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[MOBILE] Stairs is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by HozDesign. In this game, you notice that you were left alone in a lonesome backyard of an office building in the suburbs. The escape route must be an emergency exit in the garden, but it is locked, and the way to open is unknown. The only way to escape is to climb several sets of stairs and solve the puzzles on each floor by finding and using items and hints. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Play on iOS

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       Anonymous  9/20/18, 11:00 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

still d/have found an appropriate free iOS emulator, hence no gameplay for me
(& d/have an iPhone or iPad)
but mayhaps Nini will come & provide some hints...?

ありがとう for creating this game, Yukihiro ☺

I found this game reaaaly tricky, but it's very well made! One of my fav iOS devs :)

I'm working on a WT to be posted soon :)

       Anonymous  9/20/18, 11:03 AM  

(cit. Nini)

Swipe left and right to move.
When you are stuck, there's a hint button.
Camera can take up to 5 pics.
Auto save funtion.

Stairs WT


You turn by sliding left and right. The game has an autosave function.

Zoom in on the door and grab a camera. You can take up to 5 pics of everything you find interesting, such as hints ;)
Climb up to the 2nd floor and enter the room. Notice the green chairs and how they are positioned. Turn around and grab a pickaxe head from the floor.
Go to the 1st floor and zoom in on the panel to the left of the door. Use the green chairs as hint. Answer: https://i.imgur.com/ar7092R.png
Door 1 is now open. Enter the room and notice a bunch of clocks. Turn around and check the mat that says "WELCOME".
Go to the 3rd floor and pick up a yellow marker near Door 3. Use the clocks + door mat as hints to open the panel on this floor. The panel wants the position of the red hand (seconds) and you start on 12 o'clock and go clockwise, the closer to the start the red needle is the higher. Answer: (position 1 - up / 2 - center / 3 - bottom)

(Wien) W - 1
(Edmonton) E - 3
(London) L - 2
(Chicago) C - 1
(Oslo) O - 2
(Madrid) M - 3
(Edmonton) E - 3

So: 1321233

Enter Room 3 and zoom in on the banana pic. Use the yellow marker to paint it and see a hint. Turn around and grab an umbrella. Notice the colors on the umbrella holder.
Go back to ground floor and zoom in on the red box below the stairs. Combine banana pic + clocks for the answer. Answer: Oslo (2) / Chicago (3) / Wien (4). Take the n-th letter of each clock:
2nd letter of Oslo = S
3rd letter of Chicago = I
4th letter of Wien = N

So, answer is SIN. Get pliers.

Enter Room 1 and turn around. Use pliers to cut wire holding the silver key. Don't forget to also get the piece of wire that fell on the ground.
Go to the 3rd floor and turn around to face the stairs. Use the silver key to open the locked gate that was preventing you from reaching higher floors.
Go to Floor 5 and use umbrella to reach the circle-shaped metal above the door, making a ladder to Floor 6 appear. Climb it and zoom in on the panel to the left of Door 6. Open the panel and grab a red marker from above it (notice the colored triangles on the marker). From inspecting the panel, you can see that there are 3 possible states for each button (gray / red / yellow). Red and yellow.. have you seen red and yellow somewhere? Oh.. the pics on Room 3! What about a black line on a gray background... hm... the cables!
So first things first: go back to room 3 and paint the apple pic red. (get a blue moon).


Now let's start working on that Door 6 panel. The panel has 6 buttons and there're 6 floors in total (higher button represents the 6th floor and lowest the 1st floor). The black lines represent the cables connecting panels on each floor. If you check the panels you'll see that they are not on the same position:

Floor 1: Right
Floor 2: No panel
Floor 3: Left
Floor 4: No panel
Floor 5: Left
Floor 6: Right

Apple and banana pics give you the color for each direction: Red is Left and Yellow is Right.

Answer: Y R - R - Y. Door 6 is now open.

Enter Room 6 and get an orange circle and binoculars. About item on binoculars for a red button. Turn around and check doormat, get a memo.

Go to the 5th floor and turn around. Grab a metal tube that was a bit loose. Combine tube + pickaxe head for a complete pickaxe. Use pick axe on Room 4 to break the wall a little bit. Zoom in on the wall opening and use umbrella to get a purple star. Use binoculars to see the clock.

Go back to Floor 5 and zoom in on the panel. About item the wire and cut it with pliers. Use the pieces on the panel as well as the red button. From inspecting the panel, we notice that numbers go from 1 to 6 (floors) and that are shapes for each pair of numbers. By going around each room once again we see that the shapes on panel 5 refers to the objects on the walls of each room:

Floor 1: Circle (clocks)
Floor 2: Square (safe)
Floor 3: Square (pics)
Floor 4: Circle (clock)
Floor 5: Triangle (huge black triangle on the wall lol)
Floor 6: Triangle (shelves)


1 - 4
5 - 6
2 - 3

There's now a red light coming from Room 5. Notice the hint on the black triangle.

Go to Room 6 and notice you can place circle/moon/star on the shelves. The hints are umbrella holder + red marker:

Umbrella holder: Tells us that blue is an upside down triangle on top of an orange regular triangle.

Red marker: If blue is an upside down triangle, then purple is one as well and it's to the right side of blue.

Answer: https://i.imgur.com/wbyz7eR.png

Get a black key from the shelves. Go back to floor 2 and use this key on safe. There's a piece of a memo pinned to the safe. Obviously it's the memo you have on your inventory. Notice the color of the pin (orange). Now for the puzzle: The safe has 4 LEDs that'll probably light up one by one if a certain combination is entered. The memo has 4 numbers (6134).. so maybe ... it has to do with the floors? Let's go to the Room 6 then.. Hm.. only some chairs here.. But wait! There's an orange chair, just like the orange pin! What about Rooms 1, 3 and 4? There're orange chairs too! So, we need to enter the positions of each chair in order:



Turn the key after each input.

Room 6: 159
Room 1: 36978
Room 3: 123789
Room 4: 789

Get a red triangle from the safe.

Now we're almost free! Go to the exit door and place the red triangle there. Remember the hint on Room 5 (black triangle) and the clock on Room 4?

Room 5: 3906 0369 9063

Room 4:

0 o'clock - triangle facing up
3 o'clock - triangle facing left
6 o'clock - triangle facing down
9 o'clock - triangle facing right

Answer: RLDU DRUL LDUR (the real positions on the door).

And you're out :)

       Anonymous  9/20/18, 12:37 PM  

oh, skimming thru the WT - thx for taking the time to write one, Nini - I really would have ♥ to play the game...! :-/
oh, alas, hopefully the next one will be also for Android...

For us mere mortals using Android, that version was just released on Google play today :)

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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