clue for the order.

Thanks for the good game, Ichima, and thanks for the walkthrough, Chris! That's a very nice surprise, nowadays we don't see here a WT every day or every month.

I had difficulties with some logic in the game, needed help with placing 16, 0, 0 and -2, the solution was quite interesting. But I'm not very sure how we did take the 4th digit of the Mt. Rokko's height, if there are just three digits in it. Do we have to add an imaginary zero to the beginning so it will become a four-digit number?

Ichima is one of my favourite game developers - and this game was his (her?) usual high quality...

... but I would have never in my life got the thermometer puzzle on my own...

Enjoyed that, but I couldn't have finished without Chris' WT, thanks Chris.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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