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Epresto Riddle of Doors

Epresto Riddle of Doors is another riddle game developed by Epresto. «When you think you have found the answer to a level, change the url by replacing the previous answer with the new answer. If the answer is right, you will get to the next level, otherwise you will get a page which says: <error 404> (that darn cat!!!). Most of the time, the clues you need will be in the picture or text in the level. Sometimes, there will be eggs or additional information to find in order to solve the level. And sometimes, Google will help. There are no hints in source or exif.» Good luck and have fun! [Created and submitted by Epresto]

Note: Please do not post direct answers - hints only - and start your hint with R# (Room Number) - thanks!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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New riddle by Em way to go

Good to see you mtatt100 Enjoy the game

Congratulations Elpresto

Thanks Epresto! I'm in.

Thanks Epresto, look forward to playing :)

It's amazing to see all the "old regulars" come back to EG24 to support one of their "own".. Otherwise, they are MIA

any help at R3?

It's a really bad poem, but at least it rhymes

thanks E Presto!

im still stuck in room 1

R1, google is your friend.

Hi all, hope you enjoy the riddle :)

Hi Enjoy, these old regulars like riddles so they come back when a riddle is released. That's all there is to it. I hope we get some new regulars from these mind teaser games. If stuck, ask for help, if you can help, give hints for others.....like the good old days.....

Donas. Any issues, email me directly: loki.serves@gmail.com Thanks for looking after the thread.

i suck so bad at these. i dont even know why i try

Jinx McGee, see if google can find those questions

Jinx McGee, seek the Holy Grail !

don't understand how to input the answer. For example, if the answer is "snow" what do I type in for the answer

mommyb, if your answer is snow, it would look like this


Ah a new riddle :) thanks for making Em :)

Oh lovely. A new riddle. How exciting. Thank you E Presto.

I'm happy to see some excited players! I hope you all enjoy it! :)

level 1 made me laugh. LOL

So far yes E Presto, thank you.

I'm in room 5, I think about what the man said ...

Could I get a hint please?

Arrie, try listening to what he says


For one thing, try saying it out loud

thank you.

Room 3, read the poem but nothing comes up, can I get a hint please?

R3, counting will lead to an egg that should help

R5,is it about numbers and if so where do we choose from?

The only important part is what the old man says

R4 - Are the clothes supposed to spell something? Those pants look like a "V", but everything else is pretty vague.

Try naming each piece

I like the puzzles and so forth, but it really wouldn't be to hard to make a wrong answer just redirect back to the same puzzle page instead of showing 404 and it would make gameplay much smoother

EscaperPaper, if I knew how to, I would have made a wrong answer keep you on the same page. Sorry if it spoils the riddle for you.

r3 tried recounting (after egg) tried rearranging letters that got me to egg... what am I missing?

Robin I like the way that egg rhymes :) Listening should help too

Excellent, a new riddle. Thanks for this E Presto.

Got level 1 okay (funny), but not sure where to start on level 2. I've seen the hidden text, but can't find them. If that makes sense :)

Any help welcome.

Naming each piece...

Jeans/Pants, Shorts, Shirt, Skirt, Dress (could also be skirt), T-Shirt.

Not many anagram matches for JSSSDT...

1054, you need to find out if your words are correct.
where could you try that?

Look closely
Try the names

Mackem, perhaps you can take a closer look?

Thanks E Presto, got it now.

R7 a little boost?

R7, Sofia, have you found her gift?

R6, tried counting letters, words. Tried to look at each line a unique riddle but nothing with that. Can I get a hint please

Did you see what she gave you?

Donas727, so I reread the egg and did what it said literally and it took me to R6?

R4 - The names are subjective. Jeans, dungarees, denims, slacks, and pants are all possible names for the first item. Throw in a colloquialism, and it opens a whole world of possibilities.

This level is too vague, and appears it will be my stopping point.

No counting needed, first line is a play on words.

you can check you have the right names

Robin, just a little too literal for R3, lol. Look at each couplet and say them out loud

I too hit the wall at Room 6.

R6, Arrie, for "the" answer, maybe look at the 3rd line, what words might you call a boy child?

Ah thanks Donas :)

Got the egg on l3, but can't move forward. Yes there's a rhyme, but I can't see the relevance or use it to solve the riddle :(

Donas, I scrolled through a list of boys' names, very nice. I'm not good at these puzzles :).

But had help : one word in the first line with a double meaning and oh, yes, knowing the answer .... I now see the boy child.
Phew, thank you.

R7 do I have to name the contain of the gift or count something?

Mackem, look at each pair of rhymes and listen for a common part

R7 some counting is needed

Thanks Donas, I'll try that, not sure at the moment though, I presume this refers to the original level, not the egg....

R7, there are two different things to count on the gift, try combining them.

