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Nekonote Find Dwarfs: Winter 2012 Walkthrough

Nekonote Find Dwarfs: Winter 2012

[REPLAY] Nekonote Find Dwarfs: Winter 2012 is another premium quality Japanese point & click escape game developed by Nekonote. In this game, you are trapped in a snowy landscape, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your way. Collect all 10 dwarfs before you leave the location. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I love those games :)

take note where you find them pls

Code doesn't seem to work on fridge

My bad, check one of the trees outside.

haha break the ice and a monster is coming up

need the hint to snowmen to get the bucket!

Need coin, the bucket on the snowman's head and a pickaxe for the ice on the pond. Have fishfood right now.

Used items are cake and two keys.

@SwissMiss: check the floor of the barn.

How did you break the ice?

sarah - pick up a stone and bash it

thank you Cyberjar!

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 12:37 AM  

Check the cow's hay for the snowman clue

mmh got 8 now - all slots filled and used - they must be hiding somewhere

Ah thanks, didn't see that...

PS: Check back on the plate with the cake for another dwarf.

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 12:40 AM  

Ah thanks for the cake clue SarahB. Still missing one...

my plate is on the floor and I cant turn it over

Haha, check back on the pond. Gotta be quick.

Swiss, it should be sitting on the plate.

behind sign
on ice
under straw
barn top right
santas in window
from machine
empty plate
on cow when drinking

ahh Sarah - I got THAT one, I thought Under it!

hahaha - got the one on the sledge - one more

Last one's having fun at the pond. :)

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 12:44 AM  

Swiss Miss, did you get the one hiding in the snow in front of the snowmen?

and last one on little snowman - great game

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 12:49 AM  

That was fun :o)

Is anyone still around?
I cannot find the clue for the snowmen hands in order to get the bucket. I looked through the hay but just got the hint that the trough needs to be filled with water.

tarisa its under the hay in the barn by the big cow i cant find what tod o with teh fsih food

Ohhhh! I was clicking on the hay instead of the trough. Move the hay above the trough and the clue is there.

Now I got the dwarf on top of the snowman's head and the bucket. How do I get through the ice to fill the bucket with water?
I think the fish goes in the pond once I break through the ice.

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 1:33 AM  

Tarisa, pick up a stone in front of the snowmen somewhere to break the ice. Go round again then come back to feed the whale, who will give you a coin and sink so yiu can fill the bucket..

OK. Finally found the stone. It is on the very bottom right hand corner of the screen in the snowman view. Had to click several times to grab it.

Used stone to make a hole in the ice. Couldn't use the bucket or the fish on the hole. Had to leave that view and come back.
Then fed the fish to monster and filled the bucket with water.

Picked up coin from pond. Filled bucket with water from pond. Filled trough with water. Clicked on big cow andw as able to grab dwarf that was sitting on his back.

Used coin on sled and the dwarf fell out.
Missing one dwarf so went back to pond.
The last dwarf is on a sled gliding in front of the pond but I can't grab it. Slippery little bugger!

the hint to snowmen to get the bucket doesnt work
(click big-medium-small/ s-m-b ...?)

Got it the second time around. Now I have all 10.
I clicked on the EXIT sign and it asked if I really wanted to leave. Is there anything else to do? I think I'm done. So I clicked YES.

@pierpor: Look at the arms in the drawing above the trough. Spoiler below:

from left to right:
Up - Middle (for left snowman with blue buttons)
Middle - Down (for right snowman red buttons)

@pierpor: I will hang around until you are out so let me know when you are done.

Got it! Thanks Tarisa :)

Your welcome. Off to play Space Ship escape. Wish me luck!

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 2:49 AM  

For the sledding man, wait for him to cross right to left and then he will come back - he stops then and you can nab him.

A clue for the fridge please

Where is the fish food guy? How do you get into the house???

       Anonymous  12/20/12, 3:57 AM  

out cute !

I LOVE these cute games! I like the little squeak!

LOVED THIS!!! Ha ha ha ha ha...I had made a hole in pond, had fish food and pail.....tried them both several times , no success...then went looking for a possible missed scene...around and around......

What a fabulous surprise when I finally clicked the pond again! :)))))))

escape girl - look for three symbols inside the house. Then look for the symbol code on the tree next to the machine where you use the coin.

I made it out without peeking, then reading the comments I see a few unanswered questions....so, here goes!


Welcome sign, click to turn it = Dwarf #1

Go left, enter barn, top right corner = Dwarf #2
Zoom water trough, It is empty
move hay for snowmen clue (arms)
In hay = Dwarf #3

Zoom the red box, we need a coin, zoom tree for clue

Go left and see snowmen
Move arms correctly = Dwarf #4
Bottom left rock = dwarf #5
Grab pail and a rock, middle bottom of screen

Zoom sign, click it to turn , get key
Use rock to break pond

Go left, use key on house, turn on lamp for a clue
Open blinds for clue
Click little snowmen = Dwarf #6
Notice 3 colors on fridge, move hat by door for clue
Write down clues in order of color....(E30)

Leave house and go to the tree clue, count the dots that match the clues you just wrote down...(759)
Go back to fridge and put code for a cake
Give cake to chick, get key
Move around and check plate = Dwarf #7

Go to barn and use key for fish food....
Let's go find a fish!

Give the Fish his food and get a coin, fill pail

Use coin in red box = Dwarf #8

Take water to trough in barn... click the cow, she drinks = Dwarf #9 (grab him quickly!)

We go a hunting for the last dwarf.....
Where oh where can he be.......?

LOOK! The little guy is sledding by the pond!!!!

When he stops = Dwarf #10

Merry Christmas!

love these great game

thanks for the WT nokra love these games
they make me smile ;)and out

Lovely little game!

Isn't this an old game? I remember playing this one a year or two ago? Maybe it was very similar?

only 10 :( !!

       Anonymous  12/10/18, 7:42 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

caught this one due to a suggestion from our staff member, responsible for the replays - thx annaby!

ありがとう for all your creations, Nekonote ☺
& thx Nokra for the WT

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