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SMALL TOOL GAME - The Monthly Contest is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. The Monthly Contest is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: A Big Small Mind Game, OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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@minkie: I saw that hint, but none of the columns on 1a are empty. Some on the main Part 2 page are, but I'm not sure how to apply that. I guess covering accordingly cuts off certain parts of what got me to Egg 1a, but nothing's really clicking for me.

BFS you need the level page of Part 2.

In the mean time I can't work out how to put my 1a and 1b eggs together.

NVM Got it now.

@minkie: Thanks. Nothing's clicking still, but I will keep thinking. It's not to do with the usual kind of t***e, is it?

@BFS: On part 2 egg 1a, you need to mark all those that got you there on a board (that's what the eggword of 1a tells you). Then notice that there are empty columns and go from there.

Meanwhile stuck on part 2 egg 2. Did the obvious translation but not sure where to apply what I learned. Marking all of them again as I did for 1b is too ambiguous for m**** so that can't be it I think. Playing around with black/white also did not yield anything so far.

@Jay: Thank you! I will try that. I drew lines rather than marking with p**s.

My brain doesn't seem to be very sharp today - not making connections :(

I have Stage 3, part 1 eggs 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b but having difficulty putting them together to get to part 2. Any hints would be appreciated!

@BucksDack: Forget the egg words - focus on the images.

I'm still totally stumped on Part 2 Egg 1a. I found the empty columns, but I don't get what them being empty has to do with anything. Tried removing the letters in those places from the Part 2 URL word and also from the Egg 1a URL word, but neither of those work. I've tried various combinations for Granny, but to no avail.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you BlackFiresong. Got it!

BFS it's a method you've often used. You might say that it is a plain a black and white.

Only rotten eggs on Part 2 Egg 2 so far 🙁

@minkie: It suddenly clicked for me. Can't believe my brain didn't go there sooner. Now stumped on Part 2 Egg 2. I think I know what technique I'm supposed to apply, but it's not giving me anything usable.

I'm very confused. People seem to be referring to Part 2, egg 2a. I have Part 2, eggs 1a, 1b, Egg 2, a couple of rotten eggs and Egg 3. Have I missed something?

There is, on Stage 3 Part 2, no egg 2a, only an egg 2.

Any hints on s3 p2 egg2? I did the basic translation but no idea yet how to proceed / where to apply it.

@Jay: Stuck at exactly the same point.

Jay and BFS try filling in the grid ... for a start.

I think I was probably reading the grid wrong, because I managed to make a good amount of progress. Now stuck on Part 3. Drew some lines that look very abstract.

I'm still stuck at Part 2 egg2. I read the message. Got 2 rotten eggs from it. But I don't know what to do now.

I'm with you BFS. I guess we're staring at much the same drawing.

Esteban and Umsyt. Perhaps not so rotten.

@Esteban and @umsyt: Try looking at one of your rotten egg words a bit differently.

Thanks. It was really complex... (the whole egg2)


I think I did all the moves correctly, but can't think of some already known method to get the answer. There are two that seem obvious, but I don't see how I'd apply them.

Ok, I just noticed something that looks promising, but it isn't exactly giving me "enough".

@umsyt: Think about how you got to Part 2 Egg 1a. You need to do something similar, but different.

I have 5 things.
If that's it, they don't make anything good.
If there's more, no idea where to find it.

I guess I need another hint for p2 egg2. I have drawn the grid as suggested but no idea how to get anything from it, no ideas for rotten eggs either.

@Jay do you have 8 "drawings" yet? Like to get 1a?

I have finally solved P2E3. I genuinely hated that 😒

@umsyt: I actually quite enjoyed following the moves in that part! I was quite pleased with myself when I figured out what to do.

Anyone have any thoughts on Part 3? I thought the character on the side might be referring to an o*****g move like the ones listed in Part 1. But then I thought it could also be a hint to c***t something (since he's a C***t...). Can't figure out anything or make head or tail of the lines I've drawn.

@Jay: For P2E2, if you've drawn correctly, the message you get (no Granny) should tell you what tool you need to use to progress further.