Okay, I got it now. Thanks for the shove. Onto level 4 :)

i think i made a boo-boo. i typed what i thought was the answer to room 2 and it took me to room 24 O.o

lol Jinx, me too.

so arrie, if you figure it out, give a hint to a sister =]

Jinx, lol yes what you tried isn't answer to room 2

Jinx look closely at the picture, you might find some things in it

oh lol i'm blind. i actually had to lean in lmao

there are many hints on room 2 here Jinx, and E Presto added an extra push :)

ah lol.

Level 4.

I've checked the items and found all of them except number 3. It's clearly a j.....t or a b....r, but neither are accepted!
Any tips?

Try a s...t

Oh, for gods sake, it's what you wear under what it looked like lol

LOL Mackem

Got it, onto level 5.

Hey EP, I like this :)

I'm really glad to hear that Mackem :)

R7 still stuck, not sure what to count as per hinted above, I know she gave f*****s, but not sure what to count from there.

did you get the egg page Robin?

I'm with you robin, I don't know how to count with them through the text either.

Arrie, for R7 you don't need the text that way

no I didn't even find an egg E-Presto, tried counting all sorts of things but not getting anything but 404

thank you, I also tried using them on their own, lol. Same result.

But Robin, you mentioned what the girl gave you!
Didn't you take a look at them ??

Robin, maybe try mouse over her gift

arrie, sometimes it's valuable to count multiple things

I am completely blinded by the bright light of room 8. I tried a bucket of paint but can't see clearly. Is that the right way?

Maybe it would be easier to see if there was less light?

wow, ok just did, thanks arrie, but still not sure what to count.

oh, you could mouse over her gift! I hadn't noticed.
You really have special tricks, E Presto.

two thing to count on each, put them together

R8 thanks, I was 'blinded' but 'feeling' good now :)

R7 I am just not seeing it, tried counting separate parts of gift, tried mouseover but not finding anything more than I see without it..... can I get a bigger push please.

mouseover was to help find egg page. It sounds like you know what to count, now think digits.

oh ... there's no hint to do that, is there? Or am I overlooking that?

On level 5 are we counting, or is it simpler than that?

And why is Nein 8?

I'm stopping for now. Still not getting anything readable. Perhaps tomorrow will be better :)
Thanks E Presto. I'm enjoying this one.

R7, some have two digits.

ah, there are digits and numbers. It IS late, thank you Dutchie, I think I understand now.
I thought I had to count the lines in digital numbers. Sorry.

Nein isn't 8, listen to what he says to find the numbers you need for counting

thank you Dutchie, that was the push I needed, onto R8

I'm afraid it's my bedtime now (work in the morning) but I'll be back here tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile go on asking for hints when you need them! Good luck!

Thanks for the hint EP, but I'm bushed right now.

I'll have another go tomorrow after work.

R8 do I need red luth or something similar to decipher what I see? cause I am not finding the proper cipher if so.

robin, you will need additional help to see, that light is blinding! Red Luth can help you

thank you donas onto 9

Have identified clothing items on R4 but no clue what to do with them? Also, have found no eggs; was I supposed to by now?

R4, Lisa King, try what you identified as an answer, that should help for eggs

Lisa, if you identified the first item correctly then you have the first letter, so if the are all correct then you should get letters 1,2,3 etc

Room 14 has me stumped. Maybe I am not looking for the correct thing. Should I be looking at the picture or the text.

Thanks Donas. I tried the whole string of words, which goes nowhere. Struggling...

R14, Hi Lin, the picture is what you need, but it has text too

lisa, did you get the ok on all of the words?

Oh just saw your comment, Robin. Yes,I have six letters that do nothing. Why am I so dense??

R9, do I use the math on the text if so how? tried by word and letter and then per sentence and then counting letters combined with sample math on side... not getting anything legit

Lisa so you have your First letter (1), your Second letter (2) should fall into place... 1-1 2-2 etc

I am stuck on Room 4 - I have identified all the articles of clothing, but now what?

R4 use letters 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, step it up

Argh, thanks Robin!


lol enjoy, that was a hint not a demand...lol


got the egg on 5 after reading what the old man says out loud. Count again?

Enjoy ... . not sure if you need the count

ugh.. don't know

What was your question?

what do you do after the egg on 5? won=one etc

you question was... count again? don't think you need the count.

yes, count for a letter each line

I did that and it have me an egg. "Tryagain" ugh.. I am too dumb for riddles

sorry, I never found the egg, on R5, just the answer so was a little confused...each line has a "won=?" apply each to the line it is in

then don't "try" Enjoy

Enjoy, literally do what your egg says :)

don't "count' or "try" just.....

