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Mr. 3939's Holiday Escape

[MOBILE] Mr. 3939's Holiday Escape is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by HozDesign. This game is 7 in 1. You play as Mr. 3939, as you try to enjoy your holiday on a sunny and bright, isolated island located in the South Pacific, while weird events start to unroll. There's a different game for every day of the week (from Monday to Sunday). Find and use items and hints for solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Submitted by Nini xD]

Note: All 7 games in 1 is only available for iOS. For Android, we will each day add the link for the new day of the week.

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Play on Android (Tuesday)
Play on Android (Wednesday)
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       Anonymous  6/11/18, 1:39 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺
if you find cool free escape games for Android or iOS on Google Play or App Store, you can submit them (click my nick) to share your discovery with the whole EG24 community – thx

what do you think of this reawakened section for free mobile escape games?
give us a feedback (click my nick)

ありがとう for creating this game, Hoz ☺

       Anonymous  6/11/18, 1:41 PM  

btw, we are working hard on eliminating the issue of games being blocked in some countries…!

So far, I can offer you my own solution, that works (at least for me, using an Android emulator on my laptop):

I downloaded the following app (it’s safe)

right click to open link in a new tab

they also have an add-on for FF (which I installed, too)

you may change your security settings to allow installation from unknown sources

I also have a file manager where the downloads can be found

plz give me a feedback (click my nick), if this solution also works for you (you may try it on the previous mobile games posted as well), or if you have any questions about it - thx

Thx for posting AO! This game is awesome!

       Anonymous  6/12/18, 12:43 AM  

how to move on on Monday
(some hints)

- couldn't select English, but no language barrier at all

- with the camera, you can capture screen shots
(e.g. for the hints), it can hold 2 photos

- nice glasses

- it's not a hook from the pic

- orange couch, orange pics

- fortunetellers also read from coffee cups

- do the maths halfway down the stairs

- upstairs, the path continues

- beach: some marks on boat & on rock & another nice view in the background

- remember my mum telling me to always shut the door

- oh, Mr. 3939 forgot his headdress

- beach: it's good to have this equipment, otherwise you would bring sand into the house

- combo for bottom drawer (2x3 marks & 3 buttons)
right click to open link in a new tab

- beach: have a good look at the colour meters

- 3 places for filling the tube

- ah, a door remote

CU on Tuesday ☺

Are there any emulators for linux?

@vic I don't use Linux but try this :


It's an operating system that can be run from a VM (virtual machine).

       Anonymous  6/12/18, 5:21 PM  

just search with your favourite search engine for «android emulator for linux» (or similar) - I've got plenty of matches

btw, my favourite search engine is
(it's ecologic: they i.a. plant trees to compensate the CO² emissions of their servers)

       Anonymous  6/12/18, 8:06 PM  

how to move on on Tuesday
(some hints)

- couldn't select English, but no language barrier at all

- with the camera, you can capture screen shots
(e.g. for holding hints), it can hold 2 photos

- don't forget to visit the beach again

- nice view from window above bed

- with those lamps, you'll always have a good light when working on your desk

- remember that upstairs, the path continues

- seems to be only wood bars

- all those orange triangles on the crates seem to be a company logo

- singers are just for fun

- remember (again) my mum telling me to always shut the door

- Mr. 3939 is almost bald (but only almost)

- there's sth to do at the green key door
(took me felt hours to figure that out...!)

- it's always good to (re)check stuff (like the crates)

- 3x3 different connection combos

- ah, another ladder

CU on Wednesday ☺

       Anonymous  6/13/18, 7:44 PM  

once again, I lost internet connection yesterday, so couldn't post a HT...! :-(

but couldn't proceed anyway already at the beginning - have camera, reel & stick...

       Anonymous  6/13/18, 9:17 PM  

well, found a VWT & I should be able to zoom in on card behind bars - but I can't...! :-(

it seems that also mobile games can have a bug...
being an Android newbie:
is there sth like cleaning cache & cookies for mobile devices (Android emulator)?

       Anonymous  6/14/18, 12:58 PM  

would like to continue with more HTs, but unfortunately my internet connection is slow as molasses these days - too slow to run the mobile games properly...! :-(

AO, I'll replay and leave some hints.

Have you managed to get to the end of "Wednesday"?

