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Small Tool - A Lot More


A-Lot-More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. A-Lot-More is another successor of the all record breaking riddle games Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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Hi guys :)

I hope you have a lot of fun! (and a lot of time)

Thank you so very much for posting, Zoe, Love you :)

Ps. Take your time to enjoy all the pages, no need to rush (it's not like you're gonna finish tonight :P)

Thanks :)

I'm ready for another masterpiece from you ST, thanks for taking the time and effort to make it for us.
I'm a bit frightened to visit those pyramids though. :)

w8 no more pyramids ... right????

Yeah, right, small-tool....it's not like I'm gonna finish this WEEK...or more like it, this MONTH!


Thanks Small - You're a star!! Looking forward to the challenge :D

I'm here early for once! Lovely to see you all! Thank you, s-t - I can't wait to crack on!

@dutchie - Please no pyramids - I am still traumatised!!!

I will never, ever get over that pyramid trauma either
never ever never ever never ever

Thanks for the riddle small-tool. And thanks to Zoe for posting it

Loved the "No I don't wanna play" content. Hilarious. But, seriously, that lead singer has major talent. You said it was your hangout - did you ever see her live?

p.s. I already gave you my 5 star vote. Of course, it'll be your best (but not last) riddle.

Thanks ST! Glad to see another riddle from you!

good evening everybody.

@ s-t, thx for the riddle

Hi everyone. And huge thanks S-T. Just what we all need.

Got up to Level 28 with no issues... now I'm a little bit stumped.

Level 28- Remember the 1st rule of riddling. And also you'll need a ruler

Stuck on 32. I know the code. And I picked 5 characters based on an obvious (too obvious?) word. But my letters keep giving me the cat on the keyboard.

@Janet: Thanks! Had a POP moment on 28 as soon as I'd posted that. Now stuck on 32 with you. I also know the code but it just seems to spell out the 26 letters in order, and I'm not really getting anywhere with the hint on the level.

My bad - don't use a double letter when when it looks like you could

Level 32 - You need to pick based on what you see in the picture.

POP again for Level 32! @Janet - you need to pick more than 5 characters using the obvious word.

i am stuck at 32 either, how many letters in answer?

@MishaAnubis - 8 letters.

I'm stuck on Level 36. I got an egg that confirmed what it's about, but I'm not sure what to do now.

8? hm... i am getting more than 8

@MishuAnubis - if you're using the main word on the level to pick, the numbers of letters you should get from each of the squares should be 2, 2, 1, 1, 2.

Jumping in...thank you ST!

Hello! Thanks for the riddles S-T!

Managed Level 36. Now stuck on Level 37. I know it must involve a certain cipher, and I also found a relevant quote online, but I'm not able to make any progress using either of those. :/

Nice game smalltools, I am also stucked on 32 and it is getting late, I will take a break until tomorrow.

ps: turkish word on level 27 is the chemistry meaning of 'solutions'. 'çözümler' would be the right word.

just started.. GdaY ST been awhile LOL

Thank you @Zodiac :)
It's changed now.

Hi all :)
Thank you so much for playing, hoping you will have a lot of fun.

It's an all female Norwegian band named Katzenjammer and they're great and yes I have seen them live. And yes, great singing, but...
she's not really the lead singer. Nobody is. They change instruments all the time. They can all play all the instruments. The one singing in that song 'A bar in Amsterdam' is most of the time the drummer.

Hi Leroy :)
Good to see you and good to see you're still alive :P

Hi @s-t! Any hints for Level 37?

might message Clio.. ya might get a poem again LOLOL

Lol, for sure no hints for 37 :P
Imho makers shouldn't hint (unless a lot of players stuck for a very long time), because the hints should be there on the level (and they are!!!). But the main reason for no hints now is: Lol, you're still in the very easy part :P On level 51 or so it starts to get a bit interesting :)

Ah, I think I must be overthinking it then. I definitely have the right cipher. I just can't figure out what to do with it from what's on the level.

Trying to get my brain going here and already am stuck. I got to the egg on 9 and am not sure what to do next. Not seeing another clue.

Ah, thank you so much, ST, for the riddle! I'll start as soon as I'm free. Cheers!

@jpete: I never got an egg, but you need to take each word individually and follow the instruction in the picture.

HI Thanks for the riddle .. I'm stuck on the 35 egg ... Is the spelling mistake important ? Tried doing what it says but to no avail.. ?

Ha! Walked away for a bit and got it. Doh!

Got to Level 26 with no problem, but now stuck. Hint for the key?

