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Escape Game: Ayakashi Night Market Walkthrough

Escape Game: Ayakashi Night Market

[MOBILE] Escape Game: Ayakashi Night Market is another premium quality Japanese point & click adventure type escape game developed by ActKey. Ayakashi are supernatural beings (like spirits or monsters) in the Japanese culture. In this game, you must help Youta's older sister to find a cure for her younger brother. He has a bad and weak heart. He can't do much exercising and he has to put up with a load of other things. Youta never complains though. He never says that it is hard. He's very nice... and very strong... His sister decided - because she loves Youta so much - that she will protect him, no matter what happens! Because she wants him to smile. However, she thinks to herself: why does it have to be him? He never did anything wrong... Youta's older sister wishes that was something that could cure him... In 8 stages, deal with the Ayakashi and find and use items and hints for solving puzzles in order to finally get a working medicine for Youta. There are three different endings. Language barrier may be an issue. Good luck and have fun!
[Translation by Nini xD]

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       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:38 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

this game was a marathon for Nini to translate
thx a bunch for your great job! ♥

everal next comments are citations of what Nini found out &/or translated

ありがとう for creating this game, ActKey ☺

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:39 AM  

upper option bottom left for new game
lower option bottom left for choosing (restarting) the stage

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:41 AM  

cit. Nini

«Youta, are you ok? We'll be home soon...»
«I'm fine, sis... I'm sorry. It's because I said selfish things...»
«You did nothing wrong! Don't worry, we'll go home soon and have a nice rest. Go home, rest and then we'll light fireworks together.»
(«This alley is a shortcut home if we go straight. However, I wonder why I feel so far from home right now.»)

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:43 AM  

cit. Nini

«What is this...? Some sort of drugstore poster? It's written . Maybe it's about a medicine that can cure anything?! Then, even Youta's sickness will...!»
«Yikes! Hm? A costume...?»
«Hm, this is so unusual... What are you doing in a place like this?»
«My brother is sick. His heart is bad.»
«Oh... then there's a great medicine for that!»
«A medicine... like the one from that poster over there?»
«No way! It's a precious universal drug! What I'm selling is a drug that can stop the attacks for a while. The effect should last until you go home. How do you like it? But you have to give me something in return... Hm...?! This girl has it!»
«What? Are you talking about these fireworks?»
«Yes! How about you give me all of those?»
«Exchange for these fireworks...? But they are for...»

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:44 AM  

cit. Nini

«Right. Here's your medicine.»
«Youta, how are you feeling?»
«Hm... Fine. It's gradually getting better.»
«Thank God!»
«Yeah, yeah, thank God... and I also profited! So, now I'm taking my leave.»
«Hey wait... he left. I though I'd get more details about the medicine... this drug that can cure anything... Such a thing, I wonder where I can buy more of it... Hm? I can see lights all of a sudden... and people's voices too!»
«It seems like a fun festival!»
«I didn't hear of any festivals around here today. Did we... take the wrong path? If we don't go back... Oh no, it can't be. The path is gone! Then, how did we get here?»
«Sis! Let's go there!»
«Hey wait, Youta!»

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:45 AM  

cit. Nini

«What is... this place? That is not a human being... That cat from before wasn't human either.»
«It's fine Youta! Just follow me!»

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:46 AM  

cit. Nini

«Phew, there seems to be no one here.»
«Sis, are you ok?»
«I am, but we shouldn't have taken that shortcut. We need to find our way home.»
« Oh? This is unusual.»
« A h-human?»
« Hm? Ahahah! Do I look human?»
«Youta let's go!»
«Wait, wait. You guys... what did you want that you ended up here?»
«A drug that can cure anyhting. Is there really such a thing?»
«A drug, huh? Then, there's a drugstore right there. This place is the Ayakashi's night market, we have almost everything here, but once you get lost here, it's so easy to get out.»
«Oh no...»
«Haha, don't worry. Once you get what you want, you'll be able to leave.»
«We don't have much money. It's such a rare medicine that we don't know if we can buy it or not..»
«Money? This thing is of no significance here. We do exchanges and the owner decides if the value of the exchange is balanced or not. For the time being, try to find something that can be exchanged.»
«Haha, don't worry. Because you're human, nothing will eat or attack you.»

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:50 AM  

cit. Nini

Language Barrier (LB):

Food puzzle
Hint: Food memo from drugstore that says


You don't have much to trade the food for, so take the least pricey foods
(from the memo, you know the cheap ones are the tacos and the egg).