Btw AO, you don't have to zoom in on the card but rather get the stick and pull the card closer to you.

Well.. decided to post a proper WT:


Turn left and get camera and a stick on the ground.
Use the stick to get the card behind the bars. Take note of both name and id on the card (ALAIN = 1 12 1 9 14).
Circle around the walls and note something written on one of them (the wall facing the statue of liberty). Hint: UP DOWN DOWN UP UP UP DOWN.
On the view of the second barred passage (near the metal ladder), zoom in on the panel and swipe the card 3 times. The bars will slightly open and close every time.
Go back to the other barred passage and note the panel beside it has only 1 green light on (the left one). So, if you tilt your head to the left, you'll notice that the correct order comes from when the card reader has the bottom light on. Use those positions to open the bars (remember the correct orientation!).
Before going in, turn around and check the left side of the rocky formation to get a reel.
Use the UP/DOWN hint to open the manhole (tilt your head to the left for the hint to work).
Go down the manhole and get a pliers from inside the car. Zoom in on the crates near the wall and get a second reel hiding behind them.
Climb up, leave the room and circle around until you find the wired shut panel(near one of the palmtrees). Use your pliers there and move the lever from inside. Also don't forget the blue key from above it.
Go in the room again and turn until you see the locker with a name tag in front of it (HUGO). Open the locker using the blue key and get the last reel and also a password hint (3939).
Go to the table and take note of the dials hint (position and colors). Place all reels on the radio and use the dials hint to turn the TV on.
Convert the name as per the card hint (ALAIN and id) and use the result on the numpad (8 21 7 15). After hitting enter, input the password (3939).
Grab the green key, go down the manhole and turn the car on.
You're out.

       Anonymous  6/14/18, 9:39 PM  

thx Nini for the WT
if I'll be able due to my slow internet connection, I'll (re)play to look if this works with the stick (I think I tried that already what you mentioned...)

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 5:27 AM  

got really lucky today with my internet connection - so happy that I could play some of the mobile games recently posted here on EG24...!
therefore HTs for this game will be available asap
watch this place...

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 5:38 AM  

btw, Nini
only now I realised that there are 2 barred passaged - doh!

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 5:51 AM  

wednesday barred passage sliders

4th slider 1 step below top

2nd slider at bottom

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 5:55 AM  

(focus on gaps)

WT Thursday:

You start the game inside a car.
Drive foward and note 3 rooms (blue, green and red), all locked.
There's a room at the end of the path where you'll find a green key lying on the floor.
Zoom in on the wall between the 2 tunnels and get 2 black spheres (eyes).
Go back to the green room and use the green key on the door.
There's a camera on the left crate. Also, note the colored letters on the paiting (HAC = purple/orange/cyan).
The pipes puzzle is a ghost ladder. Check to the right side of the 3 stacked crates to see how the ghost ladder should end. You can't do it yet.
Re enter the tunnel from the beginning and drive, noticing the triangle shapes on the brown arches. (Order: L R R L U).
Go back to the green room, zoom in the left crate and use the triangles hint to open it. Get the blue key.
Unlock the blue room and get a circular metal part from the board.
Note the colors on the board: Orange/Cyan/Orange/Purple/Orange/Cyan/Purple/Cyan.
The lockers are named like: (A)lain , (C)laude, (H)ugo. Combine letters/colors for the order on how to open the lockers. Get a red key.
Alain's locker has a message that reads "Claude is a lier".
The board has another 2 hints: Ghost ladder and colored eyes.
Unlock the red room. Grab a chair and note the RGB color chart on the wall.
Use the chair on the blue room and zoom in above the lockers for a pipe, also open all colored valves.
Insert the pipe on the right spot in the green room to make both red and green pipes work on the ghost ladder.
Return to the red room and now we can paint both spheres red and green (as per the board hint).
Insert the colored spheres on the wall where they once where (Green on the left and red on the right) to open the right tunnel. Don't forget to take the spheres again.
Go into the right tunnel and follow the path the birds are pointing to. (Claude is the one with the round glasses as there's one inside his locker, remember he's a liar).
On the end of the path, zoom in on the ladder and turn around to face the car. Note the 2nd eyes hint (Purple/Cyan).
Climb up the ladder. Turn right and open the door to get another pipe. Turn around and open the second door for a place to insert your round metal piece (turn it until both triangles meet and take note of the symbols/circles), also note that the colored pipe below the wheel is cyan.
Go back to the ghost ladder and now try to make all 3 colors connect using the 2 pipes we obtained.
Paint the spheres again and insert them on the wall correctly to finally get the hammer.
Before going back to the wheel, return to the blue room and close the red valve (so only cyan flows). Remember the symbols/circles hint and use it as a map to "break" marked the vases with the hammer (only 3 vases total).
After breaking the correct vases, the bars holding Mr. 3939 will open. Grab him and go down the ladder to find a legion of bad guys waiting for you.

