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June 23, 2018

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Escape to Hatsumode Walkthrough

Escape to Hatsumode

[MOBILE] Escape to Hatsumode is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Room's Room alias Riddle Escape (also formerly known as Yomino Kagura). Hatsumode is the first Shinto Shrine visit of the Japanese New Year. Escape the room by walking around and by solving puzzles, so you can take part in this traditional event. The game has an auto-save function. Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Submitted by Nini xD]

Play on Android
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       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:23 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺
to avoid the issue of games being blocked in your country, download the following app (it’s safe):

right click to open link in a new tab

(btw, they also have an add-on for FF)
you may change the security settings in order to allow installations from unknown sources
it’s also an advantage to have a file manager installed on your Android device where the downloads can be found

ありがとう for creating this game, Yomino ☺

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:29 PM  

flower button (rectangle) goes on box

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:34 PM  

key from flower number box for CB left of white closet

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:35 PM  




       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:39 PM  

not all candles will stay lit

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:46 PM  

key from flame box for white closet

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 12:50 PM  

knob from up/down box for round window

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 1:10 PM  

it's a door right of round window

Thx for posting Alpha :)

WT ->> Skip if you don't wanna get spoiled.

Part 1:

From the starting scene, turn right and zoom in on the dark spot on the floor. Note the blue circle.
Turn around and zoom in on the other 2 spots -> Red square and yellow rectangle.
Zoom in on the white box above the 3x3 shelves (blue circle scene), use the colors and shapes to open it. Get a flower button. Note the dolls on the 3x3 shelf and the 1st star hint.
On the same main scene, zoom in on the light brown shelves, note the Japanese symbol written there and zoom in on the box. Place the flower button there and open it by counting the flowers as they appear on the blue cushions laying on the ground. Get a key.

2 7

Turn around (square and rectangle scene), zoom in on another light brown shelves, note the japanese symbol and zoom in on the box. Using the dolls hint from the 3x3 shelves, open the box and get a candle.



Zoom out and then on the closed CB. Use your key to open it. Zoom in on each saucer and take note of the dices (62 45 13). Before zooming out, take a look the second star hint.
Turn 180º and zoom in on the tall CB. The top part of the CB is where you use the dice hint, revealing 2 closed boxes and 2 hints (3rd star hint and white/pink hint).
Use the white/pink hint to open the brown box beside the saucers and get matches.
Zoom in on the left side of the door scene and place the candle on the vacant spot. Light up all the candles and take note of the ones that still stay lit up.
Zoom in on the top part of the tall CB and use the candles hint to open the white box beside the white/pink hint. Get a golden key.
Use the golden key to open the wardrobe doors.
Left side: Box that needs a 3dig code (pencil + flame). Stacked cushions hint: 2 4 3.
Right side: 4th star hint, star puzzle box and fan hint.
Zoom in one last time on the top part of the tall CB and use the stacked cushions hint to open the remaining box. Get a pencil.
Below the paper window, to the right there's a memo. Zoom in on the memo and use pencil and matches to get 2 parts of a code.
Go back to the left side of wardrobe and sum up the 2 parts of the code to get a 3-dig code. Open the box and recieve a pair of pliers.
The bottom half of the tall CB is wired shut. Use the pliers to open it. Zoom in on the box and use the fans hint to open it (U D U D U U). Get a white "part" of smth. The book to the right tells you the order of the stars hint.
Go to the right side of the wardrobe and use the stars hints + book to open the box. Get an ornament.

Answer: 3 1 3 2

Place the ornament below the window with the other 2 and press the button. Take notes of the order shown.
To the left of the window there's a hole. Place the "part" there and press it. Take note of the flowers and its positions.
Below the window there's a closed CB. Use the order + positions to open it.


13 5
6 24

The opened CB reveals yet another box. Open this box using the ornaments hint (3 1 3 2 3). Get a key.
Use the newly found key to open the doors to the right of the window.
Exit to the garden.

Part 2:

On the garden:

Take notes of the lamps heights for later.
Click to left to move to a new scene. Zoom in on the pond and notice the colored flowers + number of petals. Also notice the bamboos.
Go back to the 1st garden scene and click to the right of the screen to move to yet another scene.
Zoom in on the light brown shelves, notice another jp symbol and a puzzle. Use the bamboos' heights to solve it. (Answer: 2 1 3). Get a knob.
Go back to the left garden scene and zoom in on the 4th light brown shelves. Notice the last jp symbol and use the knob to open the closed shelf. Use the colored flowers on the pond as a hint to open the box laying inside (Answer: L R R L L). Get a bowl.
Fill the bowl with water from the pond, go to the right garden scene and zoom in on the wind chime. Use the water there from the stripes hint.
The stripes hint is used to open the gray CB to the left of the garden (Answer: 2 4 3). Inside you'll find a box (that you open by using the lamps height - U D C D D U - get a handle) and a tray of colored dangos (jp food). Count each colored sphere.
Go back to the right side and zoom in on the box below the wind chime. Use the colored dango spheres as a hint to open it: 5 6 2. Get a daruma doll.
The handle is used above the gray CB. Notice the daruma dolls eyes.
Place the doll above the box on the light brown shelves and use the eyes hint to open it (Answer: W B W W B B). Get a SD.
Go back inside the room and zoom in on the screwed panel beside the wardobe. Unscrew it by using the SD and find a box and a light switch.
Turn the lights off and turn right to see a 4-dig code (7107).
Go outside and turn right. Zoom in on the black CB and open it with the SD. The box opens by using the paper lamps hint (located below this very CB). Answer: Plus sign / vertical bar / minus sign. Get a telescope.
The pic inside the black CB shows a hidden spot near the black lamps, go there and get a piece of cloth.
Soak the cloth on the pond and also use the telescope on its stand to the side of the gray CB. After looking through the telescope, you'll see colored stars flashing, take note of their colors and positions.
Go back inside, use the soaked cloth to clean up the pic above the 3x3 shelves to see that you need place a dool in the center of the white/pink spheres.
Grab the biggest doll from the 3x3 shelves and place it on the correct spot so that the pic will move revealing a box.
Open this box by using the 4-dig code you got from when the lights were turned off: 7107. Get a magatama.
Use the colored stars hint on the box near the light switch to get the second magatama.


Blue Red

Use both magatamas on the slots to the right of the exit doors.
Remember the JP symbols? Time to use them combined with their shelves shapes. Answer: 火 山 風 林.
Click on the exit door to escape!

       Anonymous  6/23/18, 10:27 PM  

thx a bunch for the WT Nini

I mostly start to play the game & to give hints, but as it's always pretty late here, I get too tired & go to bed with the plan to continue next day... (mayhaps I should post the games a bit earlier...?! ☻)

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