Laurie: read the text literally.

ST: do you get to see all our attempts at answers? I've just BFd my way through 29 without working out the logic, but I'd be embarrassed if all my attempts were visible ;)

Lol, nope Minke :)
It's the Free version of WIX, all I can see is what happens here.
All I get from WIX is weekly (sometimes daily) requests to upgrade to a paid version.
Lol, a paid version providing way better service to my customers, all kind of features to get better Google results, professional help to design my website, blah, blah etc :)

Yeh, upgrades all the time. Mostly a way to get even more of your data it seems to me.
I'm having a terrible time trying to post on a borrowed computer, so I'll guess I'll call it a day till I'm back home tomorrow.

Hi all! I'm stuck on 28. I got the 2 eggs but I have no idea what to do next. I've drawn lines but I don't know what that gets me. Can I get a push please?

Level 28 - there are 3 eggs. Two from the 1st rule of riddling and one (very important) egg from connections. Use a ruler. Do you recognize that person? It's key to solving the level

Level 28 - Drawn lines get you letters

Level 18 : Dang, that's one of my worst enemies in riddles. Can I get a little bit more hint on the left picture? I've looked at it's name, so I have ideas on what to look for, but couldn't find the egg.

Namchokdef for Level 18 - what letter is the man making with his hand?

Thanks Janet for the hints on 28. I've got the 3rd egg, I know who the person is and I'm trying to use his name with the hints from the other 2 eggs but I'm not getting anything usable, not even with granny. I assume I'm counting and that the colors tell me which direction to count?

@Puffin : Thanks for the hint, but I afraid I'm gonna need a little bit more pushing than that to see through this bus. The letter hand has many meanings, but nothing seems to guide me to the egg, probably I'm overseeing it.

Namchokdef, don't worry about the letter meaning just use the letter itself. The letter plus what's in the picture on the right. Saying it out loud might help.

@Puffin : Thank you again, but it's still not obvious to me. Buses are a bit difficult for me, specially in saying it out and connecting it. (Or maybe it's only ST's buses -_^) Is the right picture a 3-letters word? If so then I'm gonna need some hint on the answers, I came up with nothing when I read aloud.

Hi everyone :) Nice to see the familiar names again :)

Puffin - It's not about direction. First you need to find out who they are, and the pic names in the eggs also have hints on what to find

Namchokdef - Yes, asking granny with the letter on the left and the obvious word on the right should also give you the answer

Meanwhile can anyone give me a nudge on 33? I think I spotted the mistake on level page but don't know how to proceed...

Thank you so much aaaasa!! Got it!

@aaaasa : Thank you! I didn't know that word, so it didn't connect to me at all when saying out loud, I'm glad grandma can solve it. Thank you!

I am also stuck on 37
I know the cipher, tried several things on the text but none gave me any valid answer

@aaaasa, there are more than one mistake, use them all

@shahar: Let me know if you figure anything out for Level 37! Still stumped!

Thanks shahar! turns out I got one letter wrong :/

For 34, I got a word from the left side but can't get a good one from the right. A little hint please?

used 4 different ways to read the text as b**** and found 4 different sets of letters, some even anagram to possible word but none worked
do we need another egg here?
or maybe combine with the url?

Sitting staring at 37 too ... I see what the decode should be but nothing is working ...
No eggs either

For lvl 37, use your Bees. Thanks for the riddle ST :)
Right now trying to combine 3 eggs in lvl 42.

@shahar, no other egg in 37, and no combining with url.

@aaaasa, you kind of get two words from the right side which you can google with the left word.

@Ellie ... Thank you ...
I'm still not getting a working answer though . I've used the bees and got 4 letters that don't work :(
Is it 4 letters please ? & is it B*****an ?

Ellie hopes chi;dren doing well LOL and say hello Edgar..

Im out of practise doing riddles..

same old names around hee hee

@Ellie - I've got one 5-letter word and one 2 letter word(?) for the right side, but googling them with the left one doesn't seem to lead to anywhere... Am I on the right track now?

@aaaasa yes you're on the right track ... think of the m**vie

@ellie, thanks, I did use my bees (with the obvious cipher) and got 4 letters that do not really anagram well.

@turning tides and shahar, using the bees should give you 5 letters. Im sure you use the right cipher.

Hi Leroy! They are doing fine thanks, 5 and 8 years now lol. I'll say hello to Edgar. Good luck solving!