See you on Friday!

WT Friday:

You are locked insde a cell.
Zoom in on the left side of the bed and take note of the circles/squares hint (S C C S S C C S).
Turn around to face the door. Grab the camera inside the trashbin.
The red lock blocking the vent has 5 colors on it. Go around the room and take note of the screws orientation on each colored vent. Open the lock to get binoculars and a card (Claude is a liar).
Zoom in on where the lock fell and grab it.
Use the binoculars to look outside of your cell, through the gap.
Note the playing cards on the table. The card tells us that Claude is the liar so we should avoid his cards (round glasses). Take note of the correct set of cards (Diamonds Spades Diamonds Clubs Hearts).
Go back and zoom in on the bottom of the door. Use the suits hint to open the food hatch to get a meal.
About item the meal for a bread, a cup and a plate.
About item the bread and eat it to find a SD inside.
Use the SD to open all 5 colored vents.
Go inside each of the vents to see how they all connect. (Purple -> Orange -> Red -> Green -> Blue).
About item the lock and use the colored vents order to disassemble it.
Use the lock part you've just obtained to open the white vent (go inside the blue vent and turn right) and go into the bathroom.
Zoom in on the sink and remember the circles/squares hint to make the water flow. Fill the cup with water.
Pour the water inside the toilet and flush, revealing a hint.
Go back to the cell and use the binoculars again. This time, the table is a mess and the guards are gone. Remember the toilet hint? Take note of the suits in order and use them to open the food hatch once again. Get a pliers.
Go back to the bathroom, zoom in on the toilet and use the pliers to cut off the flush cord.
About item the cord and combine it with the lock part to make a hook.
Zoom in on the shower's drain, remove it and use the hook to reach the red key.
Use the red key to open the cell door.
Turn right after leaving the cell and zoom in on the black lock. Note that the mark on the lock represents the bed. Tilting your head to the right (or your device to the left) to match the bed mark and going around the room, you'll notice that the colored vents do not overlap and they have a certain order from left to right (Blue -> Green -> Red -> Purple -> Orange). Use this order to open the black lock and get a hammer.
Go back to the bathroom and turn around until you see a cyan hatch. Place your plate there and break it with the hammer. Turn the plate until the marks and the cracks match to get a purple key.
Go out the bathroom to the living room, wander around a little bit and that's it.

See you on Saturday!

       Anonymous  6/16/18, 1:14 PM  

oh, thx a bunch Nini
for the WTs
now I can lay back a bit & relax ☻

WT Saturday:

