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April 28, 2018

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Trekking Rock Forest Escape Walkthrough

Trekking Rock Forest Escape

Games2Rule - G2R Trekking Rock Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this game, you came for a trekking in rock forest, which is located outer of the city. But unfortunately, you missed the way out. You have to find the way to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Ladybug for pink & white flowers in scene with 5-color fruit clue.

Black pointed stone for mask.

Sugarcrush, good morning :)

what to do with the butterfly from second scene and the "sprouts"

(RE)HI all ☺

just starting, although laptop is acting up, i.e. game is laggy, although I restarted my computer...

thx for creating this game, G2R ☺

Sneaky tone-on-tone shell on pile of rocks in 2nd set, just past the crystal door.

Sprouts look like a clue, Val...haven't figured out what to do with those yet.


You'll need 4 butterflies.

Stuck in 3rd set with a pomegranate and a number puzzle which doesn't respond to logic.

blue carrot colours were pretty hard to distinguish for me (& orange=red)

May be the game Sugarcrush. My desktop is laggy as well.

Stick used to break pot in 1st set.

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POP - rub pomegranate on rock, lower left one scene left from mushrooms in 2nd set.


focus on pointy end

well mystery
I think you mean me ☻ - usually it's my laptop after sleeping mode, then all become slow & I had to reboot...

Oops! Sorry AO :)

Good morning all...maybe I haven’t had enough coffee. Stuck in first, need so many clues all I have is 3 leaf clues left

MSB letters

think sizes

Ok I’m dumb, had 3 gems for door for awhile now, I was looking for 4 lol....

Kimbo, Good morning :)

Happens to the best of us Kimbo :)

Another POP - the seedlings are the hint for the 5-number puzzle, but it's not exactly crystal clear how it works, at least not to me. I can spoil it if needed.

can't proceed in 2nd set of scenes - only b'fly & used paper in inventory...

all those leaves, are these hints for 3rd set?

ah, thx Mac (we posted at the same time)

Out - standing by to help as needed.

For the check yes or no on the Leafs, fruits and birds just look at the most in that row and check no to the ones that don't fit.

still in 2nd set & no process - I think I have all hints available used...

cant get to third scene - missing one ball

ah, thx bandy
didn't look properly at puzzle, was looking for a hint somewhere else

LOL AO I was just looking at it and POP :)

Water jug is not for plants.

Lots of back and fourth in this one UUGG

ah, also more than only 1 with an x to mark

Toothpaste tube from 3rd set for signpost in 1st set.

ah, also more than only 1 with an x to mark

my last ball from flower grid in shroom scene

(hint on watered dome)

No clue again in first scene in 3rd set.

Green fruit used to rub rock in scene left of where you place mushrooms (2nd set)

shell with pearl doesn't belong to gems

Rather challenging at points, but I enjoyed it. Thank you G2R!

colouring flower, leaf, snail & shell as per rooms left to right

Finally out, nice game, will check back if anyone gets stuck. Thanks!

In R1 R2 R2 clue, the pink one should be R3

I noticed that Sugercrush LOL

Good game, thanks G2R. Nice playing with everyone! :)

there's no 6 in arrow puzzle...

counted leaves & looked at directions (single/double)

can't find the spot for the 4th shell in 1st set...hard to see

kinda POP(O)




all to the left side - 2 to the left, 2 to the right - all to the left - all to the left - all to the right (acc. to my logic =6...!)

finally out - thx for your company, ppl ☺

btw, my last green gem in exit scene

& agree, loads of forth & back in this one

I can spoil the arrows if needed.

Don't miss sneaky green gem lower left scene where you exit.

There's a new WOW on their site - have fun, have to go out.

Beat me to it, AO! :)

can someone spoil the 5#?

Here you go, Ginner:


thanks Mac...clue for the wheel grid and 4 color in 5# scene


then my spoiler has a mistake (it was that number where the gem appeared & covered it)

for the numbers/arrows puzzle count the rows of leaves, not the leaves themselves

I had to give up. The "wheat stalk grid" in the second level didnt work. I couldn't find any hint and an attempt to follow the WT didn't work. And then the red blossom on yellow "stars" (begin Lvl 2) seemed self explanatory until about the 9th or tenth flower. The circles then stayed yellow but nothing else happened. I quit.

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(RE)HI all ☺

greetings Vero
as per our current Comment Posting Rules (will be updated), we want only comments in English as the most preferential language here on EG24, so that all players will understand what you mean - hence we had to delete your post

you can use Google Translate or the like in future - thx

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