You are right about his title BFS

On p2 egg 2: Yes I got the message and it sounds like m**** c***, however I have no idea where to apply it. I have tried various things but nothing works.


I'm trying to do something similar to what I did to get here, but it doesn't look like the *exact* c******g method I used then would work here.

@Jay apply it on the grid (not fully drawn), kind of like to get 1b but m**** c***

@Esteban: I have tried that but that seems totally ambiguous as m**** c*** can consist of 1-4 parts. Is there some logic to it that I am missing?

@Jay Only consider what you pointed on the grid (not the blanks) and you'll see 2 different groups (like in m**** c***). Line per line.

BFS did you make it to Stage 3, Part 3, Egg 1? He isn't helping me here.

@Esteban, BFS: Thanks for your hints, finally made some progress ...

Hope you'll join me @jay. I'm stuck at P2 Egg3. Found 5 l*****s but no exit and maybe I'm wrong about these.

Hi! Stuck on P3 E1 as well since forever, but time for bed now :)

Hmmm so it looks like I was in the right direction by focusing on his t***e in Part 3, but can’t get any good word from c******g :/

Stuck back here on P1 looking for egg 2b. I have eggs 1a, 1b, and 2a. I've seen the hints about combining the m**s with the numbers on egg 1b but haven't found anything meaningful from that.

Laurie, Granny knows the order of the o*****gs and the make sure you are on the correct side.

@BucksDack -- I used the order from the 1b egg word, and alternated as per an earlier hint, but now what?

Part 3 what can I c**** ...??

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper - more like m*****e than c**** if you are looking for Part 3 egg 1

@Keeper and @aaaasa, I had a hard time to c**** the right way in S3 P3, and I still don't understand exactly how it was meant to be. I had to adjust a couple of numbers to something that looked better, which worked.

@Esteban: Just in case you are still stuck, the letter I thought I got from one of the figures was a little ambiguous. Maybe try out some options for that one.

@Ellie - I think I understand how it works on S3 P3 main page, but not quite sure about S3 P3 egg1 :/ Tried some ideas including adding and subtracting but none of them works


Team Ellie & Edgar came in 3rd then 2nd and now 1st
and with a total of 72 points they are the first seasons winners
Very, very well done; C O N G R A T S :)


The Ranking

Congrats Ellie & Edgar!!!!

And please leave a hint for p3 egg1, out of ideas on how to c**** there ...

@aaaasa and @Jay, it's also about c*****ng, but in a totally different way. Look at what you have before and after.

@Ellie - I tried focusing on the p****s but that doesn't seem to lead to anywhere :/ am I on the right track?

@aaaasa, yes, it seems you are looking at the right thing. You need to use a riddle method we've used many times before to c***t.

@Ellie: I tried to integrate the n***s (or rather f***ts) of the p****s in my c***ts, is that the "riddle method we've used many times before"?

@Jay, not exactly. Just look at what you have, then use a c******g method.
To refresh your memory about different riddle methods, you can have a look somewhere in the long lvl 30 in A Big Small Mind Game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Part 1: have all the eggs (1a-1b-2a-2b) but can't get part 2. I know what to use for 2b but got no luck on 2a.

@Eric, which p****s do you see on 2a? Add 2a+2b.

Thanks Ellie. Was overcomplicating it as usual !

P3E1 - Should I use only what is left after the moves or I need also what I have from the start?

@Ellie - I have now got eggs 7a and 7b and been c****ing in various ways and combinations, but can't get a word using all letters. Will 8 letters be sufficient or do I need more?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Pipi, you need both.
@aaaasa, you need more than 8.


I tried a method that gave me 4 things, which made a a valid word, but not the answer :(

@umsyt - you need more than 4 things :)

Part 2 Egg 3 -- how many letters do I need?

Stuck on S3P2E2 with two rotten eggs. I can't seem to find anything not rotten in the eggs

P3E1 - I tried c******g in different ways. Some of them gave me good words, but none of them worked. Should I also pick, not just c***t? Is the color of the pieces important?