Donas can you give me a shove on 9, tried math everywhich way and not getting anything but jibberish,

Robin, for R9, if you get a total for your math, it should remind you of something, set that up like the equations and look for a way to use the other part

donas. if I add all the totals I get 30, if I just use each sum I get jibberish, what am I missing? already tried first word fifth letter etc... just getting nothing

R9 Just add the equations up you should get a familiar figure that you then use the numbers in the middle

robin, 5 sums, you should check your math :)

do I need an egg here I see the letters and the letter from the bigger picture but don't anagram

Mtatt for R15, several eggs to find, no anagram

I have already done the side.. know what that is.. its how to apply the middle without jibberish and only getting 5 sums? do I delete the copy?

Robin Try to write the sums using letters in the form as shown on the left then pick using the middle numbers

R9 robin, if you make a grid with your sums, sometimes it takes two bits of information to coordinate your answer

I'm off for now, good luck all :)

R9 I've been stuck on it for a while now, I hope to see something (help) tomorrow when I take it back. TIA and goodnight all.

Verito, for R9, how could you get the 5th one and why is that answer familiar. Apply the sums to that 5th answer.

EP, it's just fine and your games are lovely. Just a suggestion, I'll keep playing if you keep making:)

morning, a little help with lvl1 to get started? not sure where to find a hint

Dazz Ley. Google is a good place to start.

thanks LinR, but am afraid I exactly have no idea how to get help from it, tried everything for hours, tried kris's hint, no luck, i'm so bad at these. should i type something? can you give one small help as to what to type or anything?

Room 10. Tried to google pic, film, maker, song, group, looking for a lyrics or something where someone got eaten. Not sure what i need.

Dazz Ley, google the three questions, read some dialogue and find out where the old man is from. the answer is a word and a number.

thank you confused!

R 10 find who the pic is supposed to be find the song put them together .Read all about it

R9 pls help,I have to write the words six six six eight twentysix in a grid or sth else?I dont get it

thanks mtatt, i will try!
sofia, make a grid of squares six,six,six,eight. what 26 things could you write inside the squares?

thanks confused!

Have the egg but fail to see how to move on also noted another missing line is that relevant ?

I cant solve R12. I thought it could have been the language with flags in different directions. What should I do with all their faces?

Made it to room 12 (thanks for the hints all) but now stuck, tried waving the flags and also tried feeling my way through but no luck so far. Can I get a hint please?

duchie, I solved it now.
What time is it?

Hammer Time ... no just joking hint is good lol

R13 is it about drawing lines?getting hard for me,five letters?

Thanks confused :) On 13 now!

yes Sofia you have to draw

Maybe try to find why it was necessary to remove some parts

I dont know why, but in R2 i couldn't get the hint to show up on my work computer, but was able to bring it up on my home computer

R16 I cant make the connection between the 2 pieces google just gives me the song tried to think literally for "more "but he didn't work

R13 hard for me to do it,always lines pass through other lines!

Jinx, the hint was removed, as it led to too much jumping forward!

sofia, maybe starting with the cat (can only mak one letter). The rhino would be an easy letter next. then you have less space for the last three.

yes,these are the two i found easily,having difficulties with the rest!

sofia, lower crab goes right first.

Sofia Try the armadillo next

thanks mtatt100 and confused

See the 6 letters on room 15 but can't find any eggs Can I get a hint please?

check the url

The pic on R14 looks like a popular cipher and first seem to spell a possible clue? Could I get a hint please?

R14 is mor.e or less a familiar cipher. Text gives hint where to look in pic.

Tried making an omelette with the eggs on 15 - it didn't taste nice at all, did I miss an ingredient?

hmmm did you combine your ingredients?

Cee Bee, I think maybe you did.

Thanks Epresto and LinR, I have a tasty omelette now :)

Thanks for the hints on room 15 :) but now stuck in room 16. Found the egg but no idea how to use it. Tried what it suggests and replaced a word but still nothing.

R16, Dutchie, try finding instead of replacing

R14 i know the cipher,but how do i seperate d..s and d....s properly?

R14, Sofia remember what he says is important, each word gives one

Thanks Donas, now the egg made sense with the number of words :)

R14 Sofia check the feet of the words in pic

Thanks for clues on 14 :) Now on R15 and have found 6 letters and see the url. I've tried grandma... but am not getting anything legible? Any hints here, please.

R15, The Newbie, granny won't help until you find some eggs, try using each letter 1 at a time

And I'm back in the saddle.

Got R5 and now onto R6.

I've seen some of the hints but I'm still a bit puzzled. Gonna crack on though and solve it :)

Confused, thank you so much.

Staring at second egg of room 17 for quite some time now but nothing comes up. Is number of left and shape of right important?

R17, Dutchie, google should help

Warning: Next comments will be on the next page

Dutchie, yes, shape of right is important and keep in mind where you started.

That was the push I needed, thanks :)

R15, Found an egg about waiting for ALL the light to go out? What am I missing?

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