Im slow these days Ellie LOL age catching up..

thanks Ellie, finally got it

Thanks @Ellie finally solved it

lvl 22: No clue what to use , pfff and it's only 22

@Ellie - I straight up don't understand how to use the bees. Or even what the bees are. The bees are a state of mind, I've decided. LOL.

@BFS, bring the bees to the cipher, but be picky about your answer.

@ike, a First officer should know.

@Turningtides thanks! Now at 37 trying to bring the bees to the cipher but can't make a good word out of the letters I found...

@Ellie - I think where I'm stumped is that literally bringing "bees" to the cipher just gives me four combinations, and I don't really know how to pick anything from that. I was thinking of maybe using b****y somehow, but I don't have the right number of letters for that to work...

OK, I think I figured out from the earlier hints what the bees are. I have 5 combinations now from the cipher. Still no sweet clue what to do with them, haha.

On Level 33, do I need to be able to read the document? It's very blurry, and even enlarging it I can only read the top line.

@BFS, i think you might have done the right thing first. Bring the four combinations back to get the 5-letter answer.

@Laurie, that would be too hard :)

@Ellie: I'm more confused now :( I thought I needed 5 combinations. How do I get 5 letters from 4 combinations? I tried encoding and then decoding backwards, randomly inserting Bs etc. I certainly don't want to give up at this early stage but I'm genuinely so stumped!

@BFS be very literal about bees only afterwards treat them as you did so far

@bfs, bring the combinations away from the cipher, and use the bees you got.

@ Ellie, thx but I don't know what a first officer should know besides the cockpit-instruments, lol

Hi all, I'd like to ask you to add the level number to all comments. It will make the search for hints a bit easier for slow players like me :)

@shahar and @Ellie: Thank you, but I think I'm very stupid today :( I don't really know what to do with the four combinations outside of the cipher as they are just combinations of 2 letters. I also don't know if the initial bees are supposed to be the insect or the letter...

lvl 37,
The text is literally telling you what to do.
But another hint; how many letters is the text? And how many letters is your combinations in total?
Does that ring a bell?

OMG. Thank you, s-t. The penny finally dropped. Can't believe I didn't think to do that. Finally on to 38.

There will be a lot of; Can't believe I didn't think to do that. from a lot of players on a lot of levels :P

@ike, lvl 22, ignore the officer then, and go for First.

@BFS, lvl 37 once you have the combinations, go back to the main lvl txt and use the two kinds of letters there.

For 38 - I've figured out what I'm meant to be looking at, and I get 7 letters, but taking them to Granny gives me nothing. Am I meant to get fewer letters? Also, are they all from the same "batch" of letters within the cipher, or am I barking up the wrong grid?

Did you use one of the recommended anagram solvers?

@ike: Ellie's hint is a good one. Should give you an egg.

@s-t - Yes, I usually use https://anagram-solver.net/ . It turned out I had a letter wrong!

Level 35. Found the egg R*****. It tells me to remember the very first lesson, which is FTF. Tried with the first numbers but not getting anywhere. What should I do next?

Wow - everyone is doing so much better than me. I've just started the puzzle (many thanks for this small-tool!) - and I'm stuck on level 9 !!!

Can anyone nudge me in the right direction. Feel I've tried all the obvious things.

Correction - it's actually level 11 (although it says 9) - the Mennen's Sure Corn Killer page. Probably a clue there but not got it yet.

@NH - Think of the numbers not as 1, 2, 3, but as one, two, three... then apply your FTF.

@Zuleika - There's a great hint in the picture on the level.

I'm stuck on Level 40. I understand the hint in the egg, but I'm lost on how to actually apply it. I've tried a few things, but haven't really got anywhere with them.

You are on the egg of level 9. Go back to the level.

There is no egg on level 40!?

@Zuleika - Am confused - I don't know which level you're referring to. Not see any corn! For 11 you just have to apply the code as described and visit Granny.

Sorry!!! I meant Level 41, not 40. I have the egg that refers to the method used on a previous level.

Thank you small-tool. I did go back to the level (bundle of letters with 'Count' written on top). Have applied FTF and done quite a few things around ordering and counting, but getting nowhere.

@Blackfiresong: ty - have visited Granny many times but she isn't being very helpful : (

Think I must have taken my stupid pills this morning by mistake.

@Zuleika - Granny hint was for Level 11. For Level 9 you shouldn't need her. You need a 7 letter answer. How many w***s do you see in the text? :)

@BlackFiresong - I think we're talking about different levels. Level 9 was fine for me. My answer took the initial letters from the 4 lines but scrambled to sequence of 1-3-2-4. This worked and took me to another level 9 (with an egg) and the picture of the man having his ties stepped on (advert for Mennen's Sure Corn Killers).