@mehroon -- the thing that got you to one of the rotten eggs can be taken literally. Apply that to something else that you have and go see an old friend.

Laurie W - as many as the pieces you move

pipi - yes picking is also needed, and no the colors are not important here

Laurie- have you managed to find any rotten egg from part 2 egg 3?

Part 3 Egg 1. One of the pieces involved has two possible names. Should this make a difference to the result?

@aaaasa -- no, no eggs from P2E3. I have five letters, but they don't spell anything.

@minkie - I only know of one name for each piece so maybe just use the most common names

Laurie - in that case maybe check your letters again. Keeper mentioned in the last page about how one of them may move in a different way towards the destination


Somehow I have eggs 2a-e and 5a-b, with no clue what's going on 😵

@umsyt - try focusing on each egg first without considering the others

I found egg 2a-e, 3a,c,e,g,h. How to find 3b, 3d and 3f?

@pipi - try also considering the other eggs instead of focusing on one only

aaaasa, I don't know which eggs to consider exactly. I have also 4a,b, 5a,b, but I am missing 3b, 3d and 3h

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi ! I'm lost at the beginning of stage 3 Part 3. Don't know what to c***t. I tried multiplication, substraction...

@aaaasa - thanks. I was transcribing one of them wrong.

Now stuck on Part 3 level page. I see the hints to c****, and have done that several ways. I tried c******g the l*****s in his n**e but got nowhere with that. The usual LtoN doesn't give me anything. What else can I c****?

esteban, c***t and pick

@Laurie W
You have to c***t something in a sort of weird way. Two of them should give you a hint as to how the system works

How did you get the 4x eggs?

Don't see how to get 3b,d, or f.

@pipi - think of how you get 3a and 4a, there should be another way of using the egg 2s

@umsyt: for p3 egg 3a you used a certain instruction. Try using more than one.

mmm Part 3 Found 4a, but not 4b. Is it the same kind of thing?

NVM found 4b now

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hoping I have all 3x now.
Is the method for finding 4b similar to 4a?

@pipi thanks but still stuck. Pick? on stage 3 main level? I must be blind or something

Can't find the method for finding Part 3 eggs 5x.

Yes Umsyt, same sort of method.

@Esteban: I guess pipi meant the egg, on the main page there is only counting, no picking. 2 of the counts are a little strange (I rather brute-forced them instead of really getting the method I must admit) so maybe try around a little.

@minkie: What do you do when you have two eggs? :)

Thanks Jay, I'd tried cooking things up. Will try again :)

Does the "path" to 4b share any "steps" as the path to 4a?

@Jay, I got to know Pythagoras help on the main page part 3 (I bruteforced those too).

@umsyt, yes, same method as 4a.

I'm done for this month, thanks everyone (especially ellie and aaaasa)!

For finding Part 3 eggs 5x, I've been trying to combine pairs of things to make an omelet. Is this the right way?

Well done Keeper!

@minkie do you have egg 4s?

@minkie: You already have 4a and 4b, right? That's all you need.

@Ellie: Thanks for that, now it makes sense! If there was a hint for that, I definitely overlooked it!

DOH, thanks Jay, but I'm mystified has to how Umsyt found 5x before 4x!

I get it's the same method
I mean on the journey to 4b, will it share a part of the journey to 4a. There are so many ways I can go about this, and none have worked so far.

@Jay, I didn't see a hint for it, just one of the ways to measure distances. I wouldn't have thought of it, but asked S-T how he intended it to be (after i bruteforced it).

@umsyt, you have two sets of letters (before and after playing chess). You got 3a-3f from the first set, and used those together for 4a. Use the other things for 4b.

Thanks for all the hints so far. I am now on 7a and 7b wondering what to do.


Now I guess I'm just looking for 6b 😃

@Pipi, use one to pick from the other :)
@umsyt, it is very basic to get 6b.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Part 3 egg 8. Does colour matter?

@minkie -- no, color is not important, but two other things are.

