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Room Escape 4: Movie Theatre Walkthrough

Room Escape 4: Movie Theatre

Room Escape 4: Movie Theatre is another Chinese point & click room escape game developed by 4399. In this game, you are trapped in a movie theatre and your objective is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. There are 15 levels with a bathful of challenging puzzles to solve. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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tautau walkthrough please

1/ take electrc device under megaphone and thread nearby elctric post, put them togheter and put them in electric post

middle of screen see 1760

gives key and 2/

2/ uncomprehenseble, I 'll give the codes

make hammer, then on window and go to stage

more easy this one, going on to 9

Stuck on 5. I have 2 pieces of puzzle, 1 guitar string and need to find 2 number clues.

@sweet4grease: there's a piece of puzzle beside the duck.

Otherwise I'm stuck at same place as you. Used knife to puncture salt/sugar cellar on bar - nothing to collect salt in though.

Puzzle pieces: on table, near swan and in the bar

There is a lighter in the sugar/salt

Ty Anja. I'd clicked around there for a while but hadn't found it : )

Guitar string mends wire behind telephone number puzzle

Stuck with a blue paper in No. 11

level 6

Tape 2 rods together to reach object in ceiling light

Stuck in lvl 7. Place black object in one of the 7 ring binders. Now they can all rise up or go back down. Nothing happens. Tried code from dice on board game on 4-digit floor puzzle. Nothing. Noted morse code, possible code word (Pacific) and other hotspots. No joy yet.

Another number puzzle on chair. Board game code works there.

Now have white connector cable and what looks like a piece of giraffe neck (honestly). Stuck again.

Use connector cable in table view with chess board on top right

There are 3 hints on board with morse code! One is for the folders

Read Morse code on colour grid L to R

Ty Anja!

"Giraffe" turns out to be something else entirely, lol

Level 8

Looking for place to use stanley knife

... and found it on ceiling

Level 9

Align white pieces on 5-block tower

Need one more wing for aeroplane. Have battery.

Check whiteboard for handle positions of 3 x 4 chest. You only need top 2 rows.

Move knight (from train puzzle) across chessboard for plane wing.

Level 10

Numbers from 6 names. Not working in any order (alphabetical etc) for monitor code

Finally got orange-green sequence

Combine steel rod and rope, add to ladder

Dear me - simplest sequence imaginable for number code (from names).

On to level 11

don't get morse code/panel thing?

Solved wheel, barrels, bears. Have shiny blue panel - won't go anywhere. Need something for computer CD slot and solution for wooden pegs

Zuleika: Do you get something from bears???? From barrels you got a CD für PC and hint for pegs.

You will get the bue panel later, when you have got a candle for the light.

I put the candle near bears, but nothing happend. And I can't put the blue thing anywhere :(

I put lthe candle into the lighet nearby the bears, a blue sword appeard between the bears and you have to click on it to get le blue thing.

vero: where have you put the blue card you get from the knight?

I have put it on the wheel (circled number), you need 3.

No - I mean the blue rectangle card, not the round blue things

The blue card goes on the candle light

Ah POP helps!!! Now I found the little spot, where to put the blue card!!!!

Can't understand color code in level 15 even though I see the WT

Ah, found color for I,II, IV, V and VI. Guess for III.

Zuleika Smith 8/26/18, 5:30 AM

Read Morse code on colour grid L to R

You mean R to L, had me stuck for a half hour

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally out. Really hard to find all hotspots in this game. Thanks for all the hints.

@ Unknown: L to R worked for me

Stuck in 12 too only with blue tape. I think I need something to cut the tape

Alter a lot of clicking on fan it works and I got a key!

Finaly out - great game!!!

I'm stuck on level 9. Need one more wing, one more action figure, the 3 letter code and the 4 digit code. Is that from the whiteboard?

checked the WT - there were several solutions to the 4 digit code - was that trial and error?

anyway, on to 10

Several things I couldn't figure out, but a very good game. Warning: don't start this game if you don't have a lot of time )

anyone know where the music mute button is?