Turn around and get the camera from above the drawers near the radio and potted plant.
Go inside the bathroom, and into the vent to reach the cell.
Zoom in on the trashbin to find a note (156+).
Go back up and go through the door that leads outside. Turn right, zoom in on the bucket to grab it. Also, note the crate laying around.
Turn right once again and zoom in on the door. Close it (don't go inside) and check the wooden floor (Bolts hint: hexagon, octagon, pentagon). Zoom out while the door is still closed and note a little green stick to the left near the rocks. Take it.
Now re enter the living and zoom in on the drawers. Use the bolts hint on the first drawer for a tape.
About item on the bucket and use the tape on it to fix the hole.
Go inside the bathroom, zoom in on the sink and fill the bucket with water.
Go outside, turn right and approach the crate. Pour the water on the crate so an alarm fires.
Turn left 2 times to see the bad guys that were previously blocking your path are now busy with the alarm.
Approach the white room. Circle it to the right and you'll see a bird guarding the power panel (there's also a pickaxe stuck to the palmtree, but you can't get it). Circle the other way around to see a X marking a rock.
Go inside the room and turn until you see the locker. Open it and grab a second note. Combine both notes for a full hint (156+237).
Go down the manhole to find all of your allies trapped in cages.
Zoom in on the leftmost crates and take a box from the right side of Cuppie's cage.
Note that all of your allies have a letter that represents them. (From L->R, U->B = C G N I W M)
Go back up and into the house once again. Zoom in on the second drawer and use the combined notes to get the 3-dig code. You'll obtain the top part of a hammer. Combine it with the stick for a full hammer.
Circle around the white room and knock out the guard by using the hammer.
Get the pickaxe and turn the TV on by flipping the lever on the power panel.
Go to the TV scene. Zoom in on the table and open the drawer to reveal a hint. Combine this hint with the cages' positions and letters to get the correct order for the pad near the TV. (C G ENTER N I ENTER W M ENTER).
Each pair + enter key will give you a symbol = Smiley face / Arrow poiting down / 3 straight lines.
Use these symbols to open the 3rd drawer inside the house. Get a bomb. Also zoom in on the photograph for yet another hint.
Combine, on your inventory, the bomb and the metal box (detonator).
Make your way to the X-marked spot on the rocks and use the pickaxe there. Place the dynamite and follow the cord to the detonator.
Remember the photograph? The order of the letters are: WM NI CG WM CG. Now, remember the letter pad? By mentaly tracing a line that connects each pair of letters, we get the code for the detonator.
The bomb explodes, and now the path to the rocket is clear. Click to approach the rocket and you're done for the day.

See you on Sunday!

WT Sunday:

You start in front og the path leading to the rocket.
Turn around and make your way back inside the house.
Grab the camera from above the drawers.
Check the stairs and grab a stick from the left side of the crates.
Go inside the bathroom and into the airvent to return to the cell.
Take a piece of paper from inside the bin.
Go back to the to the living room, leave the house and make your way to the white room near the beach.
Descend the manhole to where the car previously was . Click on the tunnel to the right side of the screen and then on the ladder to climb up the Statue of Liberty.
Zoom in on the black circle on the floor and grab a hook. Combine hook + stick for a grabber.
Take notes of the symbols/numbers scattered around the area. Also take notes of the where the vases are.
Return to the living room and zoom in on the window behind the orange couch. Use the grabber to reach the red key.
Go outside and approach the rocket. Walk around it until you see the ladder. If you check the right side of your screen, there's an army of bad birds making sure your friends won't go anywhere.
Click to zoom in on the rocket ladder and use the symbols/numbers from the Statue of Liberty to know the order to solve the puzzle. (48 = Full circle/ 36 = 3/4 of a circle / 15 = Half a circle / 27 = 1/4 of a cicle).
Climb the rocket ladder and use the red key.
Go inside the rocket and zoom in on the control panel. Remember that symbol?
Push the green button on the wall and the lights will turn off. Using the symbol on the control panel as a guide, turn the lights on/off (vases = lights on = 3 lights on in total).
Grab matches from the hole made after the light switch moved.
Before leaving the rocket, check the seats' shapes (Circle Square Square Circle Circle Square).
Leave the rocket and go into the white room on the beach. Zoom in on the radio and note that the 4 reels can be turned. The red symbol on the middle is very familiar.. the rocket of course (the straight line being the ladder).
Go back and around the rocket's base. There're 4 white lines, each in one position around the rocket. Go back to the radio and turn the reels according to those white lines.
(If the highest position is 1 and the lowest position is 4, we have:
2 4
3 1
After turning the reels correctly, the bottom compartment opens revealing a bunch of logs.
Return to the Statue of Liberty (through the manhole) and zoom in on the black circle on the floor. Place the logs and the paper inside and light it all up with the matches.
The fire created a distraction so all the bad birds will follow the smoke signal, meaning you can now reach your trapped friends.
Go to where your friends are (near the rocket entrance, right side of the screen). Zoom in on their cage and notice the circle/square shaped bolts on it. Use the rocket seats' hint to open the cage.
Grab all your pals and board the rocket. Let everyone take their seats and notice how their colors are very similiar to the command panel colored buttons. Click the colored buttons in order (White Red Red Red Cyan Red) and pull the lever so the countdown begins! ~~
Yay, everyone's free!
That was a crazy week... ;)

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