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Faraway 2: Jungle Escape Walkthrough

Faraway 2: Jungle Escape

[MOBILE] Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is the sequel of Faraway: Puzzle Escape, a premium quality point & click adventure type escape game developed by SnapBreak. In this game, it’s been almost a year since you started your journey, searching for your lost father. You have many more pages of your father’s missing journal to find, maybe then you will unlock your family’s past. After solving a multitude of mind-boggling puzzles, the last portal you went through took you to an entirely new continent full of new temples to explore. It seems like you are getting closer to something and you are continuing to find notes left behind by your father, only now it seems he is not alone. Observe the environment, collect items, manipulate devices and solve perplexing puzzles to escape temple labyrinths. Enjoy 9 free escape levels before you decide to purchase the remaining 9 levels and experience the whole Faraway 2: Jungle Escape story. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:05 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺
I remember the first part (see replay)
there 6 & here even 9 free levels were enough (at least for me), hence I didn't buy the remaining ones (9)

thx for creating this game, Snap ☺

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:08 PM  

I like the unobtrusive spheric tune & also smashing the pots ☻
(but I'm also aware of the fact that someone put hours of work in crafting them...)

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:14 PM  

btw, the cog top right shows you also how many pages you already have collected for each level

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:16 PM  



- %£&%£%p&£%&£&%£%£o&%&£%&£%t&£%&£
- £%&t&£i%£&l%&%£e&%£p&%£a&t£%£t&%e&%r£&£n%%&£

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:22 PM  



- &£&%£s&%£l&%£i&%£d&%£e&%£&r£%£&s%&%£
- %£&%w&£&%£&a%£%&£t&%£%&e££&%£r&%&%£
- %£&t%&i£%l&£e&%£%p&£a%£t&t%e&£r%&£&n£%&£%

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:27 PM  



- &£&p%£e&£%d&£%e£&%s&£%t&%£&a£%£&l%&£%
- %£&&£%p%&£&%£&%o£%&£&%£&%£t&£%&%£
- %£&t£%i&%&l£&%e£%&£p%&£a%&t£%t&£%&e££r&%n%&£

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:28 PM  

it seems that we always use the tile pattern
so will use TP as abbreviation ☻

btw, it was for the 2nd pedestal before

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:40 PM  

lvl 4

connect b with b & y with y

adjust bowl

sword as grass cutter


- %£&%w&£&%h££&%&e£%£&e%&£%£&%£l&%%£&
- %£&&%r£&%£%&£o%&££&%c&%£&£%&k£%%&£
- %£&T&%£&%£P%&£%&l£%&£i%&£&n£%£%&&k£%%&£

right click to open link in a new tab

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 12:56 PM  


lvl 5

coords for tiles
starting top left, column/row

- square 3/3
- diamond 5/5

- square 4/4
- diamond 4/5

- square 4/4
- diamond 2/2
- diamond 6/6


- %£&%&r£&%£&o%£%&£&c%£&%£&%£k&%£%£&
- %&££p&&£a%£&s%&%s£&%a£&£%g£&%£&e%£&%
- %&££&T%£&%&£%£&%£&%£&%£P%&£%&%&£

- diamond 3/4
- diamond 5/4

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 1:08 PM  

btw, you don't need to take back the buttons (at the end)


for getting sth to fix ladder, turn quickly

only the ones with red

3 parts to put together


- %£&%&r£&£%&o%£&%£&o£&%£&£%£t&%&£%
- %£&&£%p&£%&£%£&o%&%££&%&£t%&%£&%£
- %&£&£&T%£&£%£&%£%&£P&%£%&£&%%&£
(look up at portal)

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 1:55 PM  

I just ♥ this level!
(adjusting the lasers)



- %&£l%&£&p%£&e%£&d%£&e%£&s£%t&£%£a&%£l&%£%
- %£&£&%w£&%£&a%%£&£l%&£%&£&%£l%&£%&
(turn around in fountain scene)
- &%££&%T£&%£%&£%&&£%£&%P£&%£%&&%£
(2x laser<->laser)


1) centre->left, right->centre

2) (left side) middle-left->top, bottom-left->middle-left, bottom-centre->bottom-right

3) (right side) top->middle-right, middle-left->bottom-left, middle-centre->bottom-centre, bottom-right->middle-centre, middle-left->bottom-right (mayhaps there's a shorter solution, but this one worked for me)

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 3:00 PM  



- &£&£w%&%i£%&&n£%&d%£%&o£&£%&£w%&%£
- %&£&%r£&%£&o%£&%&%c££%&£&%£k&%&%£
- %&£&T%£&%£&%£&%£%&£%&£P%£&%£&%£
(bottom of portal - that took me sooo long to find)

rotating squares
from small-1 to big-4

my solutions (mayhaps there are others...)

1) stop 2 bottom right

2) err, dunno how to explain exactly...
stop 2 at coords 3/2 & 1 at coords 4/3
3 at pos.2
4 at pos.1 & 2 at pos.3
1 at pos.4
5 at pos. 2

3) just stopped brown at coords 3/1 till it was aligned with the other browns (really dunno how to explain...)

4) just hold the big or middle ones till they fit to the pattern (anyone has a better explanation?)

       Anonymous  7/6/18, 3:01 PM  

midnight here, too tired, last free lvl tomorrow (or shall I say later today...?! ☻)

       Anonymous  7/7/18, 1:24 AM  

back refreshed ☻ - liked the turnable rooms very much in last level



- £&£t%&%£o%&&£p%&%£f%&£l&£o%&o£%&%r£%%£&
- %£&£%&p£&%%£&o&%£%&££%&%&t£%&£%£&
(turned room with brown wheel)
- %&£&T%£&%P£&%£s&%£%t&£%&a£%£i&%£r&%£s%&£
(in view right nearer pillar, match tiny white line at left side - took me a long time to find that)


1st floor
lever left, highlight top row
lever middle, highlight middle row
lever right, highlight bottom row

2nd floor
start where a notch is at hint
lever pos.1, left column & grid centre
lever pos.2, top row & grid centre
lever pos.3, last column & grid centre
lever pos.4, bottom row & grid centre

3rd floor
note notch
lever pos.1, bottom left & centre
lever pos.2, top left & centre
lever pos.3, top right & centre
lever pos.4, bottom right & centre

Latest downloads of all 3 Faraway games have levels 19 & 20 available! I got all notes except note 3 in level 20

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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