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June 23, 2018

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Escape Challenge 60: Room with a Dandelion Walkthrough

Escape Challenge 60: Room with a Dandelion

TomoLaSiDo - Escape Challenge 60: Room with a Dandelion is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by TomoLaSiDo. In this game, your goal is to escape the room by finding all exit key parts, all dandelions and by solving puzzles. This game has 3 endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Dazz Ley]

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thanks alpha, been playing but have to run.

rooms are all clear but no idea what next after filling my plate

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:10 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

no toilet in this one (?), but a 2nd room

thx for creating this game, Tomo ☺

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:12 PM  

besides obvious clock hint

combo clock & window

there will be toilet after the 3rd room, it carries 2 hints but still havent checked

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:14 PM  

sometimes banging helps to loose stuck stuff

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:16 PM  

sneaky hint at drawer for drawer itself

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:17 PM  

window door hint from bottom to top

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:18 PM  

oh, even a 3rd room...!

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:22 PM  

came back to the machine & did the same as before, then

pushed button, but now machine d/w anymore...

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:25 PM  

there IS a toilet anyway ☻
(but no drawing as usual)

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:26 PM  

what a waste of TP

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:27 PM  

oh, suddenly water works (what have I done?)

smelly fish btw

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:30 PM  

game doesn't end when you go outside thru back door

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:32 PM  

cute kitty has a full belly now

& seems to be a bin for organic stuff
(don't remember the exact term...)

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:41 PM  

hm. need a 2-digit code, a 3-digit code for toilet (from the pics I assume, but couldn't figure it out yet...), a working machine & where to use arrow hint from outside...

2-digit code comes from the spoons next to the dishes I assume...

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:50 PM  

ah, thx Sonja

I now have 8 flowers and a complete key for the exit-door. But I haven't opened the top drawer of the black cupboard yet. And also nothing used in the toilet.

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 11:59 PM  

then you're ahead of me Sonja
only 7 flowers & missing top right key part...

Stuck where Sonja was at 11:50. Also, haven't used toilet paper hint 12321312. Have the arrow code, but machine with arrows not working. Any help?

Laotzu, combine the two hints in toilet.

I need two three-digit codes. Anyone?

Ah, not the 7th, 3rd and 4th sheet of paper, the first sheet without the number does not count.

The upper drawer three-digit code is from two cat-part pictures, there is only one way to combine them to get the digits (9 is made of 5 "matches", not 6).

But now I'm completely stuck, have 9 dandelions and missing one key part. Completely clicked and checked all views, nothing found. There are two machines that don't work, I can imagine that the ball-machine will give the triangle buttons for the other machine, but it just does not respond.

Sonja, you had the complete key, can you hint a little? If you look back here.

Hi, where do I put the bowl and/or the fish?
Missing top left and down right key pieces.

Searched for help, found a walkthrough in French, now checking it in the Google translator. Already learned that 2-digits hint is not the things on the table (yes, it was too vague), it's the water drops from the tap.

Have a look under the triangle button machine.

Fish needs to be washed at the sink.

ploosy, wash the fish.

Melody54, thanks! Didn't find that hotspot.

Now I have the whole key and 10 dandelions -- but haven't used the triangle button machine. How to do that? The clue is outside, so I suppose I have to enter it somehow in the machine.

Aah, heck... When you have all the 10 dandelions, only then the triangle button machine will work.

Melody, thanks. Need a plumber, no water... A good looking one, please :-) Will be back later!

Don't just walk out of the door, before that you can combine the dandelion wreath with... well, find it.

An excellent and fun game, thanks, TomoLaSiDo!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ploosy, the machine that gave the cat food - click several times on the panel top right. It will go down and reveal a button that turns the water on.

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:28 AM  

came back to this - thx ppl for the hints (once known, it's obvious ☻)

although still only 9 dandelions & done nothing yet with the 2 machines (key is whole)...

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:39 AM  

& how to combo toilet hints?

AO - take the 7th sheet number, then 3rd and 4th

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:44 AM  

doh - apparently I can't count ☻

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:44 AM  

thx anyway, Fudge

can you give me more of a hint on top drawer black cupboard please. Not sure how cat pictures are used

also have not opened 4 button bottom drawer

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:47 AM  

I accidentally clicked on door & got the 2nd time out with only 9/10 dandelions :-/
(a save option would be much appreciated now - restarting...)

AH just noticed the window panels - did not understand the earlier hint about them!

