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Dutchie's Pub Riddle

Dutchie's Pub Riddle is a free online change the url puzzle/riddle game made by EG24 player Dutchie for EscapeGames24. There are 6 categories of each 7 levels that you will have to solve to get to the final answer. Big hints are allowed, but please no direct answers. Good luck and have fun!

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sorry Fosterhewitt, my turn to be looking at the wrong level this time.

thanks minkie... breakfast is still on me... just a little later.
Finally done!

Thanks Dutchie for a great and challenging riddle. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe now I can sleep peacefully instead. Thanks to minkie and all the nudges who helped me to the finish.

Congrats Fosterhewitt, well done! Glad you liked it :) But I think there are still some bonus levels to solve? See the small message on the congrats page.

oh dutchie... in the words of Vito Corleone..."just when I get out... they pull me back in!"

need a push on bonus egg 1. I was able to find A weed. got rid of it. Did some counting and did not come up with anything usable by granny. Eliminated all the weeds and recounted and still nothing. I assume I am looking for a seven letter word?

Hmm, not sure what bonus level and egg you are on?

Bonus 2, egg 1

Firsts of sentences should give you egg 2.

thanks dutchie... again overthinking. I was eliminating not using. moving on.

Got Bonus 2, eggs 5 a,b, and C. still asking for more. is d in the riddle using the same riddle trick or elsewhere?

Fosterhewitt, you have what you need, ask granny for help.

bonus 3 - I got eggs 1 and 2. tried mirroring the company brand. got nothing. tried mirroring the cake for new letters but that didn't work. help

Mirroring part of cake looks like a good idea.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks dutchie...I am right at the end bonus 7. took the numbers and applied them to levels. ɹunɹʇs. granny gives me nothing. I am missing something really simple.

Oh you made progress :) Your second letter is wrong.

like all marathoners I have hit the wall just short of the finish line. I found the page with the pictures. one from each category. I have tried using the level numbers on url and level names. nothing is working. you may have to pull me over the line. :(

ALmost there lol, the firsts of sentences will tell you what to look for.

i had tried that but came up with nothing useful...ɐɾƃlıɔɾ

If you found what you need then once again firsts will help you cross that finishline.

oh this is painful. I know i'm going to kick myself when it clicks. so do I have the correct letters? ɐɾƃlıɔɾ ...because granny is no help. even taking the second letters doesn't help. am I missing a step.

Fosterhewitt, not sure how you got those letters but only the L is right.

Oops, the i is right and on right place, the l is right but in wrong place. Looking from right to left on your gibberish

YAY !! Fosterhewitt has finished the pub riddle for real now :) Congrats, great job! You are added to the HOF, click the arrow to go the next page.

aaaasa, Thank you for your advice on Mishmash 3.
Numbers 4: step1 is probably done. I'm not sure how to do step 2.
If you set the leftmost number to R**mn numbers, it will be 2 letters.
How can I go to step 3 if I divide other things?
Mishmash 5: I know the cipher. Decoding the untranslatable word on the second line,
With a number of 14, a city came out, is it relevant?
If you enter another word, you will not find a word that you can understand.
Please give us a good tip.

Jan. If you do as you say with Numbers 4 you should end up with 40 separate letters, but to a R***n, they are not just letters. You can do step 3 on them.

Mishmash 5. Yes 14 is good for one of them. Other numbers are good for other ones.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Numbers 4. You are doing the right thing in your example. You need to do the same for all the numbers.

You do not need to solve that end page of mishmash, but you can use it later when you reached the end of all categories.

Minkie, thank you. Numbers 4 is done!
Numbers 5: I made holes in the numbers and then picked up the places where the holes were made, but I can't see the eggs.
Star trek 2: I don't know how to check eggs from stardate. I entered that number in the stardate calculator,
As a result, I don't know how to convert numbers.
Letters 1: What should this issue start with?
I also do not understand the meaning of aaaasa's coment: you need to look at the text OVER and OVER again.
Please give me a hint.

Number 5: try to use the other half
Star trek 2: a=1, b=2, etc.
Letter 1: look OVER and OVER for words that appear repeatedly

Keeper Thank you. Numbers 5 is done!
​Star trek 2: I think that the calculation result “y**r/m**th/d*y” will be used as a letters.
For example, today '2020.7.6 'is 'ttgf' ?
Letter 1: I can check a one-letter word many times. Is it correct?
I've been counting how many there are per line, but I can't solve it.

Jan, Letters 1. You are not looking for a one-letter word, but words that are repeated near each other.

Startrek 2. You can make a word out of the stardate using a=1 etc. 4 letters. You may find other similar words in the text. Then it's tricky if you don't know Startrek, so google their enemies.