*toes stepped on

Hi! I am stuck on 35 egg and I don't know how to continue after it. Help?

Ahhhh, I never saw that egg when I was doing Level 9. I've found it now. That's not the answer to Level 9. The actual answer is 7 letters long. If you follow my previous hint/the hint on the picture, that should get you to Level 10.

@pipi - Which egg? There are two, and then you need to make an omelette.

Hello everybody. Lvl22 first egg, found cipher but I need key.

Still struggling on 41. I know what to use - just not how to use it. Is the way the shaded letters are laid out relative to each other relevant?

@Zoran - You have already mentioned everything you need. You just have to apply it. :)

On level 37, I'm either getting 4 useless letters or a string that doesn't divide up neatly. I there any egg at all on this level?

Hi Minkie!!! So nice to see you again, and glad we are nearly at the same point as each other :) For 37, I didn't find an egg, but s-t's hint is what helped it click for me. The seemingly useless stuff from the cipher is the same length as something else on the level page. Put them against each other and consider only the "bees".

Hi S-T and all, started this one a bit late compared to most of you but I like it a lot and have a lot of fun so far. Congrats!
...until I am in a dead-end with 29. Cannot even find any egg and no idea what the numbers are related to...

Hi BFS Good to see you too! I'll see if going over your comment and ST's earlier one can make the penny drop for me.

Eric911 Level 29 You need to do some conversions. I didn't find any eggs on this level.

@minkie2020, thanks, got THE flash after posting!

Could someone give me a nudge on Level 35? I don't think there is a real sequence to those number series, but just can't see how to fill in the ?'s

Hi small,thanks for the riddle,great for the quarantine days!Hoping that you all stay safe,a little help with level 39,found the green letters answer but the egg tells me that there is more,what do I have to search?

stuck at 41 egg
i see a lot of elements or i see none, lol

Hancock. Level 35. They are different types of sequences.

Thanks Minkie, found all but one...

@MishuAnubis - Same here... if you figure it out, let me know. What have you tried? I tried going along the shaded word, but I inevitably run into a non-element. Trying to convert letters to numbers and then to elements doesn't work either. I also tried mapping the shaded squares onto the PT based on their position, but that was also a dead end. Now all out of steam and ideas!

@theartist - Your original grid should have one of those things (the egg word)!

@ BlackFiresong - thanks again. Yes, I had the 'count' clue from the outset and tried taking various combos of letters from the 7 words in the text. However ...still no joy. Don't know what's wrong with me today. Another hint? First and last letters maybe?

thanks BF I havent seen it!

Level 32: I know the code, but cannot figure out how to pick anything from anywhere...

LVL 32 I'm stuck, too.

And after posting pop and done!

For 32 - First find the corresponding position of the letter for each box using the cipher, then look at where the level text tells you to pick 8 letters from the 5 boxes

I think I need a bigger push for 37 as I can't see the things on the level that has the same length :/

Hi aaaasa. Good to be playing together again. I've been lurking here hoping that someone else would ask about level 37. I just can't see it.

Lvl 28 second egg, stuck with red and blue????? Small push pls

POP Just got 37. aaaasa, think of ways you could make something the length you need.

minkie - I tried dividing the level text to get 4 letters but the previous hints say I need 5 so I tried filling the gaps but after that I still can't get a good word out of it :/

Zoran. I found 3 eggs on level 28. Have you found two red and blue ones?

aaaasa. Dividing the level text doesn't help. But you can use something from it to get a string of the correct length.

minkie2020, I found Mr.B..n and stuck on boxing fights.

Zoran. From what I can make out you should find another egg, like you found boxing.

@bfs, lvl 41, you seem to be doing good things, but try mapping something else.

I'm very stuck at lvl 47 since some seven hours back... i have a "47-egg", egg 1a and 1b, plus a couple of other pics that don't say eggs. I see some doubles, something mirrored... no idea how to combine all these clues and move on.

level 38. Are some of the lines used twice?

@Ellie - Thanks. So something other than what I've tried so far? I'm thinking maybe the other paths that lead to valid words? Is that a good line of enquiry?

@bfs, lvl41, you dont need to look for more things than you already have. Just don't care too much about those shaded squares.

41, i dont see either how to map something else

Thanks minkie2020. On lvl 29

I am also stuck on 41. I have seen BFS's posts and Ellie's hint none of which seem to help. The path to the gold has too many rows to map so that can't be it. Can I get a hint that narrows things down a bit, please?