Can anyone please spoil the room with the numbers on the walls and the colors?

Incredible game!! Finally figured how to get video WT each rm. when I got stuck (and there were plenty). I was grieving over not seeing any Feg or 5n games but this one is fabulous. I'm in love.

Oh yes, it took me 2 days to finish but it was worth it.

Names on wall, short to long is code.

Just starting -- stuck in level 4.
Have an "S" hook and what looks like a needle.

Of course, the "needle" may very well be a hammer handle

Stuck on 9. Need number code and cannot find any video WT at all. Where did you find it guys ?

Re tosca's comment on level 2.

3 digit code (on briefcase) There are 3 clues for the middle column: table leg, spill right coffee, mop up coffee spill.

4 digit code: count number of people in colored frames (one hiding behind a pillow, one in briefcase)

lvl 3
Put sword in scabbard and place by door, put 3 golf balls in green cups, pour coke in coffee cup

@Eric -- do you remember level 4? (dressing room)
I could try to catch up with you.
blocked sink, locked heater, AC unit

@Puzzle -- don't remember well but you need a drain opener (2 parts) for the sink.

Thanks, Eric, for the response.
I've clicked everywhere in that room and all I've found is a stick and an "S" hook. Guess the stick is half the drain opener. Will give it one more try

OMG -- Totally missed the left scene and red curtain!!!

Lvl 6 - A Tardis!

lvl 8 -- love the rubber ducky in the safe with all the cash (of course, I only want the ?ruler? No it's a cutter blade

Lvl 4 Lines puzzle -> all horizontal lines.

Lvl 9: drawer handles puzzle hint is on white board.

Finally made it to lvl 9
... so far:
- look under cushions
- do arithmetic on easel (only one answer is correct, just keep trying) for a 4 digit clue
- a couple of lonely super heroes -- find their friends for a clue
- an unfinished space shuttle model
- the easel has a another clue for the drawers by the exit door

- battery in remote, works on train set, but gives a chess knight, not a shuttle wing!

(PS just realized that's Sheldon's couch! How many cultural references have just flown over my head?!))

Finally found chess board in front of couch ...

Hi, Nini! Hope Eric911 got his answer..

Lvl 10 number puzzle -> click ALL names' numbers

Hey Puzzled :D

Lvl 11: Using Sword on pic gives number wheel hint

Look for barrels scattered around.

PC gives hint to levers.

Kinda BFed bear heads.. (maybe the hint is the drawing beside knight).

Hmm I guess I'm stuck on 11. Need 1 more gem and have only a squared blue piece in my inv.

Nvm . blue piece goes near the candle to cast a blue light on the bear wall.

Well keep leaving hints -- I need to take a break ...

LVL 13:

3 numbers scattered around.

Sneaky item inside cereal.

Number code? Us your detective skills.

LVL 14:

Lock pick heli (hint on blue door)

That window is loose!

Turn on the light and use star hint.

Turn off the light for a 3-dig code

LVL 15:

The bookshelf is very dark

Green liquid + green liquid = key

This book is so hard to read! The letters are so tiny!

Final puzzle -> First you need keys, then you need colors (roman numerals from 1 to 6), then you need equations.

For video WT, scroll down the page you're on and it has each room WT up to rm. 10. Then if you look top right of the WT screen, there's a small arrow to the right. That will take you to rm. 11, etc. Good luck and have fun!! I sure did.

Thank you bettyboop

GREAT game, except for the click-fest part. I'm on 11, have 2 clues and can't find were to use either.
This used to be called a "pixel hunt", as many early escape games had ridiculously small hot spots.
I wish Betty Boop would have clued us in on where the WT vids are!!!

@ Wenmomojo,

Look above at my post at 6:28. I thought everyone would be long gone and finished before me when I posted that!

My bad!
Thank you dear! I must have not updated between my posts, assuming all other players no longer active.

       Anonymous  8/29/18, 7:09 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

as I don't have much time these days, I can only play 1-2 lvls a day, hence slowly moving forward (at lvl-8 so far) - thx ppl for the hints

thx for creating this game, 4399 ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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