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September 15, 2018

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Escape Game: Autumn Walkthrough

Escape Game: Autumn

[MOBILE: Android/iOS] Escape Game: Autumn is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Jammsworks. In this game, you are trapped in a house occupied by autumn leaves, mushrooms and squirrels. Find and combine items and hints to solve puzzles and then just escape! A bonus is also available after the game. Good luck and have fun! ☺

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       Anonymous  9/15/18, 1:48 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

as this app is incompatible with my device (playing on NoxPlayer, my Android emulator to be able to play mobile games on my computer), I had to download the game via the other APK link
(for that, enable «install from unknown sources» in your mobile device settings - there are loads of instructions how to do that on the internet:

ありがとう for creating this game, Asahi ☺

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:00 AM  

hint bottom of TV for

tea bags in cups

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:03 AM  

oh, accidentally solved suitcase puzzle...
(now, what was the hint...?)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:06 AM  

ah, the boot

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:07 AM  

leaves on papers for box under chair with squirrel with pencil

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:08 AM  

wind-up key for toy car
(can't be bothered to camouflage my hints atm)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:09 AM  

check acorns above tea cups for door

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:12 AM  

oh, there are other (white) tea cups to pour hot water in for colour hint
(I meant the blue ones before)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:12 AM  

path starts from house for puzzle

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:15 AM  

playing with only STM (short-term memory) on ☻
I mostly forget the hint until I find the puzzle in this huge room (as usual for Jammsworks)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:15 AM  

assembled paper for phone

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:17 AM  

but where can I find that postman squirrel...?

anyway, as car moved now on button, I now see the hint for circle parts

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:18 AM  

oh, is that the postman with circle on paper...?

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:20 AM  

btw, very soothing tune ♥

books for puzzle beneath white cups

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:22 AM  

counting coloured pine cones along the way...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:24 AM  

d/find where to use l/r hint from plane squirrel...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:26 AM  

& I think I need to get pencil in exchange with sth to sharpen it...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:29 AM  

oh, forgot the 2 yellow pine cones next to phone

cage colour number


       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:31 AM  

finally found freed bird on windowsill above tea pot hint

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:32 AM  

LOL - & where was a keyhole again...?! ☻

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:37 AM  

anyway, will find it for sure

b/w paint tubes for b/w buttons beneath white tea cups

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:39 AM  

revealed leaf hint t->b (use pin remover) for same place (white cups)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:42 AM  

ah, postman wants a stamp

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:44 AM  

ah, remember another game (I think it was Nakayubi) where we had to pierce the bubble of sleeping animals

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:49 AM  

oh, just saw:
JW just released a new one...!
(will be posted shortly of course)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:53 AM  

OMG, that mini game tune makes me so nervous - can't almost play it (muting)
besides, I mostly have troubles with such kind of games...

as I play on my emulator with the mouse, I d/find out yet how to move the dude up & down...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 2:57 AM  

btw, hint for mobile is bookshelf

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:02 AM  

well, couldn't tilt my laptop up & down ☻
but got 15 pine cones anyway (you need 12 I think) & finished to open top drawer beneath phone next to bed

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:04 AM  

ah, now have tongues for that hot sweet potatoe in fireplace & in it the gift to exchange pencil

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:06 AM  

oops, tongs ☻
(but you need tongues - at least one - to eat)

now go & be a painter

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:07 AM  

but what was triggered by my drawing...?

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:08 AM  

ah, way to shroom house is free now

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:09 AM  

LOL - & what to do with the bodybuilder...?! ☻

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:12 AM  

ah, it's the hint for TV drawer

btw, since the mini game (I think), my game spots are a bit skewed - I must click more to the right than on the spot to get the right one...!

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:12 AM  

ah, now the plane l/r hint for taps (1 installed)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:14 AM  

oh, I'm envious - don't have a bathtub (only a shower)

was the coin for cooling the squirrel's front...?! ☻

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:15 AM  

finally suitcase card can be treatened

btw, bottom drawer of night table still blocked...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:17 AM  

but logically, playing the other mini game will do it...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:20 AM  

phew, another mini game getting on my nerves finished ☻

thankfully there's the soothing tune again ♥

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:22 AM  

seems to have been glue to fix plane

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:24 AM  

now need a 4#code...

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:30 AM  

hm. nothing in shroom house...
(or what's the meaning of the house sign on door...?)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:31 AM  

(thought that there would be a sequence in lifting weights, but nope)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 3:46 AM  

couldn't even watch movie=ad (failed) for a hint...

but wait!
the house is the same (menu)...
now that's sneaky!

LOL - why going in again - we were already outside the house...! ☻

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 4:24 AM  

8 squirrels

- look with binocs at planes outside
- from shroom house (click shrooms as per hint on bookshelf drawer)
- bed (fork is pointy, too)
- fireplace (be a painter again for tea bags in blue cups)
- moved car
- cage (car lights)
- bathing belle (acorn as plug)
- calling postman again (hint on mobile)

       Anonymous  9/15/18, 4:25 AM  

wow, 46 comments (incl. this one) in a row...!
I think, this is a soliloquizing record ☻

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