Level 41 I think I can see what I might map, but I've no idea how to hit on a start point. Taking a guess at the desired endpoint just produces rubbish.

lvl 41, you have the road to go. If there are too many steps, use only the important ones.
@minkie, a tiny bit of trial and error will be involved, but the answer is no anagram, so that won't be too hard.

Thanks Ellie. Got it now. I was on the right track but must have miscounted.

@minkie: Any clue? I still have zero idea what to map onto what.

BFS: You've already found the path. Use what you find along the way and remember what your goal is.

Level 24 : Hmm, it seems simple, but I can't seems to be getting it right. I've searched for those 6 items on the table, and assumes needing the obvious 1st to bake a cookie. Nothing came out of the oven though. I'm not sure which one I got wrong.

Namchokdef. Level 24. No cooking needed, so you should be able to identify what you've got wrong.

lvl 33, if no spelling mistakes, what I can use???????

I am still stumbling around on level 41. I am guessing that the end point is what is in the centre of the maze. How to count and when to turn has me baffled. I can't even work out how many letters are needed.

Level 33 - You might want to look for "hidden info" on the main page. And then think where else you could look for mistakes.

Yes, how many letters in 41 answer?

lvl 33 Janet, I know for "hidden info" but no more text to read.

lvl 33, if no spelling mistakes...
>>Use nothing else than that.

Level 36 - I am stuck with the guy's confirmation egg. Can I have a little hint, please?

Level 41 Mishu/LinR. It's 8 letters, but that doesn't mean it's 8 steps.

And you are right about the endpoint LinR.

Puzzled. Level 36 you can apply his sequence to something on the level page.

Edgar, if no spelling mistakes, how I can find spelling mistakes???

You picture it out yourself


@minkie2020 : Thank you! I thought it's the 4th one, but it's the 2nd one that was wrong.

lvl 33, no idea at all :(

@Zoran, pic name?

Still so stuck on lvl 47. I think I need to work more on EGG 1a. Repeated words (and some not), two columns (treated the same now, or like before?), mirror clue (or "put together"),separated words or not, "47", 11 different starting letters...

I'm missing a clue, working on the wrong spot, or making it too complicated :)

Yes 1a needs more work.
Right now the groups are quite random.

Thanks Edgar

Still hunting for egg 1b on level 42. Any hints. (Egg 1a is my family nickname, LOL).

I am very frustrated on level 41. Knowing the end point and the number of letters is not helping unfortunately. I can't see how to logically use such a path in a way to find an answer without flat out guessing the method. I know that is not the intent. I can not see a hint on the level as to how to condense the approach into something useable. What am I missing.

@Lin, you found a path, but only a few steps on that path were very important. Look at their positions and place them on what the egg hints for.

I will hope for nice dreams about lvl 47 :)

Thanks Minkie :)

@minkie, 42, use the other ones, but think about east/west.

Thank you Ellie and Mishu. I finally have it. Note to others. Use the table on Wiki. Some less current tables have a different symbol.

I'm completely stumped by lvl 25.

Thanks ellie. I'm away from my computer now, but I'll try that (again) tomorrow.

jpete, for level 25, the picture name is important. Then use the Red Luth site.

Had to visit Red Luth and got it.

Now stuck on 29. I keep thinking of longitude, but am pretty sure that isn't right. Not coming up with a different conversion

jpete, for level 29, the picture tells you what it is. Take a minute to interpret it's title. The lowercase letters are words.

Hello everyone :)

LinR. I'm still stumped. Are the decimals seconds? Is 1500 3? or is minutes as in 25 hours? Am I using letters for numbers? Am I way off? I still am not getting letters here.

jpete - you are on the right track but maybe you used the wrong conversion. Apart from 1500m=25h, 1500s=25m is also true :)

Thank you aaasa.

Lvl 38,
are the lines shared or used only once per letter? I just can't make it work either way. Maybe it something else altogether.

@hancock: lines are shared, you should get 7 letters

Can I have a hint on lvl 42 please? I have egg 1c but am missing 1a and 1b. Thanks.

Still starring at 37... Should I focus on bringing bees to b**** literally? Can't seem to get anything that relates to the level text's length. Is the pic name relevant?

I'm stuck on 37 too. I brought bees to the cipher and got a string of letters that matches in length to something on the level page. I matched them up and picked 5 letters but they don't make a word, even with granny. What am I doing wrong? I'm so confused.

@aaaasa @puffin
I believe puffin you have done the right thing, but note that there are two slightly different ways of conversion and make sure you try both

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