And through! Thanks for all the hints :) And of course massive thanks to Small Tool.

Congratulations minkie! Part3 Egg1, do I count the same way as the level page for part 3, or is the counting different?

Thanks BucksDack. A totally different sort of counting. You can forget paths now.

Small-tool, thank you very much for this challenging stage! What a great work you've done!
And thank all of you who helped me although it is a contest.

Congrats Pipi! Part 3 Egg 1 - clues say, look at what you have before and after play, names of pieces is used, count using a riddle method we used in long level 30, color is not important, picking is needed. Still the penny has not dropped for me. Any other hint to push me?

BuckDack, focus on how many and what kind of p****s you have before and after.

Thanks for the tip pipi. I'll work on that.

Part 3: I have eggs 5a and 5b and stuck. Do I need to know who he is?

@Colmkilm, yes. Look carefully in the pictures.

@Colmkilm -- for 5a and 5b, it helped me to have them both open in separate tabs and switch back and forth between them.

@Laurie W: I have found the person and event but don't know what to do with that info

Colmkilm look at the wall carefully and use his name and the other word found in the same place to ask your friend.

@Colmkilm -- do you have the Wiki page? You should have a bunch of numbers from the eggs 3x and 6x. Use them now.

I'm looking for Part 3, eggs 7a, 7b. I think I need to apply the small numbers on 6a, 6b to something but haven't been able to find anything good. Any hints?

I don't have the 6x eggs and I am missing 3f

Colmkilm, 3f was the last 3x egg I found too. There is one more combination of the substitutions you haven't tried yet. Then use the wiki page to get the 6x eggs. I haven't found a way to use the 6x eggs on the wiki page yet though. Tried a bunch of things but nothing is working yet.

@Colmkilm -- my mistake, you are on the 5x eggs. You do need the numbers from the 3x eggs. 3f is found similarly to 3b and 3d. You had three ways you could do something, and two of them led you to 3b and 3d. Now try the third way. once you have all the 3x eggs, use the numbers from them on the Wiki page you should get from the 5x eggs.

@Bucksdack -- you are on the right track. Use the numbers from 6a and 6b on what got you 6a and 6b.

Thanks Laurie. I finally found 7a, 7b.

Is it the wiki page for the person or the event?

@Colmkilm -- the event

Finished! Thank you ST! Stage 3 was awesome! Can't wait for April! Thanks everyone for your help.

Congratulations, Ellie and Edgar! Gosh, I had a busy day today and people have already finished. I only have Part 3 Eggs 2d and 2e. Struggling to find more. And I see there's an egg 4s!? Blimming heck, I'm going to be here a while...

Got Eggs 3a - 3h, but have no idea how to progress to the next stage...

(I mean the next stage of eggs... obviously this is all one stage...)

BFS, If you do the same thing after all the chess moves are completed, you should find eggs 4a, 4b

@Bucksdack I need some help using the egg 3 numbers on the wiki page

Colmkilm, you can find the numbers in a table there. Think about t***.

@Bucksdack: yeah that's what I thought but of course I had forgotten we are in the 21st century!!! and so the two that didn't make sense now do,. Thanks

S3P2: got eggs 1a and 1b but can't find 1c...

@Eric, there is no egg 1c on S3P2.

@Ellie: lol, must be still sleeping! Meant that I can't see how to combine 1a and 1b and reach egg 2!

@Eric, you have some unused info "save for later". Now, it's "later".

Forgot that "extra" info... Trying to understand how to use it.

@BucksDack: Thanks, but I'm confused - I already applied the info that I could from on eggs 2a-2e on the 2d/2e egg words (which I got from the end positions) to get eggs 3g and 3h. Not sure how to apply them in any different way?

Managed to figure it out and got to 5a and 5b. I have the right Wiki page, but I can't figure out how to use the information. I thought of picking based on the position of the piece holding each of the numbers on the 3x egg pages, but I haven't been able to make that work so far.

Ooh, never mind, I was massively overthinking with the whole positions idea. Need to stop jumping the gun and try basic riddling first!