Minkie, thank you. Letters 1 is done!
Star trek 2: I'm still checking Egg and stuck. I think the four "cl***" in the text are the enemy "s**n", but not the "r*d".
Numbers 6: Confirmed egg p******. I also do not know the meaning of the four letters in the last line of the level page.
6/28 aaaasa's hint "h***s”is not understood.
Could you give me some advice.

Star trek 2: Use the first letters of the 4 colours to make a word that is an alien species, enemy. https://anagram-solver.net/ will give you the answer.

Numbers 6: convert the numbers on the egg by using the 'Every hour, every minute' hint

Dutchie, thank you! Star trek 2 done!
Numbers 6:I confirmed Egg c*****.I read the Egg text and added various things, but I can't get the correct answer.
Star Trek 3:I confirmed Egg a***** from Egg b****,
In that text, I thought "B*****e", but I can't decipher it.

Sorry many times, please give me good advice.

jan -

For Numbers 6, add the C egg and P egg together to get the answer

For Star Trek 3, your thought is right. In each group in the level pic, there are some persons facing the same direction that can give a letter using B*****e.

aaaasa, thank you! Numbers 6 and Star Trek 3 are correct!
Letters 2 The Riddle Poems 1: FTF, LTL, etc. I search for each sentence, but I do not know anything.
Star Trek 4: I check Egg e****, and I am adding star date or image words, etc. From the text content, but it seems to be wrong.
Films 3: Thinking that the gender of the person at the lower right was a hint, so I tried FTF etc. From the name of the role and the performer of each movie.
(I searched for an image of the person at the bottom right, but I didn't get anything.)

Please, good advice, please.

Letters 2 What sort of poem is this?

Star Trek 4: you got Egg e**** by using FTF, try something else now to get another egg.

Films 3: The profession of that person is indeed what you need, FTF of the characters names should work.

(If you google Banksy and his profession, see url, then you will find more pics of him. But it's not important for this riddle)

Dotchie Thank you.
Letters 2 poems 6: I tried FTF, LTL, number of characters, etc. for all answers.
Star Trek 4: Egg c*** stopped. I've read the past hints "use theirational number", but I don't know what to do. (*.14? )
FILMS 3: If you look at the person's wiki, there are three occupations, and (1) "st***t a**ist" is a production company, (2) only the name of the director from other occupations, and I did FTF, but it seems to be different.
Can you give me some more advice?

Letters 2 poems 6: FTF should give the answer with granny's help.
Star Trek 4: Use the first part of the captains name to pick letters from the main text.
FILMS 3: The hint what to look for from the movies is in the url, the pic is just an extra hint. Try to find the names of the ones in the movies.

dutchie, thank you! Star Trek 7 is over! The rest are Films and Letters.
Films 7: I only see one E** in this category. Is that not possible? Or is it something else?
Letters 3: I read "left + right" in the past hint.
It does not seem to simply add the words in the same position to the left and right.
It seems to be different even if you anagram by adding the position name (For example eyes) of each face and the left and right words.
Please give me a good hint.

Jan Films 7. You need to select one letter from the answers to the 6 previous levels, take them to granny and make a 6 letter word.

Letters 3. You need to combine each word from the left with one on the right to make a new word. They are not in the same position. The easiest one for you to see is probably the one starting with "ear". No anagramming.

Minkie Thank you! The rest is "Letters" only.
Letters 4: I read your previous comment, "One word in the text is different. That and the title tell you what to look for," but I'm wondering how to find it in the text.
The title says'm******b****' as a hint, but I can't translate this word into Japanese either.
I would like some good advice.

Jan, m*****b**** is not a hint, but the title of the article is a hint, and the first sentence of the text is another hint.

keeper thank you.
Letters 6. Part 1 Egg 1
This problem is quite difficult for me.
Perhaps the answer is a word in which the same word is connected to four words, but it is quite a hurdle.
I would be happy if you could give me an easy-to-understand hint.

Jan, I can see this will be difficult for a non-English speaker. Yes, you need to find one word that can be joined to each of the four other words to form four bigger words. To start you off, there is a word for how you suffer after you have drunk too much alcohol beginning with "hang".

Minkie Thank you!😃
Now, "Letters 6.Part 1 Egg 5" can't be solved, so I'm flying to "Part 2 Egg 4" and "End of Part 1" 😅
I'm already very tired of typing a whole day while doing chores at this level.
If you don't mind, could you give me a hint of these three problems?

Sorry. "End of Part 1" was found to be the answer to Part 1 Egg 5.
Please give me some hints for "Part 2 Egg 0"and "Letters 6.Part 2 Egg 4"?