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:51 AM  

cit. Nini


Pipe blue buttons puzzle
Hint: At the main market scene, look up at the blue sign to the left.
It reads: くだもの
On the pipes, there's a phrase:
もくもくの雲だ -> もくもくのくもだ.
The blue sign tells you what each button is and the phrase gives you the order.

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:52 AM  

cit. Nini


Box beside bird-shoe fixing-spirits:
The puzzle is too small to see, you need something to enlarge it.

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:55 AM  

(cit. Nini)
CB behind frog spirit (while he's asleep)
The answer is the number of «katakana»
(symbols JP use to write foreign words)
each symbol contains.
The hint is in the CB itself:
左=ナエ=2 右=ナロ=2.
佑=イナロ=3, so

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:57 AM  

(cit. Nini)
Combine color wheel memo with board inside drugstore and complete the paper the drug seller is writing.
The paper reads:
«Start with the blue banner on the left = り
Then the yellow house on the right =
Then the red tree on the right =
Then the house on the left =
The medicine order is ???.»

There's a catch though, because the memo tells you which colors are opposite to each other.
Also, the store spirit told you that he got the instructions wrong (the opposite).

Start with the orange banner on the right = り
Then the purple house on the left =  
Then the green tree on the left =
Then the house on the right =
The medicine asked is ???.

Follow the road as per the correct instructions to get: りすぐい.
But if we go back to the drugstore on the bottom of the map, we'll do the opposite way, resulting in いぐすり
(which translates to «stomach medicine»).

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 11:58 AM  

(cit. Nini)
Skewer shop minigame:
Make 10 skewers following the instructions on the top of the screen.
The number of lines beside each color is the number of times that ingredient should be chosen.

Skewers order: from 1 to 5 -> 一 二 三 四 五

Red CB on skewer shop:
The symbols are framed in a way very similar to the onion rings on the grill. Combine onion positions & plate for the answer: マイドアリ

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 12:00 PM  

(cit. Nini)
The red squared piece refers to the sign across from the skewer shop.
It tells us to read while tilting our heads to the right and also, upside down. We get:
あかとし ろよめ.
This translates to «read red and white».
If we do that we get: あやかし and that's the lantern's answer.

(talk with your brother for the answers)

Q1 - What's the pattern of the hand towel?
Answer - Polka dot (水玉).

Q2 - And what color was that?
Answer - Black (黒色).

Q3 - How many beards monsters are there?
Answer - 5

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 12:04 PM  

(cit. Nini)
Red box:
Match the symbol to the colored circle.
Symbols: 白 ロ 目.
Go around the market and search for some signs that contain the circle:

Black sign - 見世モノ小屋 - Red circle is 目
Red sign- アソビゴコロ - Blue circle is ロ
Drugstore sign - 薬 - Black circle is 白


Freak show (見世モノ小屋) owner wants something golden.

Look for lanterns around the market and see what's written on them:

Gigantic lantern: あやかしよいち
Medium lantern: ようかい
Small lantern: ばけもの

The books tells you to take
- the 1st character from the medium sized lantern, - the first character from the big one and
- the 2nd from the small one.
So the answer is: よあけ.

Your brother knows some origami
(give origami to the cat and get back your fireworks).
Trade the fireworks for the medicine you wanted!

       Anonymous  9/8/18, 12:07 PM  

(cit. Nini)
After the sister returns to the alley, she notices her brother can't leave with her. That's because he has to remain in the Ayakashi world, the reason being that only the sister got what she wanted. If she tries to return, she'll wander forever without knowing what she wants.
The spirit guy then offers a trade, because he is also stuck on the market and wants to leave. The thing he wants is a face, her face in this case.
Youta doesn't want her to accept the deal and chooses to stay in the market, but the spirit is still trying to convince her.

Now you can make a choice:
To choose one of the 2 options
(accept the trade or not).
But the correct answer is

to wait and not to choose.

The sister can't make a choice because both choices will hurt her brother.
So she rather stay with him in the market forever.
You then find out the spirit is kidding, but your brother still can't leave, because Youta hasn't got anything that he wanted.
The spirit then grabs some fireworks and gives them to Youta, because the brother entertained the spirit and it had a good time.
The spirit leaves and the market fades away, showing the way back home.

It felt like they stayed in the market for a long time, but in the real world, no time seemed to have passed at all.
Everything that happened seemed like a dream.
But, was the spirit really kidding?
Maybe Youta could have left even without the fireworks...
What would have happened if she had chosen something different?

Youta drank the medicine and got better than ever.
And after some years, he got taller than her!
They never told anyone about that day, though.
At that time, the fireworks actually meant so much for Youta, but maybe not now that he's grown.
Does he still remember the color of those fireworks?
If they went in the market now, what would they want?


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