Feeling really stupid at this point, as nobody else seems to have had trouble here, but I can't figure out Egg 8. I've tried combining letters and numbers in various ways, but nothing's coming out Grannyable.

Ahh, had a POP moment about how to combine them. You need more letters than there are pieces.

Need a push here to get the 6x. I have all the numbers and the page from eggs 5 and can't get anything that works

@Colmkilm: If you have the right info from the page, basic riddling technique should get you to 6a and 6b.

That's just it BFS I have my numbers which I am taking as years and trying FTF using the table but I only get gobbledegook

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Mehroon there are only eggs 2a-2e. 2a-2c are from your start letters. Then 2d and 2e are from your end letters. If you have 2a, b then granny again for 2c

I'm sorry. It should be 3c to 3g. Are they real words?

@Mehroon: Yes they are but a couple of them are unusual. They do appear in the solver that ST uses

@Colmkilm, if FTF gives you gobbledegook, what else can you do with the numbers? You don't need to fetch a new set, use what got you to 6a, 6b.

BucksDack: But I am looking for 6a and 6b

Okay then. To get 6a, 6b, you are on the right track with time, you should be a winner soon.

I am stuck trying to find S3,P2, egg 1b. I have seen the clues and know what columns are empty and have seen the clues about black and white but have gotten nowhere. I have the insect using no and the letters from the blank columns but that doesn't work. I tried the words from using the columns that start white separate from those that start black and nothing. I have tried removing the letters from the empty columns with no success. I even tried using the chess pieces from those columns and still nothing. I am obviously missing something simple but I don't know what. Help!

@Bucksdack: That is where I am at and I have been talking to those gentlemen for ages but they are keeping their secrets to themselves.

OldDude, if you look at all the pieces in each row, and the number of squares, it should be a hint for the common riddle method to use.

@Colmkilm, Sounds like you are doing everything right. Maybe just a small error somewhere? Is your first letter an A?

@Bucksdack: yes

@Bucksdack: Found it-darned double barrel name at the end!!!!

@Colmkilm, Yay!

And finished. Thanks Bucksdack for helping

Congratulations @Colmkilm!

Help ! On S3 eggs 3c to 3g. Unable to get them. Tried millions of words following hints given in 2a-e but nothing works. Even valid words like PATEN and BENIN are not working. Maybe something has gone wrong with the site

@mehroon, the letters that got you 2a-2c need the specified substitutions in many combinations,

@mehroon: use 2d on your end letters to get 3g. It is a word in granny

Thanks @BucksDack and @Colmkilm
Unable to get a 15-letter word or phrase from 7a,b. I have picked the lesser number from the first name. Is this correct?

@mehroon - First names don't matter.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Part 2 egg 3: struggling there with moves. Do I need 5 at the end?

Nevermind. Onto part 3 finally. But how the hell can I c***t???

@Eric, distances.

Made it. Re-learned a lot about chess. Thank you Small-tool.

Thanks Ellie got it. Now onto the (final?) egg 8

Egg 8: none of my ideas worked so far. Any push?

@Eric911: numbers of each letter

Thanks Colmkilm. You finally switched my light on!

I'm on Stage 3, Part 2, egg 1a.
Do I have to do chess moves somewhere, to get the two empty columns everybody is talking, about to get egg 1b?

@dutchie: No chess movements at this point. Mark all the positions that got you 1a together ("co*****ed") on a board. Then you will notice the empty columns and can go from there.

@Jay, thanks again! Moving forward.

Part 3. I found egg 2a-e, 3a,c,e,g,h. How to find 3b, 3d and 3f? I saw the hint "try to also consider other eggs instead of focusing on just one" but didn't get it. help me please

@Dushka: 2a gave you 3a, and 2b gave you 3c. Now use 2a and 2b together (on your original letters) to get 3b. Continue on like that for the others

S3 P2 egg2
Are the pics on the 'rotten' eggs important or can I ignore them and just focus on the text? It seems to refer to a cipher but no luck with that so far.
Do I have to take one of the url's literally?

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