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:49 AM  

btw, pic line number is



Four button drawer is the 'misty' panes of glass on either side of the main door. Notice there are 4 rows also notice the wood carving at the very bottom of the windows.

Thanks, now have wreath and full key. Searching for what to do now before exit

Ah again - nothing like a nice hat after breakfast .....

OK, this is probably my first WT ever. Sorry for my poor English, hope you understand.

Room 1.
1. Dandelion #1 from the flowerpot.
2. Dandelion #2 from the couch.
3. Check the sides of the couch, it's the clue for LR cabinet. Get the bowl and clue for corners.
4. Use that clue on the picture nearby and get key #1.
5. Use the numbers from the clock for the lower drawer. Get key part #1.
6. Combine the window-frame with the clock and notice the color sectors where the thick, medium and thin fingers will place. This is clue for the upper drawer, get key part #2.
7. Open the door with the key.

Room 2.
1. Get key part #3 from the tree and dandelion #3 from the same view.
2. Check the two cat-part pictures, both have some scribbles. These are upper and lower halves of the digits, combine them and you get the three-digit number for the upper drawer. Get dandelion #4.
3. Check the middle drawer, the code is written there above the X. Enter the code and get key #2.
4. Put the bowl into the ball machine. Try to find the right combination to hit the ball, it does not work, so bang the brown area. Some catfood will drop into the bowl. Take the bowl. Go back and again to the machine, bang the brown area once more, it will fall down and reveal the red button, press it and it will change to blue. (I think that's the water button for the kitchen tap.)
5. Check the door window-panes. It's the clue for the lower drawer, starting from the bottom (that's the common Japanese way, I think). Get the fish.
6. Open the door with the key.

1. Dandelion #5 from the picture frame.
2. Open the tap and count the drops falling left and right. That's the code for the middle cabinet. Get key part #4.
3. Dandelion #6 from the table.
4. Left plate is the clue for the lower cabinet. Get key #3.
5. Three spoons on the table are the clue for the upper cabinet. Get dandelion #7.
6. Wash the fish. It will magically change to the bone and pieces that jump into the bowl.
7. Open the yard door with the key.

1. Dandelion #8.
2. Put the bowl to the marked spot. Go back inside and right back to the yard. During that second the cat has appeared and swallowed the food.
3. Throw the fish-bone to the fish-bone pit. It will give you key part #5.
4. On the lid of that pit is the clue for the triangle button machine.

1. Above the toilet paper holder are three numbers (734). Start to tear the paper sheets, remember the numbers (12321312), take the 7th, the 3rd and the 4th number and enter these into the cabinet. Get dandelion #9 and go back to room 2.

Room 2.
1. Earlier you have missed the hotspot under the triangle button machine (you didn't, of course, but I did). Get key part #6 and dandelion #10.
2. Press the upper right button on the machine, the dandelions fly into the machine and the buttons will highlight.
3. Enter the code from the fish-bone pit lid and you see that the machine is in fact a wreath-making machine.

There are at least two different ends.
1. Quick end: go out the door.
2. Cute end: before leaving go through the kitchen to the yard. Combine the cat and the wreath.

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 5:57 AM  

so nothing more to do with machine after banging the 2nd time... (?)

just for the sake of understanding, could somebody explain how the code for cat pics was created?

great walkthrough

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 6:05 AM  

thx for the WT, punnivin - good job! ☺

with a bit trial & error, I (mentally) combined the lines on the 2 pics for the 3#
(some of the lines are also a bit thicker)

Fudge, one picture had a U shape (but squared) then a vertical line then a square.
The other picture had 3 vertical lines. If you draw the first set and then add the second set under it, you get the 3 numbers.

Fudge, one picture had the upper parts of 4, 1 and 9, and the other the lower parts ( I I I ).

Very well done punnivinn. Great walkthrough. We don't get many these days.

thanks punnivin, needed the wt:)

Thank you to all for the explanation - I was trying to combine the stripes on the cat, not the obvious hints!!!!

I can't get the arrows right to make wreath. Can't distinguish between L U R. Help please

POP.. was looking at the wrong clue. It is the lower clue for the machine

Thanks, Melody54 and guys! Great walkthrough!

Cat is fed and garlanded. Good WT, thanks.

Thank you for the WT. Way too many similar puzzles, got very confusing. Navigation was difficult cause you did walk straight into a room. Trial and error on machine and throwing of the bones (why?). Counting tiny water droplets that disappeared was cruel. I usually like these games more.

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