Jan, use your part 1 eggs to solve part 2 (there are five part 1 eggs, so there are five part 2 eggs)

Jan. It seems to me that you have already got past Part 2 Egg 0. For Part 2 Egg 4, you need to do the same thing that you did on Part 2 Eggs 1, 2 and 3. Write down the four words you found in Part 1, Egg 4 and pick letters. No granny.

Keeper, thank you.
Mindie, I guess it was a bad way to communicate. I'm sorry.
"Letters 6.Part 2 Egg 0" to "Part 2 Egg 1" is not advanced.
I also thought about the comments in 5/24 Donas727' "make a stack of your full words made in part 1, not just your answers and have a look", but I don't know yet.

Jan. For Part 2 Egg 1 you need to go back to Part 1 Egg 1. Write out the words you found in clockwise order starting top left. Notice that your third word does not start with S. You can pick letters from these words to make a new word. No granny.

Minkie, thank you! I still have a bad feeling, so I will be stuck with all bonus issues.
Bonus 1: Minkie have been thinking about "The clue wouldn't work if it said "I am what I eat!"".
If it is a second person word, it will be a clue, but please give me a little more hint

Jan, you made it to the Bonus levels, well done!!
For Bonus 1: focus on one word in the title 'you ARE what you eat'.

Dotchie ,Thank you very much.
Bonus 2, egg 4a:simple riddle trick?
I'm looking closely at the page as the word at the bottom right, but I don't know anything.
Please give me a more hint.

Bonus 2, egg 4a:FIRST thing to do is to check the brands names.

This comment has been removed by the author.

dutchie,Thank you very much.
Bonus2 Egg 5 a,b,d confirmed
Could you give me a hint to check Egg 5 c?

Jan: You may notice that egg 5a and 5b are 1.1, 2.2, etc. 5c is also the same but on some other words.

Egg 5 c, use the same method, that gave you egg a and b, on another part of the text and ask granny for help.

keeper,dutchie Thank you for the Bonus 2 Egg 5c hint!
Bonus 6, Egg 2. I don't even know what the three diagonal words mean.
I know the drama name of the person in the photo. Is that drama involved?

Jan: apply those three words on another page

YAY!! Despite the language problems Jan did finish the Pub Riddle too. Very well done! You have a well deserved place in the HOF, click the arrow to go to the next page. https://dutchiespubriddle.wixsite.com/pubriddlehof

Hooray! Well done Jan!

dutchie ,minkie,keeper, thanks for a lot of advice.
I look forward to seeing you again on this forum.😀

Came in really late. Congrats to all the hofs...... if anyone still checks this could someone eave a bigger hint on Numbers 4 please, i have converted them all no problem but i cant get the correct answer for some reason.... think i might be seperating them wrong.... seperated into 3 or 4 possibilities I dont think i am getting it right.

Seperating is making them single letters (when it's the ancient letter thingies) and with numbers it's seperating them in the numbers the letters represent. Not digits at first (so 10 is 10 and not 1 and 0).
Step 4 though, is seperating them in digits.

Thank you small tool for responding... unfortunately i still havent made progress... if i separate and add I either get cx, xxx d, xiv or 110,30,500,14 , or 10, 11, 6, 14..... am not sure what i am missing but none of those seem to translate to anything for me

Robin, Not sure how you get these numbers but adding all new numbers will give a total of 3 digits, then step 4 is the next step.

OMG, ty Dutchie I kept counting wrong just went back and checked my math got it now ...grrrr

Hurray clio_rose finished the riddle too, well done!! You are in the HOF now :)
click arrow to go to the next page.

bonus 2 egg 4a, tried basics, ftf, counting, what am i missing?

bonus 2 egg 4a, ftf is the right method.

Thank you dutchie, made it to bonus 6 egg 2, applied those 3 words to the previous page but not getting a real word. can i get a bigger nudge please?

bonus 6 egg 2, Right. Last thing tells more or less what to pick. You need a 6 letter answer, three come from top row, three from bottom row. It is an anagram.

got it thank you again, now down to the final 7 pics, know where they come from but not sure how to apply it, tried applying levels to bonus levels but not getting anything useful.

First thing to do is to read the text carefully, it will tell you what you need.

I found the levels of the pics, and tried to apply them to those level urls and answers, and to the bonus level answers but I can not find the correct place to apply the info?? what am i missing? not enough pics to apply to the text of that pic page?

I think you are overthinking here, the first letters of the text on level with the seven pics tells what you need. If you right click the pics in the original levels you will find what you need.

Thank you Dutchie, yes was way overthinking.. Done finally... great riddle, hope you make more soon.

Yay, great job robin, congrats on finishing the Pub riddle! You are in the HOF now https://dutchiespubriddle.wixsite.com/pubriddlehof
click arrow to